Art as Medicine Festival Coming Up: Join Us

We are going through so much on this planet right now. Old structures are coming down, new ones have not yet arrived.

We are going through a rite of passage and you may feel like your nerves are fried.

Cue your Creative Spirit… It knows exactly what you need!

Imagine 4 solid days completely dedicated to Creativity, Healing and Transformation. Imagine carving out Sacred time to express and let go of everything that you’ve been carrying around. 

Your creativity is your HEALER and your GUIDE. 

It shows you what needs tending, what needs expressing, and it lights up your pathway so you can find your next steps. 

As we move into winter, you’re being called to journey within, to return to your wild self and honor your Creative Spirit.

That’s why my friend and colleague Alexis Cohen visionary artist, creativity mentor, and shamanic practitioner has created The Art Medicine Festival.  

During this FREE four day virtual transformational festival, me and over 30 other artists, healers and visionaries will co-create a meeting place where healing, transformation and creativity come to PLAY.

The Art Medicine Festival will bring together teaching, practice, performance, and ritual over four days from December 11th-14th 2020. (There will be replays if you can’t make it live).

Reserve your spot here at no cost:

When we come together to share our practice with others, a bigger collective vision opens up. When we come together and we create art, something new – something completely new – opens up.

We are on the threshold of creative expansion and transformation. If you feel the call of Art Medicine in your Soul, I invite you to connect with the community at the Art Medicine Festival and activate the powerful next steps on your journey.

When you join us for this online festival (via your home computer or mobile device), you can expect to: 

  • Connect into your personal relationship with the Divine, so you can return to the inner wisdom of your Wild, Creative Spirit.
  • Create the healing art that you want to express, right now.
  • Contribute creatively to the world during this transformative time, to attune you to your Golden Vision for the beautiful New Earth we are collectively co-creating.
  • Crystallize spiritual and creative practices into your daily routine, to strengthen your connection to your power, let go of patterns that no longer serve you and access creative freedom, play and your next level of creativity.
  • And so much more.
As an artist that supports other artists of the new paradigm, Alexis knows that when you walk hand and hand with the Divine the new creative frontiers that are needed during this powerful time of global transformation are revealed. 

I can’t wait to see you there. Join over 30 artists, healers and visionaries at the FREE Art Medicine Festival on December 11th-14th 2020. (All faiths and spiritual belief systems are celebrated and welcome!) 

Reserve your spot for The Art Medicine Festival here: 

Let’s come together to activate the creative power needed to usher in the New Earth. 

At this virtual online festival we get to be in community on the threshold of creative expansion and transformation.

Come and play!

In Creative Solidarity,


P.S. The Art Medicine Festival, hosted by Alexis Cohen, is an online event where artists and healers can come together, develop your skills, embrace creation, and become beacons of light. December 11th-14th (replays available if you can’t make it live).
Sign up here: Gift Yourself This Time To Be Creative. 

Mucho love + aloha..heart hugs infinitely expanding across the universe right to ya <3

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