Your purpose is to receive (and revel in) your absolute presence

aloha dear one. how are you being today? wow i am feeling such expansion, lightness, love..unconditional love that is..beholding the beauty and grace and abundance that’s here..all around, especially within. feeling into new depths of this present moment experience of being alive.

do you tune into yourself with this level of reverence? i feel a new access is here for us to explore..a new level of experiencing and drinking in our own presence, our own depth..our own divinity.

we are such astounding, miraculous, beautiful, complex, magical beings.

we are living miracles.

we are the keys.

we are the access.

we are portals <3

I made a fun video this weekend and shared with a lot of friends and students..connected in whats app of course instead of sharing to social media..enjoying more intimate sharing and playing instead of always on the scroll-exploration of the outer world matrixes which sometimes can still feel very heavy and in opposition to the energy i prefer to engage in and amplify.

working with a pretty epic team of humans on developing a new social media platform i sense will be pretty big-awesome-an anecdote to what we currently have on offer..

time to play in a new field where we exchange in new ways, where we practice remembering together the ways of being that feel better for us to live into..where we honor each other and ourselves and use the kinds of lexicons that actually represent the energies we are now called to anchor into earth..beyond separation and duality..pure unity babyyyy are you ready?

feeling it all..unfolding..its already been done, we’ve experienced this before: can we simply catch it as it lands?

Cleaning house – mind – body – spirit – soul has been more fun than usual lately..allowing so much spaciousness, clarity, emerge.

Clearing out all the old, simplifying, purifying, making – allowing space for more of whats aligned – resonant to simply arrive and appear.
It’s already been here all along..nothing to find or seek or even remember..its already here waiting for you to receive when you finally expand out of the self-created distractions and distortions keeping you playing in the same loop-game-thought-way of being that is familiar but can’t hold you back any longer.
Time to expand, time to use the keys you’ve always had to unlock the new potentials your soul is calling you into live-breathe-embody.
All the way. No half-assing allowed, can’t even imagine pretending to get away with it.
Integrity full on or nothing at all. And we don’t even have the choice anymore to play any other game than full authenticity, honesty, transparency.
Everyone’s waking up now to the sometimes big sometimes small ways you’re out of integrity…mostly with yourself of course, which is always reflected into your entire life, all relations, all modes of being.
Can’t do it just for the money, just for the attention, just for the validation, just to feel anything other than who you really are..
What are you here for then? What do you stand for?
How are you choosing to orient in your chosen reality?
Are you directing your own movie, your greatest show, the most extraordinary game designed just for you?
Or still taking direction from someone – something outside..because its so familiar and comforting even to do so?
It is so confronting to be gifted with this much power. To remember the capacity you innately hold to create whatever it is you believe yourself deserving of experiencing..
Listen to the maybe soft yet still singing voice emerging from in your heart-soul-spirit, urging you to step outside the box or many boxes you’re suddenly realizing you’ve encapsulated yourself in..
There’s something bigger here..a great game to play, a new choice to make, a new path to step into. It’s not fear you feel, only anticipation and the sweet sultry tension of expanding into more of your own divine presence.
Feeling yourself fully arrive here and feels so good to feel you all the way here. It feels so good to feel the world around you in such depth. It tastes so beautiful to experience this aliveness.
Your presence is the greatest gift meant just for you to receive, deeper and deeper without end.
From this connection, what do you choose to experience and create? What are you birthing into being? What is calling your soul to sing its unique song..the one only you can fully render into being?
You have the are the key, you are the access point..into the infinite. Remembering itself. Simply for the experience. Simply for the contrast. Simply for the opportunities to create itself anew, in every moment. What a divine theater indeed.
Remember we are here for fun. For play. For full aliveness. For unforetold beauty..and infinite expansion.
Building the capacity in this body to hold, radiate, express, transmit it all.
What a moment to be, here. <3
Feeling it all.
Grateful to welcome new facilitators into our final Akashic Facilitator Training of 2020 starting October 15th into December and beyond..preparing for the greatest journey of our lives.
2021..the golden age is here.
Our container is a portal for seers, guides, way-makers, healers, visionary leaders and multidimensional light houses to gather and anchor Heaven on Earth through our cells, bodies, consciousness and into and all over the Earth. We remember.
It is a sacred call into embodied leadership. It is an initiation into receiving your own keys to all the libraries and Records you are uniquely designed to access and transmit, to re-member and embody all the lifetimes and wisdom you have come here in this era to explore, celebrate and guide others into.
It is an honor to walk this path with you. It is an honor to remember with you. Forever humbled by the gifts-opening-expansion-awakening available to us on this path.
Forever grateful for the cosmic soul family reunion…its time.
I look forward to playing with you and celebrating the tail end of the most epic year in our collective history to date…what magic will we make? <3

Would love love love to share this sacred space with you if you’re called to take the leap together into a new dimension of being..expanding beyond what you’ve ever imagine being possible for you, stepping into the leadership and presence you know you’re built for, remembering all the lifetimes of wisdom you carry in your being..building a new operating system through which to transmit your medicine.

Let’s play. Just so you know..our training starts 10/15 with our opening circle call but really we begin as soon as you’d like..even now..with a 1:1 attunement/session and starting you on our course preparations and energetic protocol. Building the field together, anchoring in the high frequency energy we know we feel so at home in..bringing it down into the Earth plane to experience more of Heaven in this now.

Yes…dreaming it real. Here and now. What a fun game.

Also open to receiving 1 or 2 new client collaborators who are rebirthing themselves into authentic, full integrity, visionary leaders…fusing energy mastery, quantum healing and practical visionary business strategy to birth what’s meant to come through you now and over the next few weeks and months..awakening your multidimensional embodiment, opening up your new gifts coming online, stepping into a new iteration of your service and calling, innovating your entire life and the architecture of your operating systems..into what feels best, what feels true, what is meant for you, now.

Feel free to schedule a call here to explore.

Loving you all. Honored to be with you.

What an epic moment to exist. And watch..all that is unfolding.

xx Syd

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