Whatever is in the way is THE way

Remember, there’s nothing actually in your way except perceived obstacles that are really lessons situated in your path that are here to help you re-orient to a clear focus. There are no blocks in your way, remember that.

There’s just moments on the path that are there to help you refocus and realign, usually through the experience of contrast but nothing’s in your way. Nothing’s in the way of you progressing, expanding and evolving forward except your perceived notions of what you’re empowering to be true rather than what you are choosing to create and act upon instead.

Are you willing to let those false aspects of yourself go so more of who you are already and what is meant for you to receive can naturally arise?

It’s been a rough couple days integrating a lot of updates to the physical and energetic bodies. Tapping, shaking, breathwork, sleeping in, hydrating a ton, and sometimes just laying down to receive all the incoming transmissions ~ listening deeply to what the body is requesting for support and following suit is what’s required right now.

And going forward this is the norm. Can no longer prioritize what you think you should be doing or what your schedule dictates.

Listening to each moments desire and what it’s inviting you to expand into..can we be flexible now more than ever with ourselves and with each other as we are evolving at the speed of light?

Big shadows still here to work with too. One of my big core wounds is around fear of not existing and it stems from past lifetimes in which I didn’t want to be fully embodied or even incarnate.

Lots to unpack and yet I’m willing to face it even if resistance is here too – that’s how we know we are on track and tending to what’s required.

Go into the resistance and trust there’s so much gold to harvest. Freedom. Liberation. More love. More of who you really are.

I’m here to support you in all the ways if you’re ready to receive your initiation into your full power, presence, potency and alignment.

We quantum leap into new dimensions and desirable realities the moment we choose to + it’s so much more fun to do together

I have 3 spots for 1:1 visionary mentorship open now – our sacred container can entail 5D business strategy, energetic optimization, vision embodiment, soul purpose alignment, akashic records attunement and guidance, dna activation and whatever else our souls desire to co-create in this moment..how shall we play?

xx Syd

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