Take Your Place. It is Time.

Aloha dear one ..

Feeling you..loving you so big..writing these words all cozy on my sheepskin with all windows open, sweet soft Maui breeze blowing through my door and windows..sipping a delicious mushroom latte with all my favorite fixings..listening to some healing frequencies. Life is so beautiful. I am enjoying appreciating simplicity..in this moment, more presence..more ease..more pure being.

There is so much to celebrate. Especially if you’re ever in a funk..a great way to interrupt the default patterning that might be at play is with a nice cognitive dissonance play..you can tell yourself..congrats! Congrats for falling on your face, for failing, for messing up, for making that mistake..that was amazing..what did you learn?

And snap..just like that – you shift into creator consciousness..you shift back into your power, you shift into choice..we always a have a choice, remember?

How are we being..is a choice.
How we are feeling..is a choice.
How we share our energy..is a choice.
What we do in our waking moments..is a choice.
How alive we allow ourselves to be..is a choice

What are you choosing? Perhaps we can ask ourselves this in every moment and bring even more presence and consciousness into our every experience..

It seems like this is what the path forward is asking of us now more than ever..

I am celebrating humanity’s incredible movement..acceleration..ascension.

We are so supported. All is so well. There is so much beauty unfolding. There is so much expansion. Visionaries, heaven on Earth architects and anchors of the New Earth are all finding each other now..we are all reuniting..we are all meeting, its time.

The thing you thought you had come here in this life to build – to create – to solve, perhaps you are meeting more and more the people who have already started and in some cases have already completed the project..

Giving you space to tune in more fully: what is it you truly want.
Not the thing you thought you had to do..to save the world, to heal the planet, to fix your family, to fix yourself..

The thing that’s calling your soul forth to play.
In ease. In joy. In love.

This is who we are – we are instruments of divine magic..really every one is a genius, bearing the most beautiful gifts of a visionary multidimensional soul carrying infinite wisdom and quantum healing codes…this is our reality.

What is it like to walk through life especially in the most mundane of moments and see each other as masters?

While seeing ourselves as masters too..who are remembering more fully in each moment to tune into our inner knowing..which is now more accessible and clear than ever.

I am so honored to know you. I am humbled to be in this path…humbled to be connecting with divine soul family all over this gorgeous planet..sharing our soul journeys and healing and presence..in such intimacy and vulnerability.

It is an honor to be human really. It is an honor to feel this deeply.

So many other beings throughout all the multiverses wish they could have this experience. They revere us..can you imagine?

The last few days have offered quite potent healing experiences..big energies to say the least, catalyzing massive movement in some cases, either impacting the internal and/or external depending on what you’ve been calling in.

I am integrating beautiful remembrance and higher awareness direction..

Dropping deeper into an indescribable presence for which there are no words..

Except: take your place.
Take your place. It is time.
Remember who you are beloved.
Remember why you came here.
Take your place. It is time

Hear the call dear beloved human…

It is your time.
Take your place.
Full permission.
Full support is here.
Carrying you through
Your every move
You are safe
You are loved
You are infinite
You are whole.
You are enough <3

And it is your time to dream.
Realize you are creating the dream
In every moment
Awakening more fully
To your hearts truth
And the simplicity of your divinity
Laying out the perfect plan
The perfect path
All already here for you to receive.
Expanding to receive it all..

Loving you so big family..these are such beautiful waves we get to surf together!! I am overflowing with love and gratitude and abundance in sooo many forms..we have prepared so many lifetimes for this moment..so many initiations have lined up to this precise alignment..

It is time.
Take your place <3

xx Syd

PS:: Announcements // Fun Updates

You’re welcome to join us for 11/1 activation and attunement for Heaven on Earth Embodiment – anchoring together higher consciousness and multidimensional healing / radiant frequencies to support our collective intentions and dream weavings…offered via love donation, 
please share with friends and family to co-create with us.


Our final Akashic Facilitator training of 2020 is a beautiful collective of co-creators and new paradigm leaders I am honored to be journeying with in our sacred container these next weeks and months..and in the mean time I have a only a few openings for 1:1 sessions for anyone called to receive.


I have two spots for visionary mentorship to carry us through a 3 month container starting now through mid-January..a beautiful offering for those called to build their soul aligned business with grace, integrity and genius innovation…while fusing emotional mastery and energetic optimization throughout the entire process..I am so thankful for the beautiful beings who have come forth these recent weeks and months to begin this sacred process. If called to co-create, please apply + schedule a call to explore.


