How I Started My Business

About 5 years ago now I took the next step into starting my own coaching-consulting practice by (while still in my full time job) starting to invest in my own expansion and up-leveled leadership.

I had business strategy and systematic, structural expertise on lock but wasn’t as confident at the time when it came to my capacity to assist others on the path to optimal well-being, holistic health and empowerment. I was seeking balance..

So I invested in myself by enrolling in a year long certification program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in which I received an abundance of wisdom, affirmation and guidance in aligning with my desired path.

So much has evolved since then but I am forever grateful for this entry point that helped me experience a safe container in which to develop what would become my unique facilitation style.

Celebrating the journey. Every perfect step of the way.

Want to learn more about IIN? I highly recommend – especially with all the shifts and transformations underway for all of us and all the new awakening beings coming online each day – checking out their upcoming course offerings. Follow my link here to receive a free class to feel it out for yourself ❤

Post from Sept 14, 2016::

HAPPY GRADUATION DAY ❤ I can’t believe it’s been a full official YEAR of studying and learning everything I can about health, dietary theory, nutrition, living life to the fullest and learning new methods to support others in embodying their dreams!
My decision to enroll at the The Institute For Integrative Nutrition has been a life changing journey, truly. I remember when I was in Barcelona over a year ago walking around, and it hit me – one day I want to be able to come visit and live here for maybe a month or two at a time. Which meant of course I needed to be working for myself, living the entrepreneur life! How cool would that be. So I called up the school as soon as I returned state-side and lucky for me I was able to enroll in the year-long program that had just only begun the day before. Meant to be?
Little did I know that in just under a year I would have my own business in which I work with incredible people who inspire me and constantly challenge me to stay on top of my game. That I’d be totally free to travel wherever I want, whenever I want. That I’d be so high off my creativity and positive vibes most days it really is living that #dreamlife. I get to write and share authentically, help people and get invited to participate in epic game changing opportunities all over the world. It feels like I’m showing up for exactly what god put me on this earth to do – spread love, help lift people up and foster genuine connections and collaborations.
K the rest was a little bit of inspiration from how I’m feeling today. But point being, I had no idea what was to come a year ago. I couldn’t have even imagined it being this epic! I was working full time at an amazing agency at the time and didn’t even have the slightest plan of leaving just yet. I just knew I needed more tools to share w/ all the coaching clients I wanted to get out there and support. I had the business strategy knack for sure – I’m a natural – but I deeply felt called to build out my holistic healing and health offering as a compliment.
Everything is truly integrated after all especially when it comes to entrepreneurs. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned – frankly, I’m blown away. The seemingly quick decision to enroll in IIN ended up being totally riveting – it pushed me into action to show up for the things I’ve always wanted to do my whole life. It all started with a few small steps, a few small actions – added up over time. And here I am. CERTIFIED HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH OH HAY

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