Intuitive Soul Sessions

Can you imagine? Perhaps life is meant to all feel infinitely beautiful, aligned, expansive, nourishing, easy. 💎

My zone of genius is helping visionaries feel and embody ultra clearly their soul purpose and most potent power..which are the core activators of abundance and deeply meaningful fulfillment.


One of my favorite ways my gifts are expressed is thru intuitive channeling and energy healing, which I also train other facilitators in as well. I love watching people come alive in their gifts and feeling finally how powerful they are and how the infinite divine genius of their soul is always wanting to play and live through them as them in service to all.

“My session with Sydney was nothing short of amazing! I felt lost and anxious about my future and within minutes of talking to her she opened my heart and eyes to the true potential within me. I felt a sense of clarity and inspiration wash over in a way I’ve never experienced before. I was literally beaming with so much joy and energy after. I had finally awoken to my true self – the old stories no longer served me and Sydney helped me realize that they had no place in my life. She held a supportive and loving space during the reading where I could be my most vulnerable and authentic self and for that I feel incredibly grateful. Sydney gave me the tools to grow, flourish and to be unapologetically myself. I feel blessed to have come across her work and immensely thankful for all that she’s done for me!”
~ Mona D., Visionary Artist + Graphic Designer 

Celebrating a recent session with a beautiful soul fam client – all my clients are family, and yes we’ve usually done this before – we are just remembering and re-activating the embodiment of your genius that’s wanting to be fully integrated across all your lifetimes, thru infinite time space reality, thru all aspects of your being:

“I have received two Akashic records readings from Sydney, both of which were absolutely amazing and clarifying.  I was originally seeking information on the records as a practice for myself, and look forward to learning more about how to access these records on my own.

I received my first reading over a year ago, and in re-listening now, every thing that she accessed was absolutely true and divinely orchestrated in my life over the past year.

I would listen monthly as a tool to keep connection to spirit and my higher self, as a direction for my life and choices to make.

Akashic records readings are for anyone interested in seeing the bigger picture of their life, purpose, and a helpful direction tool for obstacles and lessons along the way. It has been a wonderful tool in my soul’s evolution.”

~ Jessica Maitri, LCSW, Somatic Therapist, Tantric Breathwork Facilitator, 500 Hour RYT, Intuitive Healer

This is one of my only 1:1 offerings at this moment with the option to book one session or three at once for extended support over a few months. I would love to support you in this container if you’re called to receive radical upgrades in clarity, confidence and potency regarding your soul gifts, purpose alignment, full flow of your creative life force and validation of your truth.


Intuitive Soul Sessions are for you if you’re seeking…

  • Guidance on your souls purpose, life path and divine assignment
  • Clarity on any looming questions or concerns you have about blocks or obstacles in your way of living the kind of life you truly desire
  • Confirmation of your hearts desires and soul longings, an affirmation of truth you already sense within you
  • Clear affirmation and creative strategy regarding your current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors, etc.
  • Strengthened connection and affirmation of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness
  • High frequency energy healing transmissions to clear stagnation from your field, amplify your magnetism, enhance your intuitive abilities, and more
  • To feel fully optimized and embodied in presence, power, magnetism and vitality


Client Testimonials…

“Syd is the highest vibrational earth being I’ve ever met in person. She has 20/20 galactic vision, meaning she SEES you, and all your wonder, all your fears, and all your “stories.” She plays spiritual hardball but in a way that exudes infinite love and light. She invites you to meet yourself face to face, which can be the simplest and most powerful experience of all. She doesn’t just spoon feed you the answers. She asks the right questions so that you arrive at your own conclusions and learn to trust yourself.”

~ Kelly Mosser, Intuitive Guide, Tarot Wisdom Keeper, Fitness Company Ops Manager + attendee of the Sedona Quantum Leap Your Life Retreat, Akashic Records 1:1 Client, New York, NY

“I was gifted a ticket for the Gold Coast ‘Soul Sister Circle’ where Sydney was guest speaker. All I saw from the invite was the title ‘Empath Experience – What to do when you feel everything’ and I had been seeking guidance and support for energy integration being highly empathic myself so this sounded perfect, and it was!

I hadn’t met or heard of Sydney so it was a beautiful experience to arrive with no expectation and be totally blown away and captivated throughout the evening listening to Sydney share her heart, and offer her wisdom, all the while feeling like the evening was designed entirely for me.

