My Favorite Maui Healers + Wizards

They say it takes a village – and its never been more true than now especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves and our energy so we can feel our best while showing up in our divine assignment..full power, full presence, more radiant than ever.

Since moving to Maui in December 2019, I’ve been blessed to come across some of the best healers and body-mind-spirit-soul wizard-alchemists I’ve ever encountered in all my adventures and travels across the world. Maui is such a psychic-telepathic Island, it feels at times that everyone here has super powers. Plus, the land itself is magic, quite likely hosting the highest proportion of masterful healers, guides and seers per capita of all other places on Earth.

Allow me to introduce you to the supernatural Heaven on Earth embodiment support team. It is an honor and privilege to know, create with and now connect you with the magnificent beings presented below. Some of them you can visit in-person here in Maui and some also offer ways to play online too in case you’re curious to explore.

 Remember: there is extraordinary support and nourishment available for us whenever we choose to receive it.

Lani Morris
Beauty by Nature 

Lani is my go-to girl for energy healing facials, bikini waxing and eyebrows/eyelash tinting. Her space is an absolute sanctuary and she’s even working on some special updates and new offerings coming soon and into 2021 including new spa treatments and events for retreats, bridal showers, groups and more.

Lani has over 20 years of experience in natural healing, natural and organic skin care, and holistic lifestyle practices. She has been a licensed Holistic Esthetician for 13 years on Maui. Her private practice, Beauty By Nature Maui, brings you a variety of different modalities, focusing on radiating your unique beauty from the inside out.

TJ Frank

TJ is an absolute wizard in every way – master healer, qi-gong instructor, one of the best acupuncturists I’ve ever worked with and a master shiatsu healer and teacher. I’ve seen him either weekly or bi-monthly since moving to Maui and his energetic support has been essential in my healing process.

TJ’s unique modality is called Bhaktiatsu which is a fusion of Zen Shiatsu (which TJ has been practicing for 18+ years) and Bhakti Yoga  which is devotional service to Spirit as taught by Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba. He has a beautiful healing space in Makawao and also occasionally can be found teaching Qi-Gong within local community events and retreats.

Kristopher Martin
Higher Brain Chiropractic

I was introduced to Kristopher through a dear friend and immediately felt called to book 10 sessions right away since I knew our work would be potent with consistent practice. Together we navigated some of the most profound energy healing, integration and clearing that I’ve ever experienced. I love his approach – its gentle and really focused on supporting the body in learning new ways of self-sourcing it’s own healing and resources.

Dr. Kristopher Martin is a Board Certified Chiropractor who has been bringing Network Spinal Analysis to thousands of people over the last 9 years. He is the only certified NSA practitioner serving the entire island of Maui. Higher Brain Chiropractic is a science-based, gentle-touch technique that creates a surge of energy to the pre-frontal cortex, also known as the higher brain.

Martha-Carole Cotten
IAM Maui – Institute of Awareness and Movement

I met Martha through TJ..and it was love at first sound healing. I love visiting Martha at her beautiful space she’s built on her magical land in Haiku where I enjoy a delightful infrared sauna, outdoor shower and then my favorite: sound healing with ancient, activating Tibetan Bowls, Reiki and perfectly attuned essential oils.

I AM, Maui is a supportive, compassionate, and integrity rich environment integrating the needs and interests of our community. I AM is a fully equipped GYROTONIC®GYROKINESIS®, Pilates, Rehabilitative Fitness, Water Rehabilitation, Specialized Breathwork, Yoga, Sound Healing, Reiki, Infrared Sauna, Meditation Classes, Aromatherapy Meditations, Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Plant Distillation Courses, Noni Education & Productions Center.

Jessica Montana
Acupuncture and Float Tank

I met Jess through another friend – the same one who introduced me to Kristopher actually – and immediately was attracted to her float tank since its the only one on Maui. I also loved doing an acupuncture session with her right before my 60 minute float..such a beautiful combo.

Sensory Deprivation Floating is the ultimate relaxation and self-exploration tool. Floating is an individual experience in your own private room. Once the tank door is closed it becomes light- and sound-proof, allowing a peaceful break from everyday life.

Ania Wood
Psychotherapy / NLP

I met Ania through my friends I was staying with when I first moved and it was love at first sight..her and her partner Harlan are such beautiful beings who have created their relationship in devotion to embodying Heaven on Earth, yes please! I’ve since received an incredible support session from Ania who really held expert space for me when I was going thru a dark night, processing some deep trauma healing and early childhood re-patterning.

