How to always share your heart

I forget sometimes how open I’ve become over the years of healing and shedding the layers of caring what people think or trying to be understood or filtering anything other than what’s true and real..
Even if it’s weird or people don’t understand at first when exploring multidimensionality or energy or quantum healing or reading the akashic records of a business – yes merging 3D with 5D and realizing it’s so much more efficient and fun to be in our wholeness and full magic capacity – nothing matters more than expressing your heart.
Everyone can feel you when you’re being true. Those you’re meant to play with can finally see you and find you and show up for collaboration in whatever way you’re meant to play. When you’re pretending or editing or playing a part – your frequency feels confusing and you therefore attract a ton of confusion and distraction into your life.
How to get out of it? Commit to whatever you’re doing a million percent even if it’s something you want to stop doing – an old pattern or behavior or way of being. You wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t serving you in some way so make your choice fully conscious and take your power back. I’m doing this right now honest.
And eventually with all this fresh transparency you won’t allow yourself to make the same choice again. You’ll see yourself shift quite naturally into more of your authentic expression because this feels so good and you recognize that you deserve to feel good. In fact feeling good is the foundation for everything else aligning in your life ❤️
Looking for an epic community – devoted container of expansion and healing – soul family remembering all the timelines we’ve shared and sacred work we’ve done again and again as anchors of heaven on earth?
We have 7 spots left for the 10/15 Akashic Facilitator training and I am absolutely loving the brilliant beings showing up for our journey!
This is a quantum leap in consciousness, embodiment, remembering who you are and showing up fully in the unique gifts and presence you’re designed to share 💕
Deep 1:1 guidance and support, plus incredible group work and tons of practice sessions 🧬
Let’s play 😇
xx Syd

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