Ep. 55: Jason Estes | Divine Play: Ascension, Purging Old Energy and Embodying Divinity

Jason Estes is a wayshower and founder of Activation Station, which has been supporting me for the last couple of months. He is a spiritual teacher who brings his students through a consciousness course and assists them in discovering their true, authentic selves.

In this episode I jam with my soul fam friend and wayshower Jason Estes about all things ascension, what is going on with current intense energies, purge periods and everything else going on amidst this incredible moment in human evolution and divinity embodiment! In this episode you’ll learn about…

* What is ascension and what is the overlay between ascension and de-scension timelines that are happening concurrently

* How to cultivate more presence and acceptance with what is and how this is the key to experience more of what you truly desire

* How to process emotions without judgement, how to actually let things go

* How to cultivate self-mastery and emotional maturity on your path of transformation and healing

* Why the law of attraction is actually spiritual escapism and bypassing in many cases from receiving what’s actually meant for you

* How to gracefully integrate all the lessons and opportunities for growth that are going to be coming your way from now until May 18th and forever after

* Specific dates to watch out for re: celestial energy spikes and what they correlate to in terms of purging and different aspects of clearing we’re all going through And so much more!

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Learn more about Jason’s MTVO organization here.

Check out his platform Activation Station here.

Ep. 54: Laura “Live Free Laura D” Dawn | Trust In The Great Unknown: The Visionary Path

Shamanic business coach, published author, speaker and entrepreneur, Laura Dawn teaches you how to embody the archetype of Visionary and tap into the Frequency of Greatness to step into Divine Alignment with your souls calling and start living your definition of success.

In this interview with Shamanic Business Coach, Author and Retreat Host Laura Dawn, we get deep into:

  • The definition of visionary and what it truly means to embody this archetype
  • Plant medicines and psychadelics as visionary technologies here to help us heal while we expand our consciousness
  • Bringing 5D into 3D through our visionary creativity
  • How to trust and surrender in this great dance of receiving at bigger and bigger levels
  • Synchronicity and listening to the signs life is showing you to guide you on your aligned path
  • When everything is seemingly taken away from you, trusting in your new path unfolding
  • Quantum manifestation while embodying your frequency of greatness

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Ep. 53: Taylor Wilkins: How To Speak Your Truth + Own Your Power

Taylor owns a company in which he offers Secret Self Coaching. Secret Self Coaching guides individuals to eliminate their limiting beliefs, define the unique power they offer, and strategize how to contribute that offering to the world. Taylor introduces them to their internal Self that they have kept hidden but which is the source of confidence and purpose. With nearly a decade of crisis mental health experience, Taylor immediately takes clients to a depth that they have craved but have not given themselves permission to pursue. Taylor’s coaching serves the connection between work, relationships, and health, and in doing so frees clients from settling in a career and a life that does not fulfill them.

In this episode of VISIONARY SOULS Podcast LIVE I interviewed Coach + Authenticity Activator Taylor Wilkins who I serendipitously met in a magical co-working space while visiting Salt Lake City on my book tour.

In this epic soul transmission we cover incredible expansive HEALING consciousness awakening topics such as..

* Healing your inner child to activate full embodied authenticity
* The root of depression and anxiety and how to transcend these energies fully to be who you came here to be
* How your trauma always leads to your greatest gifts
* Family dynamics and social conditioning at the root of feeling disempowered from BEING who you truly want to be
* Unconscious identities programmed into your reality and belief system through survival

Connect with Taylor:

Instagram: @thetailoredquill

Ep. 52: Elizabeth Sampey | Choose Your Own Adventure: Resilience + Sovereignty through PTSD

Elizabeth Sampey is a professional adventure athlete, focused on multisport expeditions and endurance mountain bike racing around the world.  She is a body alchemist,  facilitating transformation in and through the physical body, via her multi-dimensional mentoring, consultation and coaching work, teaching at retreats and workshops, and adventure/impact storytelling via public speaking, writing, and media content creation. 

She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Reiki energy healer, and loves combining her expertise in both Eastern and Western medicine to merge body, mind, and soul for optimal human performance.  Follow her on Instagram at @elizasampey, on Facebook and Medium at Elizabeth Sampey and check out more of her work at www.vitalmotionlife.com

Going DEEP ((you know that’s the ONLY way we know how to flow)) into:

* De-stigmatizing trauma like PTSD to actually allow yourself to heal
* Facing the truth of who you are requires willingness to go INTO fear of being fully alive, powerful and present for receiving and flowing all the love you are
* How our worst tragedies often teach us the greatest lessons and therefore bring forth our greatest strengths
* How sharing your healing journey can activate others’ unprocessed trauma (and how that has nothing to do with you)
* Getting to the root of family programming and inherited family patterns to set yourself free from undesirable unconscious behavior
* Trauma is key for cultivating resilience, strength and more magnetism
* Sharing tons of healing modalities and somatic experiences to help process old stagnant energy out of your system to feel more like you
* Reframing our western understanding of medicine and symptoms-based service to one of energetic/spiritual excavation – the issues are in your tissues

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Instagram: @elizasampey
Facebook: Vital Motion Life
Facebook: Elizabeth Sampey

Ep. 51: Brenden “Bam” Durell | Light Warriors: Follow Your Inner Guidance

Brenden (Bam) is a former professional athlete who is currently a universally transformed Holistic Life Coach and a Sacred Space Holder. Bam is deeply passionate about love, interconnectedness and providing safe bridges for both men & women to navigate who they truly are with confidence.