Ania Ananda Wood, MA, M-NLP, brings a valuable mix of solid professional background and natural giftedness to her work in the intersection of trauma healing, therapy & coaching.  Ania married her beloved husband, Harlan, in 2015, and they are living examples of the possibility of a relationship with high levels of intimacy and connection between two highly creative independent spirits, while simultaneously embracing zero drama and easy harmony as the baseline.  She works with clients for weekly or one-off reprogramming sessions, either in person on Maui or over Zoom video calls. She also offers 2-day intensives for couples here on Maui’s North Shore.

Giuliano Geronymo
Wellness Coach, Shamanic Sound Healer + Visionary Artist

I was introduced to Giuliano through a friend and even in our first social media chats it was an immediate feeling of soul family reunion. We love playing at the beach and going on sacred site adventures plus Giuliano is one of the most gifted song birds and musicians I’ve ever witnessed. I’ll always remember him serenading us at sunset one evening at Secrets. So thankful for this bright star in my soul fam constellation. He has such a beautiful heart and I can’t wait to weave his gifts into retreats and more community events we will activate in Maui and beyond.

Giuliano is a Maui-based Wellness Extraordinaire, Shamanic Sound Healer, Visionary Artist and ocean lover who facilitates 1:1 sessions, community events and private retreats.

Giuliano is gifted at guiding others along their spiritual awakening by transforming stress into a magnificent opportunity for personal growth. Giuliano recognizes there is a “Sacred Order” in life and he supports you to learn how to align with it using specific practices designed to infuse this universal harmony into your day-to-day. By accessing this wisdom within you, you can navigate each moment with clarity, confidence and beyond!

You can dive deeper into Giuliano’s wonder-filled offerings, sacred art and more at

Molly Stiens
Maui’s Holistic Chiropractor

I found Molly when I first started exploring Maui’s new co-working space Above the Wave in Kahului – I noticed her beautiful spot right near the ATW entrance and immediately felt drawn in by the warmth and relaxation pouring through. I had a few sessions with her and each time I felt rejuvenated – adjusted – aligned and also like I had just had a great hang with a dear friend. Molly is highly intuitive and really listens to the body – and I love the she is skilled in cranial-sacral and also chiropractic for mom’s and babies – how cool! If you’re in need of an adjustment or just want to feel even better than you already do, I can’t recommend Molly enough – her energy, inspiration and love are contagious.

Living Adjusted FWC founder, Molly Stiens DC is a mediator in unleashing the healing power of the body, philanthropic and community building enthusiast and encourager of living a radically heart centered life.  Dr. Molly holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Kinesiology from Pittsburg State University & a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University. Additional certifications include the Webster technique, training with ICPA, in craniosacral work, as a birth Doula & with BIRTHFIT pregnancy & postpartum fitness instruction. It is Molly’s intention to assist each individual that lays on her table to discover the tools needed to support their own healing journey. In creating this practice, she envisioned a refuge for you and your family; that when you walk through the door you may quiet the mind and open the heart. Her prayer is that you will be reminded of the inherent power continually working within and around you.

Jasmine Judson
Founder of Afterglow Yoga and Creator of Shakti Rize

Jasmine is a profound channel, visionary guide, facilitator and leader. I am honored to be able to take her class a few times a week at the Shakti sanctuary known as Afterglow Yoga in Wailuku. I remember one of my first experiences of Jasmine was wondering what she was reading since her transmission during savasana was so beautiful and profound – until I realized she was purely channeling source. Jasmine is pure love and I am increasingly thankful for the potent example she holds of what we are all capable of creating when we commit to dreaming our wildest dreams awake.

Afterglow believes that yoga, movement, and meditation classes bring awareness to fundamental truths of the heart in each practitioner. Only by aligning ourselves with our personal integrity can we shine authentically. A place where everything you touch is an extension of you. Shining brightly and truthfully both on and off the mat gives others permission to do the same and encourages them to empower even more people along the way. This conscious act of community building is how we can change the world. One class at a time, one human at a time.

Amber Strasser
Bikram Maui, Founder + Owner

I’m so thankful for this lighthouse I discovered a few months into my Maui anchoring. I practiced Bikram for many years while living in NYC and felt the nudge to get back into it upon landing here – and the journey since getting back in has been so beautiful, mostly because of Amber’s amazing positivity and presence! I love taking class with her and I deeply appreciate her support and willingness to give queues and explore feedback and suggestions for optimizations based on your unique body..she’s the epitome of generosity and her community is such a reflection of her loving, warm spirit.

