It’s time.

When you’re ready to go all-in to create rapid transformation in every area of your life and completely embody the conscious, authentic, awakened leader that you are here to be, I am here to support you every step of the way.

“My experience was unlike any healing or energy work I had experienced before, and I’ve done quite a lot of different sessions over the years. For me to finally have an understanding of the information I’ve been accessing my whole life has been miraculous. I feel like I’ve always been searching for answers and I now have access to life’s questions at all times.

Our mentorship has been the catalyst for my confidence in my own gifts, truth and wisdom. The change was immediate for me and continues to unfold months since us working together. Trust is what is now possible for me that wasn’t before. I feel I can truly see, love and trust myself. I have been seeking deeper connections in all areas of my life and this has started to unfold so divinely immediately after our first session and continues.” ~ Avalon Beban, Intuitive Healer, Entrepreneur

1:1 Visionary Mentoring

Huge, energizing visions deserve the highest level of support. From the biggest actions down to the smallest details, I support you. I am an advocate for your soul which knows no limitations as to what is truly possible for you, particularly when it comes to business strategy, intuitive mastery, emotional and energetic balance, optimal health and well-being, boundless joy and pleasure, and limitless abundance.

“Sydney Campos is such an extraordinary guide. The energetic security she carries in her body creates a beautiful field to restore the nervous system, self trust, and attune to easeful navigation of the earth plane. I experience such a sacred, timeless sisterhood energy with Sydney. It feels so good to be seen, encouraged, and given proprioception for my gifts and needs by someone that is so deeply invested in authentic and joyous presence. As I continue to sharpen my intuition, discernment, and desire to be in the world, Sydney continues to be someone I entrust with my worries, desires, and growth curve. I feel embraced within the vision of integrity, play, and evolution Sydney sees. Thank you for helping me return to myself time and time again. I love remembering and shedding layers of non-self with you. ” Natalie Johnson, Photographer, Artist, Embodied Movement Guide

All The Ways To Play

5D Visionary Business Training

The 5D Visionary Business Training is a self-guided multidimensional immersion empowering you with strategic guidance and mentorship, powerful energetic attunements and protocols, video trainings and custom templates and countless resources to illuminate your unique path in architecting and amplifying your soul-aligned business.

“Sydney has specifically supported me by seeing through me, literally. And providing the space and support for me to come into my own power and truth. I feel very comfortable around her and she has a way of making it easy for me (and sometimes fun) to face my fear and challenges. And because of this I’ve had some massive breakthroughs. It’s like she’s been there with me by my side, holding my hand through all the obstacles I had and lended me the courage to find my way. To sum up my experience with her in one word, it would be – liberating. Sydney’s energy and presence is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Profound and so powerful!” ~ Shaylynn Lavelle, Soul Mentor, Akashic Facilitator

“I was drawn to work with Sydney because from what I knew of her – she is energetically gifted and successful. At the time, I reached out with support not knowing if we were on the right track with our plans and strategies and not knowing how to access and make the best choices. I wanted assistance with these things.

The shifts I experienced were profound multi-faceted transformations. We seemed to get in an energetic flow of positive outcomes that were reached more effortlessly. Our staff, volunteers and board of directors experienced transformations in how we interacted with each other, with our own roles and with our goals. Most everything seemed to be flowing better, aligning more and we all had more fun doing our work. We attracted amazing new volunteers to work with us, we reached our fundraising goal and we found ourselves having to put less effort into things.

What surprised most was the energetic shifts that seemed almost like magic – longstanding issues that seemed to diminish and fade away into the backdrop as we all enjoyed our success and flow. Historic struggles were energetically released and a new sense of possibility unfolded. We met our fundraising goal with a brand new event in spite of the pandemic and other global challenges.

Our container was a beautiful and powerful combination of energetics, intuitive wisdom, practical expertise and magic.

The One Consulting Package we received was – well – magical. We are enjoying living in a whole new realm of possibility!”

~ Marilyn Levin, Director of Development, Play for Peace – ONE Consulting Client

Motivational Speaking

I am a catalyst for startlingly rapid transformation in countless contexts. It is this powerful energy that I offer to the world’s most innovative teams, organizations, companies and communities. I love to co-create with other aligned visionary retreat leaders, teachers and facilitators in contexts wherein I deliver my signature motivational talks, yoga and meditation guidance and other specialty curated workshops.

   Jenna HillierVisionary, Embodiment Guide, Former CPA, NYC USA

“When I started working with Sydney my biggest pain-points were mindset and money. I felt like Sydney could specifically help me with mindset because she had been through what I was going through – leaving my full-time job, starting my new company, making myself visible as a coach for the first time and offering my services.

My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.

Sydney has been instrumental in guiding me towards my full expression – in life and business. She is a powerful being who cuts through limitations and fear – she see’s you for your truth and holds you to it. If you’re ready for true transformation, she’s your guide. She doesn’t mess around because she loves with all of her heart and wants you to experience your truth (happiness, abundance, and more!) in this NOW. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her.

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