I felt such an immediate soul resonance with Sydney that the same evening after the event I stalked her on instagram and found her website and her offerings. I was drawn immediately to the 1:1 Akashic record Soul Session which within weeks I had scheduled.

My experience was unlike any healing or energy work I had experienced before, and I’ve done quite a lot of different sessions over the years. Sydneys intention and her frequency felt so light and pure but equally as strong and powerful and being super sensitive to energy myself I find this so important to work with others that vibe in the intentional space of love.

Sydneys intuition and guidance through our 1:1 was superb and I knew I respected her as a mentor and would be honoured to work alongside her in my spiritual growth.

I wasn’t looking to start any type of mentoring as I’m busy finishing my Yoga Teacher training, Reiki and Seicheim accreditation, along with running two businesses and raising two young and busy boys but something about learning more about the Akashic records excited me! My soul knew I needed this work and it was like all perfect and divine moments, it just happened with such grace and ease.

For me to finally have an understanding of the information I’ve been accessing my whole life has been miraculous. I feel like I’ve always been searching for answers and I now have access to life’s questions at ALL times. What I’ve seen and known in the past as a jumble of images, thoughts and difficult to understand visions is now a clear and concise book of knowledge which I can now discern through careful questioning and confidence in my own intuitive gifts. 

The Akashic records and my mentoring with Sydney have been the catalyst for my confidence in my own gifts, truth and wisdom. Mostly how the wisdom of the universe is uniquely expressed through me. I’ve always pondered my purpose and now after doing the Akashic mentoring with Sydney I know I AM my purpose. Just be BEing is my gift, is my offering and thats inspired rapid change in how I operate in all areas of my life.

The change was immediate for me and continues to unfold months since us working together.

TRUST is what is now possible for me that wasn’t before. I’ve always had faith in the universe, in spirit, but never before did I TRUST myself, my wisdom, the way I interpret, feel, access and view the world around me.

The area I feel most changed is in my heart. It used to physically ache before my work with Sydney. Like there was a part of me that was so yearning to be acknowledged. I feel I can truly see, love and trust myself.

Sydney is amazing and her support is endless for me! It’s like our souls are connected and her just sharing her light inspires, guides and supports me daily. Even after our mentoring she still checks in with me on Whatsapp and I follow her on social media, podcasts, emails and always gain knowledge and support and love when I just see her beautiful face, read her profound words or simply just sit in silence and feel into her energy. She’s a pure magical beam of light that I feel honoured to have connected with.

The results I’ve experienced are my confidence levels and how I feel in my own power, in my own skin and how I  show up in all of my relationships. I have been seeking deeper connections in all areas of my life and this has started to unfold so divinely immediately after my first session with Sydney and continues..

 If you’ve been lead into Sydney’s sphere I don’t doubt that there is a profound shift in consciousness you’re ready to receive and I honour your journey on the path.” ~ Avalon Beban, Intuitive Healer, Energy Worker, Entrepreneur, Conscious Mama in Gold Coast, Australia

“I was super called to work with Sydney because I had felt a resonance with her and her energy has felt like soul family from the get go. She’s been able enlighten me in unexpected ways and I couldn’t ignore the strong intuitive calling to work with her. There wasn’t anything else I was considering at the time – the connection to Sydney felt so right, why would I want another choice? I knew that she would be able to support me in my expansion in the Akashic realm like no other could. This is a realm that I sometimes believe she lives in on a daily basis and there was no better guide than someone who lives and is connected to this field as their natural habitat.

My experience mentoring with Sydney as an Akashic Facilitator supported me specifically in gaining understanding of my own ability to always know the truth and to see and hold space for myself and others in pure love and potential. When I first decided to take on this mentorship, I wasn’t even sure that I was capable of much but once we began, it felt like I had been doing this for lifetimes and it was just like riding a bike. With Sydney’s guidance and support, I dove right in as if I had been doing this all along.

I learned to trust myself and the answers I was receiving pretty quickly which has been a huge struggle in many areas of my life for many years.  I’m now able to stay in integrity with myself and have the confidence I need to speak the truth and stay grounded in doing so. All of the callings that I’ve had to pursue certain passions of mine have turned out to be my purpose and the reason I incarnated into this life with the parents I had, the relationships I’ve encountered and even the children who chose me and helped me evolve into my purpose. I no longer second guess anything that I find an interest in. It’s all connected and all divinely arranged for me. 

