Feeling into May

Big energy all week, sometimes pulsing thru as heart blasts and bursts of the most incredible light and expansion I’ve ever consciously felt. Massive clarity is available for pivots, realignments and seeing your reality from a right-sized perspective. Seeing and feeling and being more in your truth.

Are you feeling nourished? This is up for me big time as I know it is for many of us. What is actual rest and what do these evolving bodies require to feel truly deeply restored and rejuvenated?


Preparing for the month ahead…

May is inviting us into an even deeper introspection, a period I’ve seen will initiate even more transmutation of the shadow unconscious – fear, manipulation, competition, separation, victim consciousness – we’ve already moved mountains in clearing over this last month.

While social media can feel like one of the only spaces we have left for connection and for feeling a semblance of normalcy amidst so much of our world being shut down and seemingly cut off, its actually encoded in many ways to function with a high degree of surveillance, behavioral targeting and consciousness conditioning and other mechanisms that are in direct opposition to effectively reinforcing unity, happiness, wholeness and presence (our divine nature).

Having worked in advertising for many years and even in the realm of psychographic targeting I’ve witnessed first hand how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to manipulation of consciousness for the sole aim of selling a product and conditioning people en mass to believe particular agendas that ensure their loyal consumerism. I am more sensitive to this agenda now and as such must listen to the calling to detach and practice being removed from all the conditionings herein which want us to believe that we can’t do without it, all the meanwhile reinforcing immense codependency, addiction and disempowerment on a massive level.

I notice my own addictive tendencies play out quite easily on these channels especially when it comes to external validation seeking and validation of my existence altogether. Its a deep muscle – response thats been formulated over the years that I am now called to re-train in a major way since my path going forward cannot hold unfold simultaneously with this distortion continually looming.

So with that I’ll be offline all social media starting now and through May, possibly longer.

Detaching from this powerful matrix.

What is life like when truly lived in the present without a digital footprint to manage or maintain?

What is it like when psychic energy is removed from these portals through which so much healing and support is typically channeled without a second thought?

This is my practice: giving this energy back to myself and to those with whom I am in conscious agreement to co-creating with. The time ahead is calling forth great intimacy, and operation in councils and small pods in which powerful frequencies and vision can be completely anchored.

Quality vs. quantity is one way to think of it. I will be prioritizing intimate connections and focusing in on deep 1:1 connection and co-creative evolution with my soul family, client collaborators and students.

I’ll be relaunching the Visionary Souls Podcast with a new bi-weekly series of episodes starting 5/5. Subscribe to stay updated. And email me here if you’d like to be a guest or have a suggestion for someone who would be aligned with our ethos: visionary pioneers, creatives and entrepreneurs trudging paths to authenticity and divinity embodiment against all odds.

Already we have incredible beings reaching out to be included and I am excited to re-start with a more clear, authentic vision that feels more magnetic than ever.

We will be launching particularly with conversations highlighting distortions within the coaching industry and what some of my former clients and I have learned in the process of playing out shadow patterns and co-dependency and various traumas that have resulted in a series of awakenings into greater authenticity and so much more.

Creating the new template for sacred business and co-creative leadership.

My latest book “The Consciousness Code: 8 Steps to Awakening Your Higher Self” is almost completed and soon to be in final review – it’ll be released December 2020. You’ll hear more about this via this newsletter channel in the weeks and months to come. The journey in writing this and bringing it home to completion has been quite an initiation – embodying what I am sharing fully…being brought through the same program I was initially inspired to offer..practicing it myself first in order to share it effectively.

Our 9-week Akashic Facilitator training kicks off soon – supporting 10 courageous leaders in deepening their intuitive mastery, refining their facilitation offerings/style and amplifying their confidence in sharing their unique healing gifts beginning 4/30 through July and of course onwards as this is a lifelong journey.

This is the greatest joy I could possibly imagine sharing at this perfect moment with such divine beings, humbled and honored for the opportunity to play and learn alongside these super humans!

We gather Friday for the Akashic Awakening retreat if you’d like to join us there.

Earlier today I shared a live Akashic transmission on Facebook which you can check out – it’ll be on YouTube soon.

