Ep. 63: Jonathan Barry | Dream Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Sacred Soul Service, Sex Magic + Luminary Flow

Jonathan Barry is an intuitive business strategist who leverages 20 years of business experience to help conscious entrepreneurs and leaders accelerate their impact in the world. As an international speaker and retreat host, he shares his message about healing trauma to become a luminary and encourages people to leverage their deepest challenges to activate their souls purpose.

His path as an energy healer led him to deepen his research in neuroscience and quantum physics which he utilizes to help people access new timelines for their future. Jonathan has launched 8 businesses, publish 2 books, raising $1M+ in capital and resources, and mentored 1000+ people in getting crystal clear on their life vision and business strategy.

As a psychic futurist, he helps people identify their sacred mission and align the needs of humanity with the emerging market trends to help establish their authority as thought-leaders in their field.

In this super charged episode of Visionary Souls, we covered…

  • The sacred strategy mapping process of dream lining and why its essential to manifesting your wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams and then some
  • How to activate your soul purpose and live your highest alignment
  • Ways to expand your consciousness, your intuition, your awareness and therefore increase your magnetism
  • What does alignment actually mean and why is it important for us to define what it means for each and every individual on the visionary path
  • The importance and necessity of practicing forgiveness on your healing journey – how to set yourself free from toxic emotions of guilt, anger, shame and resentment
  • Building a bad ass beautiful body, energy mastery with sex magic manifestation and the importance of movement and dance in activating your most powerful FLOW of life force

And SOUL much more…come play!

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