What’s possible for me now is having and being able to access the answers, truth and knowledge at any point in time and stop the constant confusion and spinning of the wheels that I was accustomed to. I’m learning that everything has once served a purpose and I’m able to access the solutions and practices to be able to let them go – including karmic ties, phobias and blocks that kept me from moving forward.

A few examples: I was able to begin healing and ridding myself of a diagnosed heart condition and life long allergies that left me bed ridden for months out of the year. And I’ve overcome a very irrational phobia of heights and learned that the fear was originated and passed down from an ancestor way down the line of my lineage who died from falling when he was 28 years old. And just to have further confirmation – myself, my mom, uncles and grandfather didn’t develop the fear of heights until around they were around 28 years old. WILD!

Sydney has specifically supported me by seeing through me, literally! And providing the space and support for me to come into my own power and truth. I feel very comfortable around her and she has a way of making it easy for me (and sometimes fun) to face my fear and challenges. And because of this I’ve had some MASSIVE breakthroughs. It’s like she’s been there with me by my side, holding my hand through all the obstacles I had and lended me the courage to find my way. To sum up my experience with her in one word, it would be – liberating! Sydney’s energy and presence is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Profound and so powerful!

I think that this program is for anyone who wants to gain the confidence in themselves to seek that answers that they’ve always had access to. For anyone who wants to understand, overcome and heal any sort of obstacles or ailments that they believe to be in their way of living fully in their truth.”

~ Claudia Chang, Soul Alignment Guide, Akashic Records Facilitator, Conscious Mama

My Akashic Records reading with Sydney a year ago was one of the most powerful energy transmissions I’ve ever received, so when this offering came along, I jumped at the chance to dive deeper. Im so so grateful to Sydney for creating a thoughtful and unique experience tailored to my specific needs. Using guided healing in the Records and customized practice exercises, Sydney has pushed me toward massive breakthroughs in my personal growth, money story, business, and relationships.

Sydney is a tremendously generous guide and she invested a ton of her attention and energy in my growth. In fact, the entire Akashic Intensive felt like this incredible gift she created just for me.

Overall, Sydney structured the program to facilitate maximum growth for each person. The one-on-one sessions are designed to push through your ceilings, expand your awareness, and generate healing breakthroughs. In between sessions, Sydney offers creative exercises and prompts so you can keep moving forward in your solo practice. She was always available to answer questions, and every time I had a problem, she offered 3-4 ways to get unstuck. She also pushed me to find practice partners, which I was very reluctant to do, but those partner sessions ended up benefitting me hugely.

The whole experience was thoughtfully curated to both challenge and support me. By the end, I’d gained new independence, mastery, and confidence in my Akashic practice as well as huge healing in the rest of my life.

My main goal for the program was to use the Records to become a more focused and inspired creative (Im a freelance writer). I got that, but I also:

  • Cleared past relationship trauma that was creating noise in my current relationship, which let me deepen into trust and mutual support with my partner.
  • Confronted past sexual shame that’s been a block to asking for what I want, which gave me the confidence to raise my rates and bid for (and win) a huge new contract with a major player in my industry.
  • Healed an old wound of worthiness with my mom, which led to forgiveness and opened up space for us to move forward without carrying the weight of the past. (Sydney facilitated this exchange between my mother and I in the Records, and even though I never told my mom it happened, she has been relating to me with a new lightness and ease ever since)
  • Cut out the “scared to fail” procrastination trap and got focused on what I love, which led me to finally finish a novel I’d been toying with for almost a year
  • Rewrote the “not good enough” story that had me stuck playing small in my business, which prompted me to stretch into a new industry with a new offering Im ecstatic about
  • If everything is an inside job, this program is a way to kick the door open. In this program, I got support from a truly amazing guide who helped me develop a set of healing tools and a healing practice that I can use to support myself at any time. With these, I was able to truly transform, once and for all, some of most painful obstacles that have been holding me back.

Considering the depth of the training, the level of on-going support you receive, and the growth Sydney facilitates, this program is an absolute steal. Before I signed up, I was considering this or a more traditional business coaching program. Im so beyond grateful I chose this.

