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David Lion is a gifted young man in whose specialty is helping people find their way and reconnect to their soul essence.

He specializes in helping purpose-driven people who are willing to make changes in their lives by helping them become clear on their blockages and by tapping them more deeply into their deepest desires, truths, power and potential.

While he was always intuitive and spiritually connected in his own way, he didn’t always know it. For him, he thought, “this is how everybody is.”

He spent a good portion of his life dedicated to the arts of magic and hypnosis, passionate about inspiring others and demonstrating the impossible. At the time, his only desire was to make people feel good and inspire possibility.

Little did he expect, magic would take him on a journey that would awaken secrets and gifts inside of him that he never thought possible.

On 1/11/2012, David met his first mentor, a man named Alex. Seeing David’s purpose and potential, he took him under his wing to help further awaken his intuitive gifts and abilities.

After nearly 4 years of intensive and often rigorous training, David began to evolve from student to master – rediscovering the abilities that he had as a child, but that he had long forgotten about.

He simply called this discovery “Magic”….

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In today’s episode, we jam with our soul family Celebrity Hypnotist, Master Clairvoyant + Soul Magic Mentor David Lion…activating you to quantum leaps in PLEASURE, ecstatic joy and bliss..which naturally leads you to aligning with your full purpose and power (and of course, prosperity).

///// Tune in to learn:

+ What is a quantum leap in pleasure
+ How expanding into more pleasure naturally aligns you with your fullest power and potency
+ How David opened to channel Thoth
+ Why your only purpose is to SHINE
+ How magic is your birthright – the doorway there is BLISS
+ How to activate more magic and shine in your life NOW Tune in and join us in quantum leaping PLEASURE…

And SOUL much more!

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Connect with David Lion
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IG: @lionism

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