Coherence Consulting + Systems Design

A consulting service for conscious companies and leadership therein seeking to embody and evoke authenticity, coherence, transparency and overall impeccability – anchoring the foundation required for visionary creativity, genius innovation, expansive impact and quantum leaps in effectiveness.

Key offerings:

  • Comprehensive Brand-Vision-Values Audit + Insight Analysis
  • Organizational Surveying + Data Synthesis
  • Stakeholder Interviews + Presentations
  • Akashic Records + Intuitive Guidance for Corporate Strategy
  • Energetics-Based Audit for Organizational Strategy
  • Operations Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Human Resources Design, Strategy + Implementation
  • Technical Tools + Resource Recommendations
  • Efficient Empathetic Communications Design
  • Consultation on Intuitive UI + Empathetic¬†Web-Digital Design
  • Strategic Connections to Key Team Support roles + resources
  • Recruiting + On-Boarding Process Design + Implementation

We will see it as soon as we believe it and become it.

If this feels of interest to you and your conscious company, I’d love to explore working together in bringing your vision of what you know is possible into fruition.¬†

Please schedule an exploratory call here.

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