Ep. 45: Hanna Bier | Release Trauma To Reveal Your Greatest Gifts

Hanna Bier helps women across the world create the successful, love-filled and freedom-based lives they desire. She is a Soulful Success Coach, Family Constellation Therapist and Energy Healer, helping her clients heal deeply, so they can turn into confident, radiant and powerful women who know exactly how to make the future they envision a reality.











Hanna is an expert at resolving family and childhood trauma and uses her clairvoyant gifts to support her clients in releasing anything in the way of them confidently stepping into the bright future that’s awaiting them. Hanna hosts the podcast Mystics On A Mission Show and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Ep 44: Kiera Noelle | Heaven On Earth: The Feminine Is Rising

Kiera Noelle is a visionary, clairvoyant healer, intuitive mentor, and voice for feminine awakening and transformation. She elevates devoted souls on an empowered inner journey back home to their innate innocence and authentic power. Her souls mission is to allow you to FEEL and invite you into the depths of your soul, unraveling and revealing who you already are.




Kiera has supported countless women awaken their unexplored sensuality, sacred feminine essence and the rise of the divine feminine within.  Kiera consciously journeys around the globe activating, supporting and anchoring the growth and evolution of the planet.

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Ep 43: Evan Lagace | How to Transcend Darkness To Live In The Light


Evan Lagace is an empath and carrier of Light who has been given the gift discernment of spirit which has unfolded into the ability to fully connect to, understand, and through the grace of God, clear the traumas that hold all people back. With over 10 years of coaching experience, Evan brings a unique skill set to his clients as a master of nutrition, fitness and aesthetic physique development combined with mindset reframing and high impact trauma therapy.

He brings together the Trinity of Body, Mind, and Spirit, focusing on the elevation of the body’s divine potential as a path to uncover the blockages that limit the evolution of the mind and spirit towards living in a way that points towards Christ consciousness.

VS 43 (1) (1).png

Evan is on a mission to spread this wisdom, share Light, and impact the world around him and all who cross his path to move towards Truth, co-create Light and raise the vibration of the collective to bring about everlasting Love as Heaven on Earth.

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Evan Lagace
Instagram: @evanlagace

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Ep 42: Lisa Romano | It’s Not You, It’s Your Programming: Healing Codependency


Lisa Romano is a Certified Life Coach and an expert in the field of CODEPENDENCY and NARCISSISTIC ABUSE. She is also a bestselling author, speaker, and popular Youtube Vlogger. Lisa runs online coaching programs that are proving to help wounded adult children, some of whom have had years of conventional therapy and who have also tried various types of medication, learn to heal their lives through her unique healing approach.











Lisa believes strongly in the idea that isolated and wounded adult children benefit greatly from being in the company of other healing, empathetic, abuse survivors, so therefore hosts live events throughout the year to help facilitate the human connection between those who so often feel forgotten.

On this episode, Lisa tells us about how she initially believed she was all to blame for everything negative that happens to her, how down she would feel – but eventually, she got back up on and pushed forward.

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Ep 41: Activating Fierce Feminine Leadership | My Interview with Kari Azuma

This is a powerful episode with a so-cal sister who had me on her series all about Fierce Feminine Leadership. Listen in to learn how you too can embody more feminine leadership in your life and business and why this is essential to activating more trust, flow and magnetism aka all of what you most desire NOW.

Kari Azuma is a commitment to a legacy of empowered women leading the next 7 generations. Since 2010 she has been blessed to coach board members of influential companies, poets, entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders in growth and development.


It wasn’t until suffering from post-partum depression and a full-blown identity crisis after the birth of her son in 2015, that she decided to dedicate her life’s work to coaching mothers on leadership development and overcoming stress and overwhelm through powerful self-realization.

She now works with mothers through social media, private sessions, and her elite group-coaching model, Empowered Mothers Alliance and is soon releasing an epic 4-day retreat, Threshold, which will change the way women look at motherhood, forever.


Join Kari’s mission for empowered mothers EVERYWHERE:

Insta: @kariazuma

FB: Kari Azuma

FB Group: Conscious Mothers Co-op (mothers only)

Ep 40: Malaine Lea | Unlock Your Prosperity Consciousness NOW


Malaine Lea is a Wealth Mindset Coach, Mom-Entrepreneur, Rebel, and Courage Creator who supports women in FINALLY leaving their boring, passionless corporate 9 to 5 job so that they can obtain the financial freedom but also the soul-filled happiness of stepping into their purpose.