Amber was born in Germany and grew up in California. She has traveled extensively and lived in many locations and now happily resides on Maui. Amber began her Bikram yoga practice 21 years ago and has been teaching for 13 years. She also has owned a Bikram yoga studio in San Francisco for 11 years. She was introduced to Bikram yoga after the death of her brother and became a loyal and lifelong practitioner. Chronic fatigue syndrome forced her to reevaluate her previous career as a software implementation consultant traveling constantly for 7 years. The base of her teaching, as well as her practice, is more physical than philosophical. Emphasis is on teaching the yoga accurately to the medical benefits and let the yoga do its work for the health benefit of the students. She has been very fortunate to have had the example of many students and many teachers in developing her knowledge of the healing power of Bikram yoga. She believes teaching Bikram yoga is a contribution to world peace… when you feel good you do good.

Deborah and Pam
Maui Holistic Garden Center: Infrared Sauna and Colonics

I can’t even express how much I love this space – not to mention the best colonic I have ever had in my life. The first moment I arrived into the Maui Holistic Garden Center I was amazed at how beautiful the space felt, like I was walking into someone’s loving, comfy home – easily I settled in and got into an epic sauna and enjoyed the outdoor shower and a little bit of time to lounge before my colonic session. What I love about Deborah and Pam is how committed they are to colonics as a healing practice – it really is a spiritual healing technology and they approach it from such a holistic stance which feels amazing. From the day I first met Deborah I suggested she train as many practitioners in her approach as possible because she exemplifies the best service and treatment style of any practitioner I’ve ever encountered: holistic, comprehensive, spiritually-energetically-emotionally informed and deeply nourishing in every way.

Deborah’s passion and love for life shines through her work and play. She brought Maui Holistic Garden Center to life after 40+ years of going through her own healing journey. Deborah’s main passion with her center is to allow the love and healing to flow through her as she nurtures, pampers and cherishes her clients. At 55 years young Deborah has discovered how to live a youthful and vibrant life. She is ready to share her knowledge and passion with the world. Her joyful spirit is here to help all who want to regain their health and happiness! Deborah states, “I was born to help others who want to take RESPONSIBILITY for their well being.”

Cristina Solorio
Boxing and Personal Training

I found Cristina on Yelp when I was curious about exploring Boxing as a way to express some of the repressed anger and energy I was processing through a deep emotional healing journey earlier on in 2020. I also wanted to enlist support in taking care of my body and being accountable to a new workout regimen in addition to setting some fun personal health goals. From the moment we met I felt right at home – not to mention Cristina is from the Bay so we had an immediate rapport from both having grown up in SF. I can’t recommend her support enough – Cristina is a wonderful trainer, and having her support feels amazing!

Cristina is a personal trainer w/ over 23 yrs experience in Kihei, HI. Cater to all types of clients from beginner to advanced in a private setting. Her mission is to aid her clients in meeting their goals as well as making physical activity a more fun and constant part of their daily routine. Cristina trains out of her private home gym in Kihei, Hawaii as well as through the Grand Wailea and Westin Kaanapali Resorts. There is also the option for home visits, beach workouts and online sessions via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. All major credit cards are accepted.

Fern Medicine and Herbal Alchemy

Pohala (v) – to recover consciousness; to wake from stupor. PōHALA, to ascend.

I discovered Pohala through a friend’s recommendation and felt immediate resonance with this medicine which is highly energetic in nature. After working with the fern medicine and rose oils for weeks I felt a deep attunement with the spirits of the land and more connection with and embodiment of the wisdom of Maui that I was seeking more communion with.  I love Pohala’s founder’s presence on social media as well – such a profound example of truth and authenticity, healing and commitment to self-mastery. So beautiful to witness. My favorite: Rose Oil sourced from wild roses in Iao Valley. 

The potency of Fern Medicine has been considered kapu or “forbidden” until recently when, in 2013, on the 13th anniversary of tūtū’s hala, the kapu was lifted and all that was huna, or “secret,” can now be disclosed. Medicinal oils have been made using a 2 or 5 litre steam distiller, via maceration, enfleurage, solvent extraction, and in ceremony. Virtually all plant matter comes from the wilderness of Great Maui and Grandmother Kaua’i.  Each Fern or plant holds power in the houses of moon phases, and therefore their harvest and their distillation or extraction is performed on those sacred times.  Harmony with nature is key in our journey back into the Nucleus of the Great Spiral (Source).