Here’s what made up my mind: Ultimately, I realized I didn’t need a new way to write a business plan or someone else’s marketing funnel. I needed a way to clear out the old junk that was keeping me stuck getting the old results. I needed to heal myself. Now I can. To me, my results from this program are priceless.” ~ Nicole M., Sustainability Advocate, Visionary Educator, Intuitive Guide

My reading with Sydney was beyond what words could describe. I was blown away when she was explaining why my children chose me. There were so many things about the both of my children that I couldn’t quite understand and it made the relationship more difficult on both ends.

After Sydney had shared her insights, I was able to relax and trust that my kids are working through their own karma and was given guidance on how to best support them on their own unique paths. When it came to my business and sharing my gifts with the world, I never quite felt “ready” or “qualified” enough to put myself out there and be seen. I only knew that I had such a burning desire to unleash what I inherently knew but needed validation.

Sydney shared with me that I have been qualified for many lifetimes and affirmed everything I knew to be true about my specific service to the world. I also felt a sense of liberation when she told me that there were very practical and efficient ways to heal myself of certain “health conditions” that I’ve carried with my my whole life. We also did an energy clearing exercise during the session that got rid of some old blockages that have been residing and stuck in my body.

I’ve been feeling great ever since! I also had most of my questions answered without me ever having to ask. This is something that I’ll definitely be doing more regularly with Sydney. It was so incredible! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!” ~ Claudia C, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor

24312769_10215072486105993_7655775678574895850_nI am highly intuitive and have a strong relationship with my Spirit Guides in the shamanic realms, so it would have been easy for me to say I had no need to try an Akashic Records reading (as I sometimes hear other healers say they get readings from no one else). But wow, I am truly so glad I decided to get one from Sydney! She has a gift for helping you see & own your unique soul work, & I left the reading feeling more empowered than ever.

The timing of the reading itself was very divine & synchronistic to begin with. I was in the midst of a huge life transition & suddenly wondered to myself one day if Sydney was still offering her readings. Within 24 hours, she offered her email list a special deal on them & I booked one right away!

I was in tears within minutes of the reading, & Sydney addressed a number of questions I had written down in advance that I hadn’t even vocalized.

She also shared very helpful insights on some sticking points I’ve had around my business & confirmed some ideas I’d been toying with but hadn’t yet put into action (which I didn’t mention to her).

So much was revealed that I needed days to integrate everything. Most importantly, I felt seen, heard, & held throughout the session in the sacred container that Sydney created. I am still in awe of the experience & highly recommend it.

Thank you, Syd, this was mind-blowing. I’m so honored to share my journey with you!”

Kelly Knaub, Holistic Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Guide, Visionary Soul

These sessions are beyond activating and revelatory. You will have a recording of the entire session to revisit over time as your deep transformation manifests and other foreshadowed events and opportunities materialize.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, conscious leader, creative, and/or awakening soul on a mission to show up in your authentic truth, clarify your purpose and receive guidance on how to best share your gifts with the world, this offering is for you.

Check out my client testimonials below (and more here and here) to see what people are saying about these life-changing sessions.

E-mail me to inquire about my exclusive 1:1 mentoring to attune you to the Akashic Records to channel for yourself and others.

Dayana-Dayana-FINAL-0029-1Dayana Mayfield, CEO, Copywriter + Storyteller,

Yesterday I had an Akashic reading with Sydney and I was absolutely stunned by her gifts and abilities. She truly calls forth your soul, your guides, your ancestors, and your angels and gives you the messages you truly need to hear.

I’m at a pinnacle moment in my personal development, and she helped me heal past traumas and showed me that the future I’ve been envisioning is what I’m effortlessly being invited to.

She gave me very clear messages to help handle the old patterning and resistance that is already coming up, and I’m using these tools! The reading was such a healing moment for me and I will never forget it. I immediately felt lighter, more joyous, and all around cleared out. There’s just an immediate sense of wonder and newness that I appreciate.

I honestly feel changed. I know that I have such a clearer place from which to make life and business decisions. It’s truly truly amazing to hear her channel such powerful messages and to experience a real shift. I’m stunned.

 “My life is never short of expansive or boring.. recently I received an incredible channeled soul reading using the Akashic Records from soul sister @sydneycampos •

It was a moment of full remembrance in this swirling vast here and now that I finally was able to soften into some final truth that I have been curious about for many years, and truly allowed me to finally have an inner-standing of it all.

