Trust is a revolutionary act

What a gift to play with other divine visionary beings in the sacred space we so naturally co-create in exploring presence together..
I am overflowing with gratitude – watching graduates from our training share and show up as the magnificent healers, wayshowers, leaders they are..paving the way with new templates for healing, awakening, remembering, intuiting..everything <3
I love the miracles we get to co-create and witness and amplify on the is the norm in fact. I enjoy sinking deeper into this knowing, accelerated of course by the continuous practice and collaboration with soul family committed to actualizing our chosen realities..heaven on Earth is here when we choose to fully be.
Celebrating a recent graduate from our last training – such a potent group, anchoring potent healing and remembrance not just for ourselves but for all..I know when we gather we are doing so for immense planetary healing, anchoring energy and codes that can finally be integrated into Earth/the collective consciousness with our willingness, presence, receptivity..attunement.
“My intentions for this training were:
-Getting to know the Akashic Records
-Deepening my capabilities
-Diving into Abundance
-Integrating my Divinity
-Getting to know myself in this life better
-Entering my sacred soul space
In the beginning I didn’t dare to talk about being a healer, even though I have been working in this field about 12 years altogether. Now it feels totally natural. I have seen and I AM seeing myself and my soul in the light of the Akashic Records and I came in touch with my own light.
This has changed EVERYTHING. Since our first 1 on 1 session end of June I have been going through the worst relationship trauma I could have ever imagined. The work with the Akashic Records has changed all of it: my point of view, my evolution, my rapid transformation, my emotions, I have been able to surrender myself to forgiveness. I see things absolutely clearly.
I was extremely surprised that the whole process felt so absolutely natural and familiar. Also the work in the group. I hadn’t expected that amount of LOVE!!! This is an endless treasure and a beautiful source of life. Feeling and seeing all the other women diving into their true self has been sou touching. I didn’t expect anything. I simply wanted to learn more about it. And I received so much more than I could have ever imagined. Forever grateful … I feel so deeply enlightened and light and peaceful towards my future, there is so much security. That is incredible.
I am celebrating all the calls (giving and receiving), all the incredible information, I am celebrating that it feels so easy to transmit the information that comes through from the masters, teachers and loved ones. I love receiving all the truth. I truly feel my light, I can dive into my light. I visit my ancient temple of Light each and every day. I know what it looks light, I create it everywhere I go.
I got to know my voice and the qualities/therapeutic capabilities of my voice. I already knew about it. But not at this kind of deep level. The feedback of the group has helped me so much in accelerating my knowledge. I am curious to see how it will evolve. Also traveling through my “organ healing capacities” with Sydney and our other group sessions has been fascinating and new to me. I am open to receiving more of it…
Sydney is full of love. The Akashic Facilitator training is a way to open your deepest resources. It is transformative, healing, touching and blissful at the same time. Whenever you think there is an end you will evolve and see: there is so much more waiting for you in this life. There is no end. It is different to think of yourself as an infinite Being, but with the help of this program you will feel and see yourself as an infinite being and this will change everything. Your entire DNA will transform within this training.“
~ Caroline Bessis, Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Fertility Yoga Guide, Retreat Host, Akashic Facilitator Training 2020 Graduate
We have only a few more spots left for our last training of 2020..would love to have you with us if you’re feeling the call.
New Earth leadership requires deep practice in embodiment, self-mastery, energetic attunement and awakening our intuitive super is your invitation into a multidimensional accelerator designed specifically for whats ahead (and really what’s already access it all more fully, completely, as ourselves).

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