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I’ve heard a lot circulating around about empaths lately (not always in a positive or empowering light) and how this experience we’re in the midst of is certainly awakening many to a new level of sensitivity they perhaps before weren’t aware beautiful and yet – imagine how many are awakening and asking: what do I DO when I feel everything?! 🙂

Luckily there’s a book for that, but seriously I wrote that for all the people who were and are continually waking up wondering how we deal with all these feelings and intense sensitivