Awakening Your Inner Dreamer (with a gift for you)

Aloha beloved sydney…

happy aloha friday as we say here in Maui..its LIT – living in the truth 🙂

Its been a big healing week..ready for a weekend of integration, rest, receiving, deeply restoring ourselves for more imminent expansion underway. Yes please. Always.

To support you in your receiving – expansion – re-membering….I’d love to share this gift with you.

I delivered a potent workshop for The Integrated Feminine Symposium yesterday to a beautiful group (there are still a few more days to join if you’re called to gather in this epic community of students/leaders/facilitators/healers) plus you receive lifetime access to all the workshops that are being delivered…lots of divinely timed upgrades.

I’d love to share my workshop transmission with you to receive here.

I love guiding these kinds of experiences more than anything really..when we create a space for our higher selves to truly meet and co-create something new that’s never existed on Earth before, that we remember from other times, that we get to anchor in once more through these bodies, into this reality.

So much remembrance is flowing now.
So much is available to us now.
So much of ourselves are here to receive..and restore.

If you are called to deepen in your remembrance, awaken your psychic-spiritual-healing gifts and step into a new era of your leadership and facilitation, I am honored to support you in our upcoming Akashic Facilitator Training starting October 13th until December 15th, 2020.

We will be traveling thru another potent energetic portal of immense integration, expansion and healing and there’s really no better way than to move through it with the support of loving community, devotional study/practice/attunement, and energetic recalibration with allies and guidance from all the realms wanting to be incorporated into your path more consciously.

We have 8 more spaces left in our final container of 2020. It would be an honor to meet you here if you are feeling the call to awaken to your multidimensional embodiment and abilities, to tune into and trust more fully your inherent wisdom and guidance, and to receive immense healing support and attunement that is available through this journey.

I am astonished continually by what is possible in this container.

On Tuesday Sept. 15th next week at 1pm Maui time / 4pm PST I’ll do a live on Facebook and Instagram about the Akashic Records + multidimensional-quantum healing. Could be a fun chance to share and have any questions you have answered too – feel free to let me know if you have a question or theme you’d love to hear explored during the live can reply here if inspired.

We are awakening at such an accelerated pace..its unbelievable (and simultaneously makes so much sense..of course) how much we’ve moved through this year, preparing for the golden age of 2021 and beyond. Can you feel the lightness abounding?

I’m particularly inspired to expand my mentorship and consulting offerings to visionaries eager to deepen in their own energetic attunement and intuitive capacity to use the Akashic Records and their own multidimensional healing tools and technologies to guide the direction and expression of their business strategy and creative contributions.

We are already loving this exchange and experiencing wonderful results in psychic business sessions, soul sourcing sessions, and the intensive containers of both of these offerings that allow for an even deeper journey-extended time of exploration.

I just launched my first pro-bono consulting client project with Play for Peace this week..initiating a 45 day strategy accelerator to support the re-launch of the organization’s key awareness initiative – the Level Up: Race for Humanity.

Grateful to be dedicating 8 hours a month now to pro-bono initiatives supporting visionaries committed to building Heaven on Earth especially through non profit and foundation initiatives that tend to be immensely under resourced when it comes to creative strategy, marketing and PR implementation/execution. Feels so good to give back in this way since I have an abundance of wisdom to share in these realms.

If you’d like to support the ONE (Odyssey: New Earth) Consulting initiative as it builds, you can learn more about everything here and even sign up to become a mentor / consultant if you’re called to give back more of your own wisdom to those who could really use you on their team.

Feel free to make a love donation to support this work as well as your energy exchange is always immensely appreciated as I consciously seek new ways of playing and sharing and oftentimes giving freely that are in integrity with the kinds of new economies I want to operate in.

I am also soon starting mentorship with a young visionary who is ready to attune more to their intuitive abilities and gifts so they can feel greater discernment and empowerment on their path..I am so excited for us to begin!

Lots to celebrate. Abundance of creativity and healing to share. Eager to play with those ready to co-create a new operating system for life + biz + creative expression..eager to quantum leap with you into new dimensions of our own expressions and experiences of Heaven on Earth.

Celebrating that I have space for 1-2 more visionary collaborators called to receive deep support in re-designing your brand architecture and energetic operating system while being guided + supported in embodying your highest vision for all areas of life. Schedule a call with me to explore here.

It is an honor to be here, this divine moment.

We certainly chose an amazing time to be here, as us, on Earth..can you feel it? Would love to receive what you are dreaming into existence..what prayers you are holding in your heart, what projects you are birthing into being…always love celebrating and amplifying the field of our desires together. What a gift to play in this way.

Loving you dearly. Take care this weekend beloved. May you rest and receive and deeply restore in all the ways that feel best <3

xx Syd

PS: Loving this Visionary Souls Transmission we just co-created with Amoraea Dreamseed..a renaissance creator, musician, artist, cosmic oracle. evolutionary leader, alchemist..magician. Loved all that came up to explore in this vortex.

Enjoy <3


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