When we meet at last

Visionaries come to me when they are ready to make a quantum leap in consciousness, when they are ready to accelerate expansion, magnetism and creative power in all aspects of life.

Simply put – more and more over the years I can see how the way we work together is largely about de-conditioning and unlearning all the ways of being that appear as seeming obstacles to being completely who you are, doing what you came here to do and feeling how you want to feel.

From this space of sovereignty, presence, aliveness and joy..all becomes possible.

Ease is the new norm. Abundance is a state of being one easily attunes into almost by default. No obstacle is insurmountable. You are fully resourced and capable of meeting all of your growing edges with grace and playfulness, seeing how every moment a gift of pure experience showing you a new dimension of yourself. What a fun game we get to play.

To guide and walk with a soul on this journey of embodied ascension is the highest honor – to be trusted to connect so intimately, uncovering, exploring and integrating the depths of one’s being is a profound gift.

I am so thankful to be on this path, willing and able to serve and support those who are ready to pioneer new paths forward into greater presence, authenticity, integrity and genius creativity.

What magic shall we weave, what dreams shall we birth, what visions shall we co-create?

Now is such a potent time for building the kind of foundation that will support you for the lifetimes ahead, birthing extraordinary potentials into actuality…of course what fulfills you most is naturally of service to all. I love witnessing the ways we support the whole harmonious puzzle of human-unity when we follow our joy..yes it can be that simple.

The 5D Visionary Council is coming in January 2021. More details will be revealed when its time – for now I can share: this is an intimate council of 20 who are devoted to launching and scaling their visionary business, healing practice, product and/or service to the world, in service to the New Earth that invites us forth into entirely new ways of being, exchanging, sharing and leading.

The council is a 5 month accelerator fusing expert business strategy and energetic architecture that guides you in creating a robust foundation for your vision, message, intentions and offerings plus support with integrating your unique, authentic genius and serving with integrity and complete presence.

There is 1:1 support throughout the council experience, plus numerous opportunities to collaborate, practice and support one another, which is perhaps the richest component of all. Part facilitator training, part leadership intensive, part energy mastery school, part intuitive activation and part business strategy immersion – the council gathers to pioneer a new template for how business (perhaps we develop a new word that feels more resonant with what we are creating) can feel and flow in the New Earth energies.

What does it feel like when…

Our livelihoods become reflections of our true genius..

We are completely expressed in our unique gifts and feel completely fulfilled and utilized giving in the ways we are designed to…

Our lives are filled with rich nourishing connection, deep support and constant reflection of soul family reminding us who we are and why we are here…

We awaken each day completely lit up, ready to serve, ready to play, excited about what the day might bring, knowing we are infinitely supported by all of life to birth our dreams into fruition..

We experience instant manifestation frequently and without even thinking about it because we are unattached and have no expectations other than a deep trust that life is always aligning to deliver us the perfect opportunities to grow and expand..our job is to enjoy the process and help another along the way.

Sound like fun? The future of business – or perhaps we call is play in the New Earth – is multidimensional, highly intuitive, easeful and full of genius creativity architecting new dimensions of experience we haven’t yet imagined in physicality…anchored by leaders committed to embodiment of their true selves, integration of all aspects of their being, and complete devotion to bringing their soul visions to life in the most beautiful, expansive ways.

We are attuning to super abundance.

We are attuning to superb presence.

We are attuning to quantum creation.

We are attuning to effortless, infinite receiving.

These are the new energetics upon us to integrate.

Ready to practice?

Let’s play.. xx Syd


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