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Aloha sweet soul …

Welcome to May. Feels like another super charged month – which feels funny to say at this point because in our ascension everyday brings a new expression of potency and new energy to work with, doesn’t it? As we fall out of time and into pure presence..we can’t even describe (logically or with words that is) what we’re really experiencing which is calling us deeper into feeling and sensing and pure being.

I feel like I called this quarantine time in, do you too? Like all of us maybe, I needed a break. I needed a rest, a major reset, a huge re-evaluation period to shed a lot of skin…to reveal the truth underneath..to reveal what wants to be lived into instead of all the heaviness that I was carrying like an invisible backpack I wasn’t even aware of until I finally let it go.

I’m loving being off social media too – I can only imagine how chaotic that space must feel right now 🙂 Sometime I’ll return perhaps – who knows – but for now its an important energetic recalibration for me to be off there completely while I get into a really centered, healthy space from which all interactions and sharing come from true essence without any agenda, codependencies or otherwise murky energy.

For now it feels good to share here, intimately and directly with more clear intention to exchange..you know?

How are you navigating this month so far? What’s present for you?

Its an opening for more self-reflection and introspection..maybe deeper into some newfound layers this time around, perhaps more of you is ready to be revealed and met and expanded into. Perhaps more about your divine purpose is here ready to be received now. Perhaps more illumination is here ready to shine light on relationships and dynamics you really have no choice but to let go of in order to stand tall in your new embodiment, feeling your best, fully supported.

I had some big news last week I’d love to share – celebration time!

I was almost complete in writing The Consciousness Code – ready to turn it in a few days later when I got an email from the contracts dept at Simon and Schuster (my publisher) saying my book deal was cancelled due to internal budgeting / scheduling issues. This came as such a relief to hear actually because I had felt some resistance – in hindsight I realized I was feeling the stress of the team and wasn’t feeling totally supported in bringing this project home – funny how I didn’t let myself feel into that in the process though. This book project has been such an initiation indeed.

So within a few days I was asking friends about exploring the prospect of working with an agent – something I had never considered since I had been working directly with the publisher from the beginning…I knew it was time to up-level my support and learn more about this new path to share. One friend suggested putting me in touch with his friend Lissa Rankin, an incredible author who I actually quote twice in my book, saying she might be really busy right now but could be a good resource for exploring an agent or at least being an endorser.

I continued scheduling talks with a few other friends and their connections..then the next day I was on my friend Sherianna’s podcast Emotional Detox and told her what had happened – she immediately put me in touch with her agent Steve. As soon as I checked out his website I noticed him and his wife (the agency team, love it!) are Lissa Rankin’s agents!

The synchronicity here is so tangible..I love it when the universe throws the evidence of how abundantly supported you are right in your face like this 🙂

A little piece of me – after talking to Steve and feeling like working together is a HELL YA – was wondering: well, shouldn’t I talk to other people and consider other options?  Can it really be that the first possibility is the perfect alignment?

You know..that part that perhaps is conditioned to think we have to have tons of options to find the best one..that actually doubts that it can be that easy after all.

Ultimately I remembered: Let it be easy. Let it be simple. Trust what comes naturally and effortlessly as likely what is meant for you to receive. Yes, it really can be that easy – everything. All the time.

So I am celebrating the new process unfolding – writing a proposal, working with an agent whose really an advocate for me in so many ways I wasn’t even aware of before – learning a lot in the process and probably revising the book to feel more even authentic with where I am at now. Couldn’t be a more perfect time to share this message – a recovery program for your higher self..yes please, thankful for the opportunity and gift to do so..wow.

What are you celebrating right now? What synchronicities are presenting reminders to you to be grateful for all the support and abundance flowing constantly in – around – through – as you? I’d love to know!

I am loving connecting with soul family in our intimate WhatsApp containers of late..it feels so much more intimate and loving to share in this way and I wonder if that will be the new way that I prioritize going forward. It didn’t make sense to check 5 platforms constantly for all the incoming messages – I mean, shouldn’t we have another solution by now?

I sense a new platform is emerging and perhaps we are creating it now energetically simply by prioritizing the ways in which we share 1:1 and in smaller intimate groups and councils..the energy must land fully before the material manifestation can birth.

I’m also celebrating the re-launch of the Visionary Souls Podcast – with a fresh episode out today. Check it out: Risk Everything To Be Yourself.