He facilitates a safe space for transformation with a modality called Inner Dive which is inspired by Inner Guidance, Shamanic touch, Shamanic journey, and Reiki. From sippin’ Gatorade in locker rooms to drinking sacred cacao in ceremony, he is deeply grateful and inspired to live fully in his flavour of light.

Connect with Brenden:
Instagram: @innerlightwarrior
Facebook: Brenden Durell

Ep. 50: Marine Selenee | Heal Your Family, Heal Your Life: Free Yourself with Family Constellations

Marine Sélénée is a New York-based Family Constellations facilitator, executive coach, Reiki practitioner and motivational speaker. A French native, Marine was born in Brittany and raised in Paris. After studying psychology and communications in Paris, she moved to Miami. There one of her mentors, Michelle Blechner, introduced her to Family Constellations Therapy. She discovered the transformative nature of this healing practice—which would drive her path forward. Marine then moved to New York City to dive into her Family Constellations practice.

After immersing herself into the process with Mark Wolynn in Miami, she studied the method under Suzi Tucker at the Bert Hellinger Institute, before opening her own practice in New York. Through her own healing journey Marine realized the unique power of the Family Constellations Method. Discovering this approach revealed the missing link she was searching for in traditional therapy: the ability to get to the root of the wound in order to understand, heal, own the past and move forward. Marine’s unique approach to Family Constellations Method helps people heal from family wounds and find individual blocks rooted in the family system. This awareness unleashes freedom in the present.

Connect with Marine:

Happy Girls Facebook Group
Instagram: @marineselenee

Ep. 49: Nixie Marie | Witches, Mystics, Healers, Wise Women RISE

Nixie Marie is an Eco-Entrepreneur, Mystic, and Goddess Activist living in Topanga, CA. As a Sagittarius, Nixie has a constant eagerness for knowledge and truth. She began her esoteric soul-searching journey upon moving to Los Angeles in 2013. She instantly fell in love with the ancient teachings of Goddess Magick and launched I AM Goddess Collective Podcast in January of 2017 to fulfill her efforts in sharing her findings.

Despite the many layers of our patriarchal society, Nixie is committed to empowering women to speak up, rise up, and become the leader they are destined to be through modern magick. With a background in Fashion Design, Nixie is a creative force that embodies the Goddess in everything she does.

Connect with Nixie:

Instagram: @nixiemarie_

Ep. 48: Zoe Davenport | Ascending to 5D and Beyond: Quantum Embodiment


Today, Zoe uses her multi-dimensional gifts to inspire and support the visionary leaders of the new paradigm. She seeks to guide them towards self-love, authenticity, creative potential, energetic mastery and the embodiment of their higher selves. Her ability to hold the multi-dimensional field open accelerates a person’s potential and allows them to make a quantum shift in reality, jump to the highest timeline and ground their creative expression into the human experience. She is here to support those ready to expand upon their leadership roles – using her intuitive gifts of potential outcomes to easily guide a person towards their most aligned journey.

From continued deep integration and embodiment of her higher self Shey-Eh-Bah, Zoe draws upon ancient knowledge and the multi-dimensional field to light the way for a person’s divine mastery and ascended leadership. This supports transformational results grounding in clarity, direction, purpose, empowerment and a synergy between divine feminine yin energy of Being and divine masculine energy of inspired action. Her work is activating, accelerating, grounded and always calling upon the highest timeline making quantum shifts in a person’s reality. Zoe speaks internationally, hosts crystalline activation retreats, group programs and virtual/live seminars on the power of self-love as a visionary leader.

Visionary Souls Podcast LIVE with Multidimensional Guide + Channel Zoe Davenport diving DEEP, activating super high vibes, sharing wisdom on:

* Bridging 3d dimensional consciousness with higher realms
* Being a genius visionary soul incarnated in a complex human body
* Feeling EVERYTHING and how emotional / energetic mastery is THE WAY we are all being guided to follow in our ascension
* Embodying your divine template, allowing yourself to choose joy
* Becoming aware of negative self-talk and healing the inner critic
* How your world is a kaleidoscopic mirror filtered with various lenses, all of your own choosing in any moment
* Victim vs. creator consciousness and the missing link in Abraham Hicks

Come FLY with us into the higher frequency realities we all know in our hearts is possible NOW.

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Instagram : @zoedavenport1111
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Contact: hello@zoedavenport.co.uk
Her channeling masterclass: http://www.zoedavenport.co.uk/channeling-masterclass

Ep. 45: Hanna Bier | Release Trauma To Reveal Your Greatest Gifts

Hanna Bier helps women across the world create the successful, love-filled and freedom-based lives they desire. She is a Soulful Success Coach, Family Constellation Therapist and Energy Healer, helping her clients heal deeply, so they can turn into confident, radiant and powerful women who know exactly how to make the future they envision a reality.











Hanna is an expert at resolving family and childhood trauma and uses her clairvoyant gifts to support her clients in releasing anything in the way of them confidently stepping into the bright future that’s awaiting them. Hanna hosts the podcast Mystics On A Mission Show and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Ep 44: Kiera Noelle | Heaven On Earth: The Feminine Is Rising

Kiera Noelle is a visionary, clairvoyant healer, intuitive mentor, and voice for feminine awakening and transformation. She elevates devoted souls on an empowered inner journey back home to their innate innocence and authentic power. Her souls mission is to allow you to FEEL and invite you into the depths of your soul, unraveling and revealing who you already are.




Kiera has supported countless women awaken their unexplored sensuality, sacred feminine essence and the rise of the divine feminine within.  Kiera consciously journeys around the globe activating, supporting and anchoring the growth and evolution of the planet.

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