Listening to so many connections from a past life to an Intuitive ability here in this life, truly has given me another way to stand tall in my convictions. Not giving my power away but just allowing myself to fully embody and choose to step into this human experience in a more mystical way.

In fact the science is all there we just have to stay open to bridge the two. Besides that if everything was exposed we wouldn’t be able to live in the beauty of the surprising nature of evolution. So why not live exploring all that you can while awake?

If you feel called to receive in this way go and check out my sis @sydneycampos as she truly blew my mind and shared in such devotion to truth and for the highest at that time for my greatest potential.

In this Intuitive Soul Reading she will be accessing your Akashic Records and channeling her own intuitive insights which collectively allows her to access information about your soul’s entire journey (past, present and future lifetimes). All insight is conveyed within the space of pure unconditional love and is always intended to serve your highest good.

It’s life changing for the ones that feel called. Thank you @sydneycampos for all your love and support. 🙏🏻💠”

Joy Maziar, Illuminator || Conscious Bodywork Artist ||Yoga Teacher ||Lover of the land ||📍Bali

“Sydney, with much gratitude I thank you for the akashic record reading I had with you. You are such an angel with a gift that just blows the mind! And I’m so honored for connecting with you and you being such an influential person to help me with my journey.

The information that was received was just incredible, definitely something I would not had been able to get to on my own. You helped me in more ways than I can explain and reignited the fire in my belly giving me not only the push but the faith to get back on track with my journey.

Really powerful session and powerful healing that came after. I truly adore you and thank you so much for your inspiration.

I highly recommend anyone that’s needing to get into the know, or get into the nitty gritty of what’s happening to get a reading with Sydney.

She will wow you with her deliverance of such impeccable details! This reading was so invaluable and the high vibes I receive from you keep me going for days after.

Thank you so much!!!”

~ Sonia C, Soul Empowerment Guide, Western Australia

“Our Akashic records reading a few months ago has given me SO MUCH integrating material.

You shocked me to death with the level of detail that was so spot on, reduced me to tears when you hit my “daddy” nerve, and all the while I sat back and received —>my own soul’s message that I hadn’t been able to hear on my own.

I’ve re-listened to that session and have re read my notes so many times and it gives me chills every time at the level of vivid detail.

So wow Sydney, thank you!” ~ Holly, Tech Consultant

“I had the most beautiful intuitive reading with Sydney Campos yesterday, and I’m still soaking it all in.

Sydney opens up your Akashic Records and does a deep soul dive into past, present, and future lives.

We uncovered everything from my soul’s mission, to family wounds, to why my children selected me as a parent.

We also dug into my current relationships, invited in new, healing energies, and released old, stagnant mindsets.

It was a beautiful experience, and I was quite emotional after.

So much gorgeous healing occurred; my heart is grateful and whole.”

~ Jessica, Visionary Teacher + Conscious Mama

“Hi Sydney, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing session. It really activated something in me in a profound way and I have breakthrough after breakthrough this week and I’ve experienced a huge shift in so many areas. Especially with my intuition and ability to receive guidance, as well as my outlook about my work and financial situations, I can see the path forward out of this situation now and see the steps I need to take. Super super grateful and just can’t thank you enough.” – Zach, Music Industry Executive

Words cannot describe how blessed I am for my reading with Sydney. At first, I was hesitant about spending the money, but now after receiving my reading, the cost seems so little for how much guidance she offered! The questions I prepared were answered without me even reading them.

She helped me discover lifelong conditioning that has been blocking me from my purpose and living my full capacity. I am an artist, and she knew that immediately! We went deep into the themes of my artwork, and she helped me see where I was creatively blocked. As an artist that is huge and well worth the investment!

My reading was two weeks ago, and I have thought about it every day since and started immediately putting her advice into action. Sydney has an incredible gift, and I am so fortunate she shared it with me. Her healing has already begun transforming my life! Much love, Sydney!! Thank you so much!!

~ Sarah H., Fine Artist, USA

Sydney 100% changed my life. Night and day changed. Instantly. Permanently.

