Intuitive Soul Sessions

Intuitive Soul Sessions are 75 minute intuitive readings in which I support you in channeling your souls purpose, clarifying questions you have regarding your current path, your business, your creative vision, transitions, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors and spirit guides.

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24312769_10215072486105993_7655775678574895850_n“I am highly intuitive and have a strong relationship with my Spirit Guides in the shamanic realms, so it would have been easy for me to say I had no need to try an Akashic Records reading (as I sometimes hear other healers say they get readings from no one else). But wow, I am truly so glad I decided to get one from Sydney! She has a gift for helping you see & own your unique soul work, & I left the reading feeling more empowered than ever.

The timing of the reading itself was very divine & synchronistic to begin with. I was in the midst of a huge life transition & suddenly wondered to myself one day if Sydney was still offering her readings. Within 24 hours, she offered her email list a special deal on them & I booked one right away!

I was in tears within minutes of the reading, & Sydney addressed a number of questions I had written down in advance that I hadn’t even vocalized.

She also shared very helpful insights on some sticking points I’ve had around my business & confirmed some ideas I’d been toying with but hadn’t yet put into action (which I didn’t mention to her).

So much was revealed that I needed days to integrate everything. Most importantly, I felt seen, heard, & held throughout the session in the sacred container that Sydney created. I am still in awe of the experience & highly recommend it.

Thank you, Syd, this was mind-blowing. I’m so honored to share my journey with you!”

Kelly Knaub, Holistic Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Guide, Visionary Soul

These sessions are incredibly activating and revelatory. You will have a recording of the entire session to revisit over time as your deep transformation manifests and other foreshadowed events and opportunities materialize.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, conscious leader, creative, and/or awakening soul on a mission to show up in your authentic truth, clarify your purpose and receive guidance on how to best share your gifts with the world, this offering is for you.

Check out my client testimonials below (and more here and here) to see what people are saying about these life-changing sessions.

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Intuitive Soul Session (Package of 3)

These sessions are to be used anytime over a 12-month period and are conducted over Zoom video so you have lifetime access to your recordings. Once you submit your payment I will contact you to schedule your first reading at my earliest availability.


Words cannot describe how blessed I am for my reading with Sydney. At first, I was hesitant about spending the money, but now after receiving my reading, the cost seems so little for how much guidance she offered! The questions I prepared were answered without me even reading them.

She helped me discover lifelong conditioning that has been blocking me from my purpose and living my full capacity. I am an artist, and she knew that immediately! We went deep into the themes of my artwork, and she helped me see where I was creatively blocked. As an artist that is huge and well worth the investment!

My reading was two weeks ago, and I have thought about it every day since and started immediately putting her advice into action. Sydney has an incredible gift, and I am so fortunate she shared it with me. Her healing has already begun transforming my life! Much love, Sydney!! Thank you so much!!

~ Sarah H., Fine Artist, USA

“Sydney, with much gratitude I thank you for the akashic record reading I had with you. You are such an angel with a gift that just blows the mind! And I’m so honored for connecting with you and you being such an influential person to help me with my journey.

The information that was received was just incredible, definitely something I would not had been able to get to on my own. You helped me in more ways than I can explain and reignited the fire in my belly giving me not only the push but the faith to get back on track with my journey.

Really powerful session and powerful healing that came after. I truly adore you and thank you so much for your inspiration.

I highly recommend anyone that’s needing to get into the know, or get into the nitty gritty of what’s happening to get a reading with Sydney.

She will wow you with her deliverance of such impeccable details! This reading was so invaluable and the high vibes I receive from you keep me going for days after.

Thank you so much!!!”

~ Sonia C, Soul Empowerment Guide, Western Australia

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“Our Akashic records reading a few months ago has given me SO MUCH integrating material.

You shocked me to death with the level of detail that was so spot on, reduced me to tears when you hit my “daddy” nerve, and all the while I sat back and received —>my own soul’s message that I hadn’t been able to hear on my own.

I’ve re-listened to that session and have re read my notes so many times and it gives me chills every time at the level of vivid detail.

So wow Sydney, thank you!” ~ Holly, Tech Consultant

“Hi Sydney, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing session. It really activated something in me in a profound way and I have breakthrough after breakthrough this week and I’ve experienced a huge shift in so many areas. Especially with my intuition and ability to receive guidance, as well as my outlook about my work and financial situations, I can see the path forward out of this situation now and see the steps I need to take. Super super grateful and just can’t thank you enough.” – Zach, Music Industry Executive

Sydney 100% changed my life. Night and day changed. Instantly. Permanently.

I just (today) had an Akashic Record reading with Sydney and am part of her Alignment Activation 7-week program.I’ve never felt safe for one conscious minute in my whole life. My earliest memory is of being chased by a huge dog. From that moment until this, I have been braced for the worst. There is absolutely no one on Earth like Sydney. If you’re lucky enough to have an opportunity to engage with her, be ready to have your life changed.”  – Nicole McNeil, Writer, Sustainability Advocate, Bioengineer

Sydney was amazing! I loved my session with her. I got clear, deeply accurate guidance on the areas of my life that I get to go deeper in and questions that I can ask myself. I received validation on several ideas I’ve been thinking about for my mission and saw a much bigger future than I had really ever envisioned for myself. Almost everything Sydney read completely resonated with me and allowed me a deeper insight into my life that I haven’t seen before. Highly suggest! – Aly Wilkins, Transformational Coach

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I had a beautiful akashic reading with Sydney a few weeks ago. She helped shed light on a number of relationships and ancestral trauma I had always felt but never had clarity around. Our reading opened up so much for me in every area of my life and I got to settle into the intuitive direction I received (mostly to slow down, relax and really experience pleasure). I have been in the process of a lot of work and transformation and this reading gave me a much clearer idea of exactly where I am, the impact of this work, and where I’m going next. It was exactly what I needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Sydney. – Catya McMullen, Writer, Director and Acclaimed Playwright

Sydney has been instrumental in guiding me towards my full expression – in life and business. She is a powerful being who cuts through limitations and fear – she see’s you for your truth and holds you to it. If you’re ready for true transformation, she’s your guide. She doesn’t mess around because she loves with all of her heart and wants you to experience your truth (happiness, abundance, and more!) in this NOW. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her. – Jenna Hillier, Embodiment Coach

Sydney is a true Galactic goddess on earth and deeply connected with reflecting where we may be holding our deepest blocks to our true soul potential as well as seeing a strong and clear vision for who we came here to be, LOVE her. – Jessica Reid, Purpose Fulfillment Coach, Global Clairvoyant

My favorite part about working with Sydney was the vibration that she holds is so high that you are automatically up-leveled just by working with her and being in her presence. She holds space so beautifully for you to expand and grow just by being herself. Hiring Sydney was the catalyst for my life completely shifting. And quickly! If you are ready to expand and have someone there who will guide you and help you feel inspired, safe, vulnerable, and powerful all at the same time, Sydney is your girl! – Alyssa Kim, Women’s Empowerment Guide