It’s all already written

Our super power is our capacity to imagine and dream and envision new potentials and possibilities we’ve never before experienced in this plane – and then feel so completely the potentials pulsating through our beings as new feelings and emotional currents resulting from experiencing more of our desires – expanding to receive in new ways, more easily, playfully, lovingly, creatively. 

Sometimes I wonder if we are really wired to feel completely in orgasmic bliss all the time yet out society and inherent cultural and family conditioning desensitizes the feeling body so as to not allow for so many to be overwhelmed by how moving the beauty of life truly is – or how overwhelming it can be to receive loving nourishing touch or deeply connect with someone in an eye gaze of complete presence – it’s enough stimulation at times to feel like one could implode: when you really receive the full power of ones presence and innate aliveness, it is a miracle to behold and yet we are entrained so deeply to block ourselves off from receiving what is so naturally meant to be explored and shared and amplified. 

The great cosmic joke: if we know all the reasons why is all has to be like this already we wouldn’t be here; such is the fun in being a divine human pretending to forget all the wisdom and mastery we hold within only to eventually remember it all through various traumas and healing interruptions and quantum leaps in consciousness. 

We are each and everyone here to create beauty, I promise it is that simple, it is our destiny. We are each and everyone encoded with a brilliance and genius that is inherently designed across lifetimes to birth a specific piece to the puzzle of life we all share – the gift you are meant to give feels like playing, feels like the deepest love, feels so natural, and implicitly supports the whole and all others connected to you. 

I love the way our game is designed. 

If only we were to collectively tune into our true super powers – imagine the beautiful world we could do-create perhaps in a split second? All it takes is a shared agreement to decide in an peace, freedom from hunger, sovereignty of all living beings, no borders..imagine…

What else could we co-create if our energy was fully focused on generating more of what we desire experiencing as opposed to anything else? 

What are your dreams and visions and greatest yearnings? This is why we are alive – to experience ourselves in the creation process as the divine creators we have always been initiated as..and it feels like this timeline is inviting a certain special kind of visionary creator to take the lead. 

Start by taking the lead over your own life. Get into integrity and authenticity. These values are our new currency above all else. From this space of presence and clarity – allow yourself to dream the expansive dream you’re calling into being – for the love, joy, pleasure, fulfillment of it all. 

What other reason are we here than to experience expansion in all forms, to be completely in the body, to be completely ourselves, to master this material reality and remember our innate capacity to instantly manifest and architect what precisely lives in our hearts memory and vision? 

It’s all already been written. There’s no way we can mess it up ❤️ 

Excited to practice and create these new ways of being and leading with our 5D Visionary Council starting in January. Already the most amazing beings are being called to apply, such an honor to receive your presence. 

Together we are weaving new templates for the ways we do business and the ways we create spaces of healing, transformation, value exchange and abundance for all. What a pleasure to play with you especially at this magnificent moment in our collective evolution 😇

Learn more and consider applying if you’re ready to dive deep into your vision-calling and birth your soul aligned biz or product offering in a way that feels authentic and full of delicious creativity, integrity and connection with fellow visionary family::




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