Embodied Ascension

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aloha beloved one..

how are you being today? in this now..we are receiving so much, aren’t we? i’ve lost an interest in trying to convey all that’s being experienced..much rather prefer connecting soul to soul, heart to heart…in this field we are weaving. acknowledging the subtle ways we play and connect beyond words, emails, social posts. i love playing with you telepathically..in dream time, in the spirit realms where we feel so at home, so ourselves.

i am grateful to be connected with you. i am grateful to be connected with my beautiful students, clients and soul family – where we meet in such depth, in such presence, in expansion, as our true selves.

i am celebrating graduating 5 new akashic facilitators this week..such extraordinary light beings. they are embodying completely new ways of being and living and flying through life. they have upgraded in astounding ways..it is an honor to witness and behold. i am most grateful for this container in showing me what is possible through this work and that somehow ive been gifted a particular transmission of course work and guidance that in this 9 week alchemical process seems to repeatedly have the impact of radically allowing participants to deeply awaken into their truth, into their hearts, into their quantum healing capacity and so much more.

infinite gifts continue to be revealed from this experience and it is the highest honor to be a part of stewarding these energies into earth at this time.

i am celebrating receiving a bunch of rejections from big publishers i was very attached to working with on my book deal i’ve been talking about for over a year now…what a fun journey indeed.

i now have a choice point to recalibrate the entire direction – to what is authentic now, not what was true a year or even 3 months ago.

there is a new vision birthing.
there is a stretch being invited.
leaping off a new cliff into what feels truly expansive and challenging and real…
what is authentic to who you are now is different from what you felt yesterday.
can we let go of what we thought was meant for us then and open to receiving what is divinely designed for us to receive here and now.
its already here.
everything we need to move into the next phase, the new paradigm, the new era..its already here when we detach from the old and allow ourselves to see, trust, feel and remember what we’ve always wanted all along..
and here it is, already waiting for us to notice 🙂

the message emerging now isn’t about an 8 step recovery program to awaken your higher self..no..its something deeper, fusing the akashic records, multidimensional awakening, energy mastery and soul purpose embodiment..a pathway to embodied ascension.

there is so much i have lived in this short life wanting to come out in a way ive never shared before.
there is so much experience from other lifetimes wanting to come through in this message i have never shared before.
there has been so much preparation this year and all the years prior to ready to body mind and spirit to transmit this energy.
we are always the only ones we are waiting for, aren’t we?
to give ourselves full permission to take the leap, take the step in the direction we know our heart is called to expand into.
no more waiting for an external entity to set the goal, give you permission, map out the path first..no..
this path unfolding is yours to chart and yours alone.
you must sense what direction and what moment feel right for you to align with.
there is a deep sensing-feeling-knowing-remembering that you are called forth into now.
focus on the body.
it has all your answers.
and as you heal the body you will see the mind easily reorients to becoming a tool you can utilize to create with..in new ways..that feel more easeful, fun and full of grace.
whats life like when we allow our feelings and our hearts to manifest in the quantum field whatever we are imagining would feel beautiful?
just because..
it is who we are..
to experience beauty – love – wisdom – embodiment.
as these infinite souls experiencing humanity through source as itself for itself reflecting back into our beings – our consciousness – our calls – our collective magnificence.

that is all. i am on the path of deep remembering. embodying this soul. harvesting my hearts truth. attempting to give words to the process and lessons unfolding. attempting to unearth my own language, not the ones ive learned from others. the language of the heart. the one that only knows truth and what is real. that knows no strategy or pretending. that has nothing to hide or attempt. that simply is.

thank you for sharing your presence and attention, i appreciate you and am infinitely grateful for the interplay we share in this moment of ascension..awakening..remembering. it is an honor to dance with you.

wishing you potent full moon blessings of healing, integration, remembering, opening..

what seeds are you harvesting from months past?

what dreams are revealing themselves to you now?

what are you committed to creating?

what is the leap you are preparing to take into your new path?

move with grace <3 you are supported. you are held. you are loved. remember you cannot possibly fail. every challenge that appears is simply here to teach you something you wanted to know about yourself. so meet it like that: what am i learning, how is this moment a gift? thank you for the understanding. i remember now.

i am here to support in any way I can dear. I am loving the sessions shared lately..very potent energetic healing is here for us to play in when we decide to activate a shared field with healing intentions. i am grateful for new beings coming into my field seeking mentorship support in birthing their soul visions into being – authentically, as themselves, with ease, in their own rhythm.

i am grateful for the opportunities to support two visionary organizations now in building their infrastructure and designing systems that support coherence and unity and optimal innovative potential…

i know this book will come when it is time. i know there are lessons integrating i get to spend time with before the new direction becomes clear. i anticipate a fruitful exploration underway this week as we play in this full moon’s dynamic magic.

Friday I am hosting a more informal support call (Birth Your Book into Being) for those of you interested in writing or publishing a book..at first i thought of this immediately as a more formal container I wanted to present a training for..etc..and what is actually here revealing itself is a chance to connect and provide 1:1 support to those of you in the process of writing/seeking publishing or wanting to know more about the book process in general. Sign up to join us this Friday here.

Next up…

I am honored to be co-creating with such extraordinary leaders-creators-feminine activators in the Integrated Feminine Symposium coming up soon on September 10-14, 2021

We will enjoy live Interactive Workshops from over 60 World Class Presenters for 5 days also offering an 8 Week online course that will support you for a lifetime plus deep connection with global community in our FB portal…

Grateful to be teaching on Awakening Your Psychic Gifts.

Register to join us.


Loving you family.


Thank you for being. I look forward to co-creating, connecting, sharing, reflecting with you in whatever ways feel good..let’s nourish our beings, let’s love ourselves more deeply than ever, let’s support eachother in re-membering how good it feels to be alive.

let’s play <3

xx Syd

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