Akashic Awakening 4.24

How are you being today?

This is such a great question to be living into – even in each moment. Can we ask ourselves and really listen? Can we give ourselves what we truly require to feel secure, safe, supported? Yes of course. Here we are in the midst of the great practice..ascended mastery that is.

Becoming fully self-sourced.

Embodying your sovereign divinity.

Reclaiming your innocence.

Remembering you are creating it all.

This is quite a fun hologram to play in. I am grateful for all the growth and healing..somedays are intense indeed. Just the other day I experienced one of the deepest emotional releases around my distorted conceptions of money and value and in a few moments was able to let some deep layers go and be fully felt and then POOF gone..hard to recall some of the underlying stories now that they’re released..and yet: celebrating how we can move or rather release mountains of ancient energies and negative thought forms in a few moments when we are willing and feeling supported to go all the way IN and through.

You are remembering how to hold space for yourself.

You are remembering your innate capacity to heal and radiate vitality.

You are recalling what it feels like to be completely safe and secure.

You are embodying divinity and seeing yourself more clearly than ever before.

You are sensing your purpose more fully.

Which might be at this time to become totally empty.

To then truly experience yourself as a clear channel.

Through which infinite intelligence loves to play and express.


Can we allow all that we are moving through right now to be that simple? Perhaps it always is – our collective inner children are freaking out, healing, re-membering that we can depend on ourselves, that we have all we’ve ever needed to thrive, and then once we re-member fully our innate wholeness – how do we truly want to play? What is our Heaven on Earth calling us forth into? What might we create when infinite source intelligence is running the show and we surrender completely into watching pure magic unfold?

We are birthing our new beings – ready to serve as vessels for the infinite. To play like the gods and goddesses we are..remembering we chose the most beautiful decadent planet of all to play on in this life. It’s really the best party to be at in all the multi-verse and we are the VIPS – visionary infinitely powerful SOULS <3

Hows that for a paradigm shift?

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In the spirit of expanding our consciousness, connecting to our own innate source of guidance and truth, and basking in the energies of unconditional love and healing….

Next week 4.24 we gather to share a deep intimate journey into the known field also lovingly felt as the Akashic Field.

Sessions lately are presently incredibly amplified as are soul-family recognition and reunions, remembrance and embodiment of our divine self-gifts and calling to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Our 3 hour retreat entails a group Akashic Reading and energy healing, guidance on awakening and activation of intuitive gifts and expression plus ample space for sharing, practicing, reflecting and exploring new inquiries that we are now ready to receive and remember.

Would love to have you with us.

Come join us next Friday. 

This is an intimate group and I trust we’ll be going deep. 

Our Akashic Facilitator Training starts the following week which I can’t wait for – such a divine soul family party indeed, we’ve all been together in so many lifetimes before..here to reclaim what we know is possible on Earth and through our divine beings at this time. Our favorite way to play, in eachothers reflection with permission to deepen into our full expression and divine gifts.

I’ll be less active online and in newsletters overall as I complete my book and focus on my own healing path which I find is so luxurious when I can fully tune into my own energy and bask in my own light. I’m feeling into an experiment of being offline the entire month of May and seeing what happens 🙂

I am starting new consulting projects with visionary companies on the leading edge of New Earth technologies and services which feels SOO GOOD and so in alignment. I am offering Coherence Consulting and in this particular context offering strategic advising on holistic brand strategy, HR Operations design and deployment, overall operations system design, and leadership advising. I am so grateful to be serving my purpose which feels more clearly than ever to be bridging intuitive-energetics with organizational structure and leadership strategy.

I’m talking about – what’s life like when we have a position on corporate boards and leadership bodies that is the Chief Executive Oracle, in which the Akashic Records and intuitive healing modalities are naturally woven into business strategy and systems design? We have so much innate intelligence and wisdom available to us – with the map literally available as to how we shall build our New Earth and systems there in – but most CEOS go see their healer in secret or on the side, but why not bring them to sit at the actual table, out in the light, fully utilized by the entire team?

This is the blue print I am bringing forth and creating the template for in the companies I am currently working with who sense this is the direction we are naturally moving into.

I didn’t work in advertising and operations for all those years only to leave it all behind for straight up healing work – no, all the experience up until this point we’ve all collected in our various lifetimes in this one must culminate as a bridge between worlds, between dimensions – this is why we are here. Nothing that we’ve experienced until now has been a mistake – how are we leveraging the gifts incurred thus far holistically and comprehensively so that we are utilizing our full genius resources available – nothing is left unused.

What kind of world do we enjoy when we bring the fullness of our beings forth like this?

Out of the closet and into the light.

Valuing healing, intuition and feminine leadership just as much as we have been conditioned to value other forms?

When all is seen for its true value.

In total integrity and clarity.

Without distortion or confusion or conflict.

Because we remember that we may not have it all together, but together we have it all <3

If you’re curious about hiring me to support your visionary conscious company in coherence design, holistic brand strategy and systems optimization  you can schedule a call here.

I am also opening 3 spaces for 1:1 students to journey with me in a 3 to 6 month container of deep support including 1:1 weekly zoom calls with WhatsApp support in between, curated course work, energetic mastery protocol, intuitive mastery attunement + practice, energy healing and structured, strategic support in aligning to your vision for all areas of your life while embodying your authentic self.

Please schedule a call here to explore.

Hope to see you next Friday for our Akashic Awakening beloveds. It is such a potent time to awaken to your spiritual gifts and intuitive knowing. I’d be honored to support you and play with you in this remembrance.

If there is anyway I can support you in the mean time please let me know. Thank you for being on this journey with me, for being in my soul family, for being HERE on earth at this divine moment – for simply being YOU. You are divine. You are perfect. You are whole. You are infinite.

I love you and in loving you remember the love that I am We Are all that is.

And so it is <3

xx Syd

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