What’s it going to take?

What would it be like to go into your mission 100% – not 75, 95, or even 99%, of the way?
What’s the hold up? Be honest.
What do you really want?
And then knowing this, what must you be committed to?
No matter what.
You wouldn’t be here now, we wouldn’t be meeting really, if you weren’t completely ready to be out in the world sharing your expertise and medicine.
Realize that you have so much that so many would die to learn about.
Do you understand you are sitting on a gold mine of wisdom that could literally save people’s lives if they had access to it?
How do you instill within yourself the urgency and inspiration required to take action?
The action can feel inspired, like it’s carrying you. In fact it’s meant to feel like that – like its moving through you, you are the vessel.
When you allow, listen, receive and then act accordingly.
Your mind isn’t the key here it will keep you looping in stagnation because it’s afraid of change. Stop entertaining its repetitive inquiries. There is a higher guidance here awaiting your full presence.
It has a precise map it wants to deliver – always painting the next perfect step forward in the direction of your destiny. Usually in playful, easeful, expansive ways that teach you what you’ve always craved to learn – while preparing you to be of even greater service to those you’re meant to support.
It’s already all been designed, long before your arrival.
Feel into the depths of your heart the calling within thats begging for your full attention and acknowledgement. You must give yourself your own validation and affirm what you know to be true.
Know who you are and why you are here.
Recommit in every moment to your mission and keep taking the next right step.
Your purpose isn’t something you must think about and find.
It’s been encoded in your being since the day you were born.
It has always called your spirit forth in the directions of expansion, enlivenment and awakening.
It has always been the way you effortlessly support others in ways that feel most nourishing, loving and healing for all.
What will it take for you to take yourself seriously?
And see the divine being that you are, overflowing with genius and immense healing capacities that will astonish you as you allow yourself permission to show up in the ways you are truly called?
There’s never been a better moment to leap.
Only to remember you’ve been designed to fly.
All along 🙂
What a fun game we signed up to play. Honored to walk with you + witness your remembrance.
x Sydney Campos
Author, Visionary Entrepreneur, Quantum Healer, Strategy Advisor
PS: We have a few spaces open for our 5D Visionary Council starting 1/11 for those ready to birth and launch their soul-aligned mission, product, service and embody their highest calling in architecting the new ways of being that we know are required in a world that works for all.
Together we will journey through 5 months of deep mindset-embodiment re-programming, expansion and integration, daily energetic attunement and activation, intuitive training, Akashic Records for Business advanced practice and deep 1:1 and group support all while utilizing (and innovating upon) proven strategies and structures for building successful business models based on authenticity, integrity and ease.
This is a 5D visionary business accelerator for New Earth architects, creative visionaries and pioneers who have always seen the future we’re growing into and know they are the ones called to build it, together.
Let’s play: sydneycampos.com/5Dcouncil

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