Waking Up From The Deep (State) Sleep

Powerful reminder to question everything, keep an open mind (and more so an open heart) and tune into your own truth and what feels right for you no matter what, especially amidst all the chaos and seemingly opposing insecure interests vying for your attention-validation and siphoning your energy.

I wonder how much history we’ve been taught in school is actually true. Maybe all of it can be completely questioned as fact although it was always taught to us as such.

How do we define history anyway? It’s only written in the voice of the victor, to support the mainstream narrative which of course supports those in power to stay in power and so on.

In political economy we call this hegemony of the elite. Controlling the narrative, the story of the collective, is how tribe mentality, and the subsequent droves of sheep-ple become endlessly dependent on outside influences to dictate all facets of reality.

And those in power stay in power, generation after generation continuing the cycle of oppression, slavery, disempowerment and growing inequality.

Can you feel the bubble bursting?

We are at a thresh-hold indeed.

I love this woman’s take on how we each have an important part to play in the massive awakening out of the deep sleep thats accelerating before our eyes.

Thanks Jason Estes for sharing this video. I am loving witnessing more and more people “coming to” out of their trance and finally starting to see how so much of the reality they once believed in without question is falling apart only to give way to so many new potentials and pathways.

Ever since I was a little kid I always thought I would be president of the US, and even until college I had a calling to go into politics..which led me in to PR which is really the greatest political game of all 🙂

Watching videos like this and seeing so many politicians and leaders coming out speaking authentic truth and breaking down veils left and right is inspiring me to get more civically active. Just registered to vote in the primaries as a Hawaii resident, reading into our local government situation and educating myself more about various measures on the table.

Reminds me of what we used to say in AA: “it works if you work it, so work it, and live it.”

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