Spice Prince
Herbal Alchemy and Natural Healing

I met Spice through a friend soon after arriving to Maui and realized quickly that he’s also connected with the crew over at Maui Holistic Garden Center – such a magical small web we weave 🙂 We had a great session upon first meeting in which he conducted an intuitive reading of my health and emotional state which then informed a customized protocol he developed from native plants and herbs that would support the integration I was going through in that particular moment of my evolution. I love Spice’s demeanor and the fact that he loves bow-hunting and being a wild-man while also he also holds true to the ancient healing technologies and wisdom of native elders that’s been passed down to him with great confidence and trust to steward and share.

Island Spice Hawaii founder, Maui herbalist and healer, Spice Prince quite literally possesses a lifetime of knowledge passed down from generations and now his mission is to share his healing and wellness secrets with all who are seeking a happy and “Dis-Ease” free life style. The Island Spice Hawaii philosophy is simple: A healthy body & peaceful mind, makes us wealthy & kind.

Lauren DuBois
Massage, Yoga & Wellness

Lauren’s love of the human body inspired her to study the many ways we can live a healthy vibrant lifestyle at an early age.  She continues to expand her to studies into the many ways we can live a healthy vibrant lifestyle. Lauren believes that through regular wellness practices we can create authentic harmony in our body, mind, heart, and spirt; living a healthy & sustainable life.

Lauren first began to study holistic health in 2000 at Heartwood Institute and since then she has received over 2,000 hours of massage certifications in modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, lomi lomi, nmt, myo-facsial release, cranial sacral, acupressure, shiatsu, Thai massage, and Reiki.

Her devotion continued to spiral up in 2006 as she completed her first Hatha yoga teacher training on the big island of Hawaii. Lauren has since completed an Anusara training in 2010 and AcroYoga teacher training in 2013 – further strengthening her devotion, love and excitement for the many ways yoga can enhance life. She has taught at many retreats, festivals, and workshops throughout California, Oregon, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Lauren currently lives in Maui Hawaii, where she is an active massage therapist, yoga and acroyoga teacher. When off the mat and away from her massage table she spends her time hiking, dancing, creating art, working with kids and enjoying life.

Lauren feels that anyone can ‘do’ yoga and that yoga is a tool for optimal health. No matter where we are in our lives there is the always an opportunity to open and grow, through conscious breath, balanced action, courage and a healthy imagination anything is possible.

April Pfender
Sound Alchemy – Crystal Bowls + Gong Bath + Quantum Resonance Healing Bed 

April Pfender is a Reiki Master teacher (RMT), author, intuitive channel, sound alchemist and meditation guide practicing for over a decade. She is the founder of Golden Light Alchemy, focusing on ascension best practices through various modalities.  April is passionate about guiding others to embrace their own multidimensionality through activational work and believes in the power of sound to transform and alchemize frequencies for healing.

Bruno Zalum
Katonah Yoga & Nidra

Bruno Zalum is an interdisciplinary designer and yoga teacher bridging the gap between spiritual traditions through his practical and modern approach to self-realization. Rather than following a certain lineage, his teachings are a synthesis of different systems and follow universal principles found in nature, geometry, math and myth. His practice is both functional and mystical and is informed by Katonah Yoga — a Taoist exploration of body, breath and mind — as well as Chinese medical theory, transpersonal psychology and the magic of conscious sleep through Yoga Nidra.

Prema Love
Devotional Kirtan Singing Circle

Prema Love is an internationally touring and recording artist, multi instrumentalist, and voice alchemist based in Maui Hawaii. She has performed at Agape International, Bhakti & Shakti Fest, Bali Spirit fest and she has sung for spiritual teachers Amma the hugging Saint, Ram Dass and 3 Divine Mother saints of India.



Barbara Liniger

Barbara’s philosophy is to support patients to overcome physical, emotional and spiritual challenges and to help them to rediscover their health with an intuitive approach. Her intention is to customize each session to meet the individual needs and goals of the patient and to initiate significant and long lasting healing effects which will help the patient  to increase their performance and stay physically and energetically balanced. Her philosophy is on mindful listening to what the patient’s body has to tell and to find the best possible therapeutic approach to release tension, restrictions and imbalances which can develop from traumas, injuries and dysfunctions. Her goal is to create a space for change and healing and to discover the resources for future physical and spiritual improvements.

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