Finding Your Way

Feeling inspiration arising to co-create a new container, probably 2021 start, supporting new earth visionary guides, facilitators, mentors and healers in creating their soul-aligned business with integrity, authenticity and ease as our key pillars of practice.

I have been supporting clients in this work for years and yet all I have grown through this last year especially has shown me so many ways to de-program oneself from the marketing matrix and traditional strategies we are taught to believe are the “only ways” to launch a successful business, especially if you are offering your work online.

There are so many waking up..there are so many stepping out of the shadows..listening to the call to make your offerings visible to the world and to those who are waiting for you to share the wisdom you’ve gathered from this brilliant life you’ve led thus far.

Can you imagine that there are specific souls here on earth now who can literally only hear from you, who are perhaps even dying at some level without access to the knowledge and guidance you have available thats uniquely transmitted from your heart centered sharing and invitations to journey together in remembrance? It certainly feels like an urgent moment.

2021 will only bring more..more awakened souls ready to do the work, more leaders stepping into the light to guide the way..more of the real authentic visionaries who have a genuine soul calling to create containers of healing and expansion..more clearly than ever we will see those who have maybe had some success at this path wake up too and realize..wait, this isn’t what I’m actually here to do.

What is my passion? What is my calling? What is my hearts real desire? No more pretending. No more trying to be anyone else but who you are. No more efforting.

Its so much more fun to follow your design, to follow your own path, its been carved out just for you to find and follow. It feels so good to flow.

Together, let’s anchor the template of embodied leadership required in our New Earth experience.

Integrating masculine and feminine energetics – the perfect balance of creative force and power and easeful allowing and trust – in your own special way.

I sense only immense goodness to come.

I sense only the most visionary creativity we’ve ever seen before.

I sense only the most beautiful world we’ve ever imagined possible..unfolding before our eyes.

I sense only infinite abundance is here to claim, remember and embody…receiving receiving an infinite ocean.

This is who we are.

When we say yes to our design and follow our unique path..

It is pure every moment.

Yes, I am opening to this more fully in my being, in every cell. I know it is possible, I am remembering in my cells. I taste it more in most moments now..and I am opening to attune to this state of being as the new normal.

Will you join me? Say YES in your being. In the way you choose to show up now..don’t wait. Drop all practices and processes that feel inauthentic or anything that you’re doing because someone else told you too or modeled that way as the only way…

No..what is YOUR way? That is the most magnetic path of co-creation and inviting precisely who is is destine to play wit you into your field.

Your people – and yes, you have contracts to assist many and more to come – will only feel your resonance when you are being you, completely, all in.

So let go of anything that no longer fits.

Simplify and purify.

Minimize and clear out all distractions.

What are you here for and what is the most easeful nourishing way you love to play with those you are meant to serve?

It’s an inside job. How can we get out of the way of being who we really are?

When you know your own resonance and calling, those you are meant to create with – its already been planned long before this lifetime – will show up, and how they arrive is not up to you to control or oversee.

There is a higher wisdom guiding us all to reunite and remember one another.

Can we trust it?

Of course.

It’s time

xx Syd

Published by Sydney Campos


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