Ep. 89: Micaela Bellopede Olivera | Catching Miracles, Parenting + Empathic Children

Micaela Bellopede-Olivera, M.Ed, MIEM, CHt, C.IET, is a writer, teacher, healer, philanthropist, and photographer. She holds a masters degree in Education and a masters degree in International Economics and Management and has lived in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Korea, and Uganda.

Over the last 25 years, she has built several successful businesses, served as a mentor and teacher, and created a non-profit organization to help children. She taught writing and business at the University of California San Diego for 10 years and was nominated in 2000 for the Who’s Who in Education. She has also practiced as a certified holistic healer for over a decade. Her holistic training includes Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Integrated Energy Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Sound Healing.

This, Micaela’s first book, is a compilation of all the knowledge she acquired through her studies, work experience, and travels.

In this super conscious episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • What Miraclecatcher is all about and how it all started
  • How her journey as an empathic child and empathic parent started
  • What her definition of empath is and what kind of empath she identifies herself as
  • How she knows her baby is an empath and what she thinks is the best way to support empathic children
  • How she meets a lot of women who are struggling with infertility and are interested in what she wrote about and getting pregnant at the age of 51
  • How she realized that one of her gifts is to be able to translate symbols and messages to a language that most people would understand
  • That one of her roles is to translate the language of the spiritual realm to layman’s terms that doesn’t scare people away
  • How she manifested her dream which started with being of service

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Micaela:

Website: www.miraclecatcher.com
IG: @i.create.miracles
FB: @miraclecatcher
Book: 50 Countries. 50 Years. 50 Lessons.
Miracle Catcher Foundation: www.facebook.com/themiraclecatcherfoundation

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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