Symposium for Collective Growth 10/10

A day before my 33d earth-day, Saturday October 10th, I’m honored to share alongside some truly brilliant visionary leaders what we sense and see as unfolding in our embodiment journeys for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Join us for a potent Symposium on creating – stimulating – inspiring Collective Growth: an attunement into peace, calm, centeredness and soul remembering.

Now more than ever it is time to practice presence and staying grounded in our own hearts knowing-truth regardless of what apparent storms may arise in the external world-matrix-theater.

The golden age is upon us, can you feel it? We are preparing for a whole new world, new embodiments and vast potentials for experiences-realities beyond our wildest dreams.

I promise you we are being prepared and initiated even to receive ourselves and a world more beautiful, peaceful, abundant, collaborative than we’ve ever imagined possible.

Let us build the bridges together that lead us into these new ways of being, creating, seeing and experiencing.

Our Symposium invites us all into exploring..

Barbara Rozenkruis: How do you connect to Earth and experience collective growth?

Maya Boston: The importance of self-love and introspection as part of the coping mechanism for navigating the challenges of today’s world.

Wanda Vitale: The enormous creative potential of humanity as it will unfold over the next three months.

Leisa Peterson: Healing Scarcity Consciousness

Sydney Campos: Embodying Heaven On Earth: Ascension is an Inside Job.

Lori Spagna: The Root Cause of all diseases for People and Animals

Cynthia Sue Larson: Revhumanism Rising: Actuating High-Level Sovereign Agency

Ana Estrada: Sekhmet: Courageously Claiming our Embodied Sovereignty

Join us Saturday 10/10 at 8.00pm (UK time), EST 3.00pm, CT 2.00pm, PT 12.00pm, Australia 5.00am Sunday, Hawaii 9.00am Saturday:

The Symposium takes place in Zoom with each presenter sharing for ~15 mins followed by ~15 mins Q+A with participants.

Look forward to being with you

x Sydney Campos





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