Empowering Your Inner Empath + Highest Self

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Business Advisor and Best-Selling Author with her book The Empath Experience. Sydney offers guidance to all who are called to live consciously and fulfill their soul purpose with playfulness, authenticity and mastery.

Join the light and uplifting conversation with host and Momentom Cofounder, John Early, as they seek to define what an ‘empath’ is, how to engage in multi-dimensional healing and what you tell someone who is intimidated by their own highest self.
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Topic Timestamps: How do you define an empath? – 4:20 Can anyone be an empath? – 6:00 Are we all too sensitive…or not sensitive enough? – 9:05 What the New Earth feels like – 22:10 What you tell someone who is intimidated by their highest self – 30:30 The effects and empowerment of going sober – 41:10 Do psychedelics help tap the empathic experience? – 48:30 Can we label energy as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’? – 56:02 Simple ways to practice energetic hygiene – 1:03:00 *Sydney leads a meditation to expand into your energy body – 1:07:15
[Recorded live May 25, 2020]

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