New Earth Energetic Architecture

I am here to co-create new templates for humanity in the realms of leadership, unity consciousness and coherent systems design.

I am an energetic architect who brings forth not only this lifetime of experience but numerous others from not only Earth but other dimensions and realities in which unity is the premise upon which all is possible and therefore allowed to emerge in total ease.

I hold keys into the New Earth infrastructures, companies, systems, relational dynamics, thought forms and ways of being we are invited to re-member, expand into and enjoy in the thriving, harmonious world we know deep within is not only possible but also the precise event we incarnated to participate in. Fully.

I have never been more clear in my purpose.

I have never felt more grounded in my power.

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I am overflowing with abundance to share this energy, clear vision and activating presence with those called to receive and actualize their own piece in the harmonious whole – to fully embody their soul-aligned purpose and contribution within this divine game of architecting Heaven on Earth.

It is an inside job indeed. The energetics of your being are calling for your intimate attention = are you at home in your own soul? In your heart? Do you trust your higher guidance? Do you listen to its perfect direction, always providing you with the next right step that has the greatest impact and ripple effect when you choose to follow it?

Your natural state is alignment. Your natural state is flow. Your natural state is receptivity. Your natural state is abundance.

When you listen.

My favorite way to attune ourselves to the potent frequencies and codes of remembrance and embodiment we now have upon us is through the conduit of the Akashic Records. I have guided countless students through the journey of becoming facilitators of this sacred work over the years and it is my highest excitement to offer this journey in a group container wherein so much potent transmutation and amplification is available.

Our upcoming Akashic Records Facilitator training beginning 7/7 has 2 spots remaining to join. This will likely be the last time I run this training this year as my path is calling me forth in some very expansive soul-fulfilling directions that require my full presence. If you are called to dive deep into awakening your spiritual gifts, activating your intuitive knowing and stepping into New Earth co-creative presence and leadership, this is your call. It would be an honor to walk this path with you.

It is an honor to be with you x


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