2021 is calling my focus to simplify even further into a new company I am in the midst of building with a brilliant team – a new earth social network community that feels very much like my life’s work..this is what everything has prepared me for..it all makes so much sense, every step leading up till now. I am ready <3


Starting to see retreats percolating for 2021..nothing is allowed to be planned yet but I keep getting glimpses into retreat activations I’d love to host groups in definitely in Maui, Bali, Costa Rica and Egypt to name a few. I trust the timing and details will reveal themselves in perfection as always..patience till then, receiving pieces of the visions here and there…feeling the field amplify.


Celebrating completing the first round of pro-bono consulting (fundraising strategy, marketing support + team coherence/operations stream-lining) with Play for Peace, a global non-profit that brings together children and adults in communities affected by conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion, and peace.

Celebrations from our consulting co-creation…

“I was drawn to work with Sydney because from what I knew of her – she is energetically gifted and successful. At the time, I reached out with support not knowing if we were on the right track with our plans and strategies and not knowing how to access and make the best choices. I wanted assistance with these things.
The shifts I experienced were profound multi-faceted transformations. We seemed to get in an energetic flow of positive outcomes that were reached more effortlessly. Our staff, volunteers and board of directors experienced transformations in how we interacted with each other, with our own roles and with our goals. Most everything seemed to be flowing better, aligning more and we all had more fun doing our work. We attracted amazing new volunteers to work with us, we reached our fundraising goal and we found ourselves having to put less effort into things.
What surprised most was the energetic shifts that seemed almost like magic – longstanding issues that seemed to diminish and fade away into the backdrop as we all enjoyed our success and flow. Historic struggles were energetically released and a new sense of possibility unfolded. We met our fundraising goal with a brand new event in spite of the pandemic and other global challenges.
Our container was a beautiful and powerful combination of energetics, intuitive wisdom, practical expertise and magic.
The One Consulting Package we received was – well – magical. We are enjoying living in a whole new realm of possibility!”
~ Marilyn Levin, Director of Development, Play for Peace
Such a beautiful transmission out last week with my friend Jeroen…here’s a sweet note from him introducing his brilliant offerings..
Hello! My name is Jeroen, which is pronounced /yerˈro͞on/. It’s a fairly common name in the Netherlands where I’m originally from.
I had the honor of learning QHHT directly from Dolores Cannon herself way back in 2006. Many years and sessions later, I’m still enjoying the magic of new revelations and healing phenomena every week! This work is truly magical and I feel tremendously grateful to be able to help people connect to their Source for answers and healing.
In addition to being a Level 3 QHHT Facilitator, I am certified in Reiki, EFT, EMF Balancing Technique, and Quantum Touch healing. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Therapy and a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. In addition to individual sessions, I facilitate QHHT level 1 companion courses and other classes, and hold group events for meditation and past life regressions. Along the way, I’ve also studied Kriya Yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan, shamanism, Bio Energetics, and other modalities.
All these wonderful tools are used in the service of Love to help others (and myself) live more authentically.
On a personal note, I love communing with nature. I also revel in creating art, dancing, and capturing inspiration in the form of photography. I am happily married to a wonderful man for many years now. I’m based in Los Angeles.
In this episode of Visionary Souls, we explored…
  • Jeroen’s spiritual awakening and his journey of reincarnation
  • How life is not about accommodating the voices of the world but accommodating and expressing our own innate intuitive self
  • How Quantum Healing works; Take a person to one or several lifetimes and call forth the subconscious mind and higher self aspects and ask for healing
  • How through his work and doing it on a daily basis unlocked certain circuitries within himself
  • How a lot of people now have awareness of the different dimensions that the older generations didn’t have and how our consciousness is highlighting so much these days for us to integrate and embody
Connect with Jeroen:
Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:
This Wednesday is gonna be fun..going live with queen

…exploring all things sexuality-awakening-orgasms-embodiment-presence-ascension-magic..you know, the faves!
See you here for
Visionary Souls Podcast
 live xx

11/1 Activation

Attunement for Embodying Heaven on Earth


For all called to raise consciousness, embody our authenticity, attune to our hearts desires + guidance..and co-create a beautiful sacred healing play space with soul family anchoring the light all over earth and beyond.

Offered via love donation.

Let’s play x

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