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happy aloha friday as we say here in Maui my love…

Just dropping in to share a quick revelation.

First, whats been coming up again and again in is a time to really receive + restore..don’t make any big decisions till after the 15th especially as things will be more clear then.

There’s some anxiety or rather impatience in the air, yes indeed – but can you relate to it from a higher perspective thats actually wanting you to train yourself to not identify so much with externals as a way to validate your happiness-safety-groundedness-contentment in the present now moment?

I’m right here with you, practicing.

Can I be honest with you? I have something processing right now that feels confusing at times..I shared a bit about it although perhaps not very eloquently in a Live the other day here in case you wanna explore..

Still shedding layers of the trauma I endured and frankly invited in to learn from over the years investing thousands in my development and working with “high ticket coaches” that I can see now I gave all my power to and was complicit in playing out some very intense codependent dynamics and abandonment trauma.

Maybe if you’ve listened to some of the latest on Visionary Souls (with Alex Kemp for example and some more to come) you’ve tuned into some of what I’ve been digesting.

Thank you first off for reading and sharing your presence, I don’t take your attention for granted and I’m sorry if its ever felt really grabby in here like I’ve been wanting things from you and that I’m just writing to sell you stuff or there’s some other agenda at play..

My agenda if I have one at all is to be of service.

I feel like I have taken so much over the years especially as I’ve chosen such contrasting lessons to teach me discernment into greater sovereignty and empowerment..its been tough though, literally 2+ years healing from one of my high ticket coaching containers where I really hit a rock bottom wondering if any supposed results I had created during that time were even mine or if I could even create anything – especially regarding wealth or success – without doing it in the ways I had paid someone ridiculous amounts of money to “teach me.”

So much is unraveling. Still seeing where I’ve put myself on a pedestal, coming down is awkward and painful when I realize I’m still posturing myself as better than or needing attention or validation to feel credible or worthy..playing into the old codependent games with those I am actually destined to guide and support and be a clear mirror for.

I see the future and its one in which I am teaching for free or by love donation because I am financially free and no longer requiring others to support me to meet my needs.

There’s something thats always felt off about that when I really feel it – depending on people to pay me to do what I naturally always want to do anyway – its who I am: a healer, guide, transformation agent. I can’t help it.

But it feels strange to just BE this and then costs this much to receive, This is a priceless exchange we share and trying to put a dollar sign to it has always come with some confusion or least more questions.

Is anyone else having these kinds of inquiries come up right now?

I’ve going into this in various ways over the years, offering donation based workshops and events and making what I used to sell as products even donation based..I’ve run a lot of experiments.

I suppose we have money right now because we are meant to come into greater mastery of particular lessons around our own value and worth – money is here of course by contrast to teach us more about our infinite priceless value and to guide us into emotional sovereignty around external pulls we’ve likely been conditioned to source far too much meaning and perhaps entire identities from.

I am reconditioning so much old programming of the money system and how I’ve allowed interference to run in the way of my genuine desire to be of soul service to those who I might be able to help.
So I’m trying something new to see how it feels..its a 1:1 soul support – strategy session for one hour in which we tune in via Zoom (you have the recording as well to support you later on) to share intuitive healing, psychic guidance, biz strategy and whatever else I might be able to support you with on your path in alignment with your desires + intentions.
Can’t help but always follow up any session I do with protocols, resources, tools and practices to assist you.

If you feel the call to explore + expand + upgrade with my support, here’s your in.

If anything else I am sharing and working through resonates I’d love to hear how you’re being with it and growing through these shifts we are all inevitably called to dance through..

The grand transition period we are pioneering indeed.

I have 3 spots for 1:1 mentorship too.

To be completely up front in case you still think I am charging exorbitant amounts of money for coaching I am no longer doing that – no, my way I’ve found to be far more authentic and fun and loving is to co-create a container with YOU based on your intentions and the energetic exchange that feels most aligned..trusting that if we are meant to meet and do our sacred soul work together as we usually are in every case (it is a soul family reunion when we finally meet) then everything works out and everyones needs are met. Trust is the key.

I feel pretty humbled right now by how much of my past I feel is coming up to be cleaned up and brought into the light..clearing so many timelines to open up spaciousness to receive what’s next.

And at the same time everything is pretty awesome when I zoom out and there’s nothing but goodness and expansion and more magic on the’s only all gonna get better, I know this..I promise US.

Going offline for a few days to integrate and recalibrate after a big healing week. I trust you’re doing the same 🙂

Excited to hold space for a new crew of cosmic allies who are called to dive deep with me in an expansive support container or even in 1:1 sessions.

Thanks for listening..eager to hear how you’re moving through everything too <3

xx Syd


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