Malaine creates a financial responsible plan with her women so that they have a divinely inspired game plan that they can execute with ease, trust and joy. She teaches her ladies grounded, rooted, GODDESS abundance. Her total jam is working all the details with her ladies to then create a business that fills their souls and their pockets.

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Instagram: @malaine_lea

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Ep 39: Dawn Nickel | SheRecovers: From Hurting, To Healing, To Helping

Dawn Nickel is an accomplished and versatile leader with strong interpersonal skills and over twenty years of professional and business experience. Dawn has been in recovery since 1987. She’s the founder of SheRecovers, an international movement inspiring women through retreats, events and social media community to live their best lives in recovery from various addictions in which they can sustainably shift from hurting, to healing, to helping.

In Dawn’s view, we are all recovering from something, and we’re stronger together. She is a strong advocate for the view that each woman in or seeking recovery must be supported to find the tools and pathways that will work best for her as an individual.

In the summer of 2011, while recovering from a serious case of workaholism, Dawn decided to apply what she knew about recovery to that area of her life. On an extended leave from work, Dawn began to blog and created the Facebook page She Recovers to share her journey and to reach out to other women wanting to recover their lives and their potential.

Listen in to discover more about Dawn’s battle with addiction and how she ultimately crushed her inner demons.

Follow Dawn’s work on the SheRecovers website.

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Ep 38: Daniel Scranton | Ascension, Energy Upgrades + 5D Embodiment

Daniel has been a verbal channel since 2010. He has hundreds of live and online group events and private sessions with people all over the globe.

The Creators, The Hathors, The Founders, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Ophelia the Faerie, Quan Yin, Yeshua, The Buddha, The Arcturian Council, The Zetas, The 9D Arcturian Council, are some of the entities who have contracted to work with Daniel in guiding us through the exciting and turbulent experiences we are having as a collective at this time of The Shift.

Daniel has recently launched his book, “Ascension: The Shift of the Fifth Dimension.” He has channeled the content for this book over the past year and several months. It’s a compilation of the messages that Daniel has released daily on his website and email.

On his website, Daniel has all sorts of helpful downloads that you can easily access and apply to your daily lives – such as mantras, activations, sound healing, and more!

Connect with Daniel on www.danielscranton.com

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Ep 37: David Sauvage | The Future Is Feeling

David Sauvage is an empath: he feels other people’s emotions and reflects back what is going on with them at the deepest level. The Guardian and Vice profiled him as a master of his craft. He consults for companies on how to integrate empathy into their culture; he teaches empaths how to cope and thrive; and he performs intuitive readings in art galleries, in virtual reality, in theaters and at festivals. He performed at South by Southwest. And he is fresh off a sold out run of a one man show where he enacted his story.

David has the power to close his eyes, open himself up, connect, and feel what the other person feels. For some, it may be overwhelming – but to David, it’s a blessing.

He has been helping other people dig deep into themselves and guide them back.  David does intuitive readings as performance art. He has been running shows in art galleries and on YouTube.

Learn more about David on www.empath.nyc

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Ep #36: David Lion | Live Your Magic: Wealthy Spirit, Sex Magic + Modern Mysticism

David Lion is a gifted young man in whose specialty is helping people find their way and reconnect to their soul essence. He specializes in helping purpose-driven people who are willing to make changes in their lives by helping them become clear on their blockages and by tapping them more deeply into their deepest desires, truths, power and potential.

While he was always intuitive and spiritually connected in his own way, he didn’t always know it. For him, he thought, “this is how everybody is”.

He spent a good portion of his life dedicated to the arts of magic and hypnosis, passionate about inspiring others and demonstrating the impossible. At the time, his only desire was to make people feel good and inspire possibility.

Little did he expect, magic would take him on a journey that would awaken secrets and gifts inside of him that he never thought possible.



In 2012, David met his first mentor, a man named Alex.

Seeing David’s purpose and potential, he took him under his wing to help further awaken his intuitive gifts and abilities. After nearly 4 years of intensive and often rigorous training, David began to evolve from student to master – rediscovering the abilities that he had as a child, but that he had long forgotten about.

He simply called this discovery “Magic” At that moment, it became clear to him that his higher purpose was to reconnect others to their “magic” and to make magic normal again – like he believes it was in ancient times. Through his mastery of the mind and expertise as a mentor, David has already awakened and re-aligned thousands of souls, both synchronistically and through the way in which he creates his living.

However, what brings us here to these words is that he has recently been feeling himself very strongly called to step out of the underground world and take his teachings to the masses.


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