Innovating through Co-Creation

Amplifying abundance, healing + new forms of collaboration through co-creative containers. How are we called to innovate what’s typically expected in programs and offers..what’s authentic, what feels expansive, what feels true?

One of my former clients invited me to facilitate 1:1 Intuitive Soul Sessions with her new 1:1 coaching clients as part of her new program..which feels so good!! This inspires me to offer the same co-creation with other coaches and facilitators who would love to gift their clients the experience of an Akashic Records healing transmission..really an experience of remembering who you are and why you are here. What a fun way to begin.
It truly is my favorite way to play and it feels so fun to offer it in this capacity – to enrich the containers already being held in so many dynamic, powerful ways with a different perspective – new flavor of healing. You can learn more about the offering below and if it feels fun to collaborate, send me a note or better yet – book a session for yourself to see what it’s all about and perhaps even a new offering or co-creation for us will emerge (as is usually the case).
I am called to offer this work to visionaries who sense the future timelines they are here to create and anchor – sometimes they are thousands of years and yet the seeds you are here now to plant in this lifetime are so needed for that long haul vision unfolding..part of my genius is to help you map out the energetics of whats required now to be in full integrity with the potentials you are called to embody and steward.
I also love supporting visionaries in coming more fully online with their own intuitive mastery and genius – playing in the subtle realms of consciousness and creativity that especially now are becoming more amplified than ever…new dimensions of our awareness are waking up, calling you forth to remember how being supernatural is actually quite normal, quite familiar.
Remembering your innate multidimensionality and innate superpowers sourced from across and beyond time and space..I am learning new ways of articulating the energetic architecture I am designed to support and the ways in which I am most fulfilled in co-creating with you..when our genius shines together because we are being and BEAMING precisely who are meant to be in each moment.
This is my favorite exploration..mmmm feels like home.
Celebrating guiding 9 glorious souls through our Akashic Records facilitation training that we’re just about half-way completed with..and yet its also been lifetimes within so many lifetimes since we begun. This group is phenomenal and the experience has been so expansive, healing, awakening and FUN..I am called to offer a second round in July for those called to join and pioneer new dimensions of co-creative leadership and facilitation, multidimensional healing, intuitive mastery and embodiment of our true selves.
I love practicing, growing and expanding with you <3
Training starts 7/7 (but begins as soon as you enroll with a 1:1 session which usually gives a protocol and plenty of insight to get started on your path with):
Copy of Copy of Copy of 2020 Akashic Facilitator Training

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