We will have 2 episodes out per month and hopefully be back to 4 per month once we can get some more support on Patreon.Check out new ways to play there and let’s co-create a beautiful amplified field of infinite possibility in Heaven on Earth. Lots of fun ways to play and be a producer of the show – ask questions for me and our guests, and receive shoutouts and more acknowledgements. This feels EXPANSIVE and I’d love to know any thoughts you have for ways to support the show and Patreon as a whole..I like this as a template for a new way of co-creating outside of social media, will you come explore with me?

On the podcast we’ll be exploring a lot of shadow dynamics and energies in business and predominantly within the coaching industry that have led to a lot of trauma loops, resentment, guilt and all sorts of energetics that are in some cases still being resolved years later.

I am blessed to be sharing 1:1 with some of my former clients / soul family sharing about what we’ve learned and how we are called to anchor in new ways of being and co-creating together – new paradigm leadership + soul service. Listen in to learn more.

If you’ve been reading these for awhile you’ve probably seen my language and energy fluctuate a ton as I was trying on new ways of playing..over-selling, using marketing templates, driving home different tactics for you to quantum leap and all the other catchphrases I’d use with a somewhat aggressive tone..definitely peddling an agenda at times.

I am grateful for the contrast and grateful to now feel more in my own center than ever. I can feel how my true self wants to communicate and I notice myself feeling more expansive than ever before as I let go of all the layers of this deeply embedded conditioning that ever allowed me to place myself on a pedestal or to be seemingly separate from you.

I’ve talked about THIS lesson for months – my first breakthrough awareness about over-charging and being complicit in a pyramid scheme in the coaching industry came last September..thats when so many walls started breaking down. But all the meanwhile I was still afraid about lowering prices, about changing my offers, about really surrendering. There was still so much healing and uprooting and realigning that needed to happen.

Now I invite you to play with me in a new space – I hope it feels as roomy, expansive and loving for you as it does for me.

Together I hope we co-create the new economy of soul service and spiritual expansion that is based in the honoring of our truly priceless exchange that we activate in our shared presence. I talk more about this in the podcast too so definitely listen in to share.

If you’d like to play in-person with soul family as we expand and leap into new dimensions together..our next Akashic Awakening Retreat is this Sunday – it’ll be a special group of course as always and I’m loving our connection continuing in our WhatsApp portal in which we share support and reflection and pure play..would love to have you with us.

Scroll down to see some more fun events I am a part of and ways you can receive loving support. You can always tune into my events page on my website too to stay in touch about offerings + events.

Alright thanks for playing family – love you so much and honor your presence and attention deeply, thank you for choosing to co-create in this space and for beaming the light you beam..you high beamer you!

What a magnificent moment to BEam..thank you infinitely….

xx Syd


Coherence Consulting + Harmonic Systems Design

I am offering consulting for conscious companies and leadership therein seeking to cultivate a culture anchored in authenticity, coherence, transparency and overall impeccability – anchoring the foundation required for visionary innovation, scaled impact and overall effectiveness.

Key offerings:

  • Comprehensive Audit + Insight Analysis
  • Organizational Surveying + Data Synthesis
  • Stakeholder Interviews + Presentations
  • Akashic Records + Intuitive Guidance for Corporate Strategy
  • Energetics-Based Audit for Organizational Strategy
  • Operations Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Human Resources Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Technical Tools + Resource Recommendations
  • Efficient Empathetic Communications Design
  • Consultation on Intuitive UI + Empathetic Web-Digital Design
  • Strategic Connections to Key Team Support roles + resources
  • Recruiting + On-Boarding Process Design + Implementation

If this feels of interest to you and your conscious company, I’d love to explore working together in bringing your vision of what you know is possible into fruition.

Clients include MTVO.orgPraytell Agency, Estee Lauder, Barnes + Noble, Hyatt, Soundcloud, Logitech and more.

Please schedule a call here.

Fresh new episode – solo to start plus some new music you’ll probably notice – out today…check it out.If it resonates, and you’re inspired to support, please consider supporting the show’s production as a co-producer thru Patreon. Check out all the new tiers here – fun, creative, loving ways to play + co-create!

I’ve funded the show myself for the last 2+ years and I’m presently asking for support in funding it going forward because I can really use the help PLUS it feels fun to co-create in this way as I explore new ways of offering my services + soul support.

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Join me this upcoming weekend on Sunday May 10th for our next Akashic Awakening Virtual Retreat.

Our last one was such a beautiful healing container – you can catch the first part of it to see if its for you here.

Grab a spot and let’s co-create a loving, nourishing, expansive retreat together that leaves us feeling uplifted and deeply connected for weeks to come.

I’m loving our community building here and how we stay in touch and support one another in between our retreats.

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