Receive Your Initiation

Now is the moment to go all the way in and face what’s here to be met, uprooted and alchemized once and for all.

There is immense completion available to us right now regarding deeply conditioned patterns and ways of being we’ve had for lifetimes that have certainly informed our whole reality up until this moment.

What’s especially highlighted are ways in which we make our sense of value and worth conditional upon externals, productivity, doing in general and anything else outside of us.

We are the ones that determine our value. No one else has that power unless we are at some level consciously or unconsciously giving it to them.

We each have a unique journey when it comes to this moment of truth- but perhaps it can be this simple: make the conscious choice to commit to a new way of being.

Take your initiation that’s here staring you in the face just waiting for you to finally choose yourself.

You don’t have so much to do or process or heal or work on before you can choose to chart a new path forward.

This has come up in many moments (sessions and readings this week especially): do your own ceremony with yourself preferably in nature and burn away all that you are leaving behind in the old reality-paradigm you are evolving out of at the speed of light.

Write the old beliefs and energies and behaviors down. Feel the feels that come up in the process – anger, resentment, fear and anxiety are very amplified in this process.

Feel them arise in your bones and see how they are simply conditioned responses stemming from a lifetime of thinking you have to protect yourself and control life in order to simply feel safe.

Underlying all of that programming realize how you’ve never been more safe than in this moment.

Your new nervous system is birthing – your divine blue print which knows only peace, presence and infinite power.

You are ready to cultivate yourself anew. You are ready to let go.

Once this process is complete burn the writing and energies away in the sacred fire real or imagined and picture yourself being baptized in a celestial golden light attuning your DNA to its divine inheritance: peace + prosperity beyond your wildest dreams❤️

Choose your path + BE it.

If you’re called to receive multidimensional strategic support in your embodiment journey, I am here and honored to play in the moment we are meant to co-create. 🔑

Xx Syd


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