I just (today) had an Akashic Record reading with Sydney and am part of her Alignment Activation 7-week program.I’ve never felt safe for one conscious minute in my whole life. My earliest memory is of being chased by a huge dog. From that moment until this, I have been braced for the worst. There is absolutely no one on Earth like Sydney. If you’re lucky enough to have an opportunity to engage with her, be ready to have your life changed.”  – Nicole McNeil, Writer, Sustainability Advocate, Bioengineer

Sydney was amazing! I loved my session with her. I got clear, deeply accurate guidance on the areas of my life that I get to go deeper in and questions that I can ask myself. I received validation on several ideas I’ve been thinking about for my mission and saw a much bigger future than I had really ever envisioned for myself. Almost everything Sydney read completely resonated with me and allowed me a deeper insight into my life that I haven’t seen before. Highly suggest! – Aly Wilkins, Transformational Coach

“Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom Sydney. Yes, you are absolutely correct. It was such a gift to connect with you. I loved how your visions started to unfold about my career path.

Every word you spoke had an impact on me and was in tune with what I have been thinking and feeling. It was truly amazing to be present to the expansive insights you were describing.

As you communicated with me what you were seeing, I felt a tremendous connection to what you were saying. I have been thinking about the very same things for a while.

It finally gave me perspective and clarified all the swirling thoughts of confusion in my head and confirmed what I need to focus on. This has caused so much mental anguish and indecision for so long.

Our session grounded me and gave me the confidence to take action. Since our session, I have launched my Instagram page, a blog, and webpage with my personal healing offerings.

I also have my 1st ‘essence styling’ client. I’m excited about the fact that, what you said gave me permission to ‘put myself out there’ and just try things out, without feeling like it needs to be this huge lifetime commitment.

I finally feel like I have a foundation to work off of so that I can expand in the direction I need to. Otherwise, I would have been scattered and second-guessing my decision every step of the way.

I can now breath easy. I look forward to replaying our session, as I’m sure I’ll process even more of your intuitive wisdom.

Thank you for your support and insight. You truly have a profound gift.”

Karina M., Musician, Stylist


John H., Writer + Musician based in Bali, Indonesia

I did the Intuitive Soul Session with Sydney and had no idea what to expect as I hadn’t experienced this kind of process before.

I was amazed at Sydney’s ability to channel non-stop for such a long time – there was a huge amount of information and some deep insights into my life and I felt a great deal of love and support.

I was hoping for some direction and a better understanding of things I had been experiencing recently and I found the session shone a light on those areas, and it was also a step towards further awareness of some of my hidden blocks and inner child issues, which I have continued to open up to and integrate.

Sydney has a wonderful gift and if you feel a call to work with her I would highly recommend following your intuition and seeing where it takes you!

I had a beautiful akashic reading with Sydney a few weeks ago. She helped shed light on a number of relationships and ancestral trauma I had always felt but never had clarity around. Our reading opened up so much for me in every area of my life and I got to settle into the intuitive direction I received (mostly to slow down, relax and really experience pleasure). I have been in the process of a lot of work and transformation and this reading gave me a much clearer idea of exactly where I am, the impact of this work, and where I’m going next. It was exactly what I needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Sydney. – Catya McMullen, Writer, Director and Acclaimed Playwright

Sydney has been instrumental in guiding me towards my full expression – in life and business. She is a powerful being who cuts through limitations and fear – she see’s you for your truth and holds you to it. If you’re ready for true transformation, she’s your guide. She doesn’t mess around because she loves with all of her heart and wants you to experience your truth (happiness, abundance, and more!) in this NOW. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her. – Jenna Hillier, Embodiment Coach

Sydney is a true Galactic goddess on earth and deeply connected with reflecting where we may be holding our deepest blocks to our true soul potential as well as seeing a strong and clear vision for who we came here to be, LOVE her. – Jessica Reid, Purpose Fulfillment Coach, Global Clairvoyant

My favorite part about working with Sydney was the vibration that she holds is so high that you are automatically up-leveled just by working with her and being in her presence. She holds space so beautifully for you to expand and grow just by being herself. Hiring Sydney was the catalyst for my life completely shifting. And quickly! If you are ready to expand and have someone there who will guide you and help you feel inspired, safe, vulnerable, and powerful all at the same time, Sydney is your girl! – Alyssa Kim, Women’s Empowerment Guide

Check out my client testimonials  here and here to tune more into what’s possible for you.

E-mail me to inquire about my exclusive 1:1 mentoring to attune you to the Akashic Records to channel for yourself and others.

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