What shall we choose

This keeps coming up..in every client-student session…in every conversation..the reminders are everywhere..

We are evolving into our divine form..embodying the innate mastery-genius-beauty we are..in full presence.
This is the currency of the new earth really – how present are we able to be no matter what is occurring?
From this space our truth naturally emits and is received instantaneously..without management or thought.
Effortlessness in being.
How prepared are we to let go so much to the extent that there is nothing left..to hold, to track, to manage.
The mind – we are learning to orient to in a completely new way, in a divine way that actually accentuates our genius and inherently is designed to strengthen the bond between mind-body-spirit and all our multidimensional aspects..and beyond.
The minds’ highest expression is to dream, to imagine, to envision new potentials and possibilities that have never before existed in this plane.
The body holds presence for the mind to play.
The body receives beautiful energies upon witnessing and experiencing in the quantum field (now) what new potentials are arising..
Feeling surges in energy..expansion..new frequencies..buzzing..amplifying pleasurable sensations..naturally clearing densities and distortions in the process..
When we dream and envision and imagine..we are healing.
The body naturally lets go of whatever is not serving its full capacity to be present to simply witness and celebrate all the dreams that we hold within..the dream we have yet dared to dream..awake.
Super abundance is emptiness (gene keys) – to receive all that is meant for us to receive.
How open can we be? How relaxed can we be?
How present can we be with all that is here to experience and receive?
remember its all just an experience..its not good or bad, even the emotional content thats seemingly been stuck for years or lifetimes..what if its not good or bad and theres no meaning to make up about it other than the ones we’ve been making up all along..albeit unconsciously..
We are here to experience, that’s it.
We’re making meaning up constantly..its what we do.
Might as well make the meanings that we enjoy experiencing..
why not shoot for the moon and focus on creating wild beyond our dreams potentials and possibilities through felt experiences we consciously choose to practice attuning ourselves to?
Perhaps this is the mastery practice invited now – the most powerful way to create the new realities we crave to experience.
Its fun too..like playing a game or playing a new instrument, simply learning the keys and movements to play in a new way.
I love witnessing and feeling what we are truly capable of..what beauty is here already and whats surely birthing before our eyes and through our bodies in this not so distant maybe already here experience of heaven anchoring fully and more deeply into earth.
What shall we choose?
x Syd
Amazing how much shifts in a day..here’s what came thru yesterday on this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGRZc8XBNgZ/

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