Birth Your Book Into Being

So many amazing beings in my field right now are asking me for guidance on how to write a book, get it published and so on..

I have a lot to share on the process AND I also have a desire to round up experts to answer other questions to support us all in the process (re: finding an agent, traditional publishing vs. self, proposal writing, etc.)..

So, Birthing Your Book Into Being (4-5 week support container-journey with masterclasses, guest experts, 1:1 support + group play) is percolating for an October-November start date as far as I am sensing now.

For now I am offering an immersion next week to cover the basics + to dedicate some focused time to answering your immediate questions about the process.

Sep 4, 2020 12:00 – 2:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)



An immersion designed to share a simple context of the book writing – publishing process, largely focused on answering your key questions and supporting you in your process, no matter what stage you’re in (ideation to proposal to agents to publishing).

Flow Of Experience:

– Opening Meditation / Coherence – connecting to your vision

– Presentation on the book writing to publishing process, key points to consider when beginning or throughout your process

– Working with an agent

– Publishing – big house vs. self-publishing

– Q+A and 1:1 support

Please share with anyone you feel this immersion could support.

So many are birthing extraordinary visions + boundless creativity, nothing like a quarantine to finally give you permission to slow down and see what naturally wants to flow through you.

Especially lightworkers-visionaries-leaders who know you are called to come out of the closet, share your healing journey + offer support as an example to those just waking up or a few steps behind you on the path…it’s time <3

See you soon <3

x Syd

Author of “The Empath Experience: What to Do When You Feel Everything” (Simon + Schuster 2018); in publisher match process with “The Consciousness Code: 8 Steps to Awaken Your Higher Self” due out Summer 2021.

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