I’m available for 1:1 intuitive healing sessions and mentorship containers with those seeking elevation and reflection in defining their vision and purpose and embodying their authentic truth and power. All bookings are via my website.

During this time and beyond I am committing to:

1. More daily meditation, anchoring self + planetary healing in addition to other devotional practices
2. Writing – maybe a new book, maybe just for myself to enjoy. Rewiring my creative channeling for self-enjoyment without an audience or without immediate feedback or attention generation.
3. Continued nervous system recalibration and optimization
4. Redefining vision and fundraising for Odyssey: coherence consultancy, venture capital fund and New Earth Council and convergences therein
5. Producing activations/visionary video content that inspires mass inquiry and awakening into the questions confronting our consciousness expansion
6. Connecting in intimate councils and co-creative partnerships with allies and fellow New Earth architects anchoring and embodying the energies we are called to work with at this auspicious time.

So today marks my last interaction on social media maybe for a long time, maybe forever in this way.

There is a new platform emerging, it might even simply be an energetic one – and it feels much more like home and it is free of distorted power dynamics and vampiric sub-personality games and conditioned ecosystems and frames of consciousness therein.

Timing is always uncertain as we enter into true timelessness but I do know I must anchor in new templates for myself and the collective to communicate and co-create in a unified field of harmony and coherence.

Again, the channels in which we can connect are as follows..

– The Visionary Souls Podcast: subscribe on whatever podcast platform you prefer to receive the latest episodes starting 5/5

– I’ll be sending out only 2 emails per month from now on here – sharing updates and reflections more intimately plus new podcasts and event co-creation announcements

– Lots of ways to play 1:1, in courses and mentorship

– You can become a Patron supporter and when I receive 33 patrons at any level I will explore sharing monthly calls and meditations to cultivate our community budding here. There’s also a fun way to play with 1:1 and group chats on Discord available at the 2 higher tiers.

This feels so fun to play in – I am loving connecting with my soul fam on WhatsApp for the time being and really called to explore more intimate connection in spaces like this.

How do we utilize technology as a way to empower the advanced technology we already carry within – our tele-empathy, our psychic super powers, our pure presence?

We must become truly independent and sovereign within ourselves in order to embody interdependence and unity with all.

Looking incredible forward to what this potent period is inviting – and going IN perhaps in a way I never have before to emerge even more clearly as an authentic expression of this divine being I feel within that’s still learning how to be here in all moments, all the way.

The Golden Age is here indeed.
The forces of light are rising, Heaven is here – our remembrance and divine alignment are inevitable.

Let us prepare ourselves to fully receive that which has always been meant for us to completely enjoy and celebrate.

Here and now.

Loving and being this light..

xx Syd



Awaken the Potential Within Online Summit

Join us for a day-long FREE retreat online with some of my favorite humans!!

Here’s our flow…(all times in EST)

8am – Introduction
8:25 – Ben Azadi; Keto Kamp
8:50 – Sandro Moto; Trauma Exposure Reframed
9:15 – Daniel De Luis; Hacking the Brain for Happiness
9:40 – Break/discussion
10:05 – Nathan Akpan; Freeing the Shackles of the Mind
10:30 – Jonathan Barry; Tuning Your Body As An Instrument
10:55 – Break
11:20 – Matt Belair; Soul Compass-Live from the Heart
11:45 – Zark Fatah; Raise Your Vibration
12:10 – Giovanni Bartolomeo; Social Wellness
12:35 – Andrea Belen; Manifest w Conscious Communication
13:00 – Dan Mangena; Alchemic Guide to Abundant Health
13:25 – Jeremy Hoffmann; Love, Light, Abundance, Activation
13:50 – Yerlin Ramirez; The Science Behind Manifesting
14:15 – Tatiana Vilarea; Expanded States of Consciousness
14:40 – Sydney Compos; Awakening into Authenticity
15:05 – Nadav Wilf; Love Yourself to Impact the World
15:30 – Eve Soboleva; Monadic Awareness
15:55 – Fernmarie Santiago; Intentional Evolution

Sign up to join us + learn more about the co-creators here: www.https://lee-davy.com/awaken-the-potential-within-summit/

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