Expanding Your Heart

aloha dear one. we are getting blasted today with big heart opening energy. you may require more rest and support in the next few days. everything clears up July 1st or so. don’t feel the urgency to make any rash decisions right now. now is the time for deep listening and allowing. rest and receive. relax and feel yourself fully. do what is needed to support you at this time.

what is the way in which you love to receive love? do that for yourself. in more moments than not.

i wrote this last night after buzzing with the heart energy esp. activated after receiving a powerful 1:1 sound healing/energy healing session with a magic fairy witch sister here in maui..calling in the support of our druid-wizard-maui guardian spirits-ascended master-angel guides and more..quite a party, feeling deep uprooting still unfolding. releasing fear from my cells at deeper levels than ever. purging it all out…all illusion must fall away for it is urgent now more than ever that the soul come into its full expansion and embodiment.

Are you listening? Cultivating your inner trust and receptivity of the wisdom you carry is a revolutionary way of being.

You become the medicine healing all chaos and confusion. You become the anecdote to disempowerment and illusion. You are an oracle and soon you see that all of life is reflecting back to you similarly the oracles present in every moment always guiding you in accordance with your highest good.

We are designed as conduits for divine direction. Its comical to pretend to masquerade as anything else.

We are antennae for divinity radiating thru our cells the heavenly frequencies we are now anchoring and actualizing into life beyond our wildest dreams – journeying deeper into our hearts perfect presence.

It is radical to choose to honor your truth. It is a radical revolutionary act to share your truth and to even be a clear presence in which others may immediately feel and access and remember their truth.

My favorite way to play with fellow new earth visionary pioneers is in the multidimensional playground of the akashic records – the known field housing all history beyond all time spaces and dimensions of all that was is and ever will be. Here we remember and meet our infinite beings.

Here we see what capacity we truly have to create the reality we most deeply desire experiencing. Here we recall our essence and innate wisdom – attuning ourselves to expansive power, presence, magnetism and ease.

Trusting and sharing your truth is vulnerable and confronting at first – you must unlearn so many ways of being and thinking and yet this de-conditioning will happen surprisingly fast as you intentionally enter into the quantum field completely open to receiving all the healing love and guidance that is always here for you, in fact meant for you to receive.

It is thru guiding and giving this gift of truth and pure presence to another that you receive the same impact ten fold within yourself.

There is no greater gift than meeting another as your complete authentic presence and then together in unison opening to receive illumination and liberation as you remember who you are and why you are here. We are such beautiful mirrors.

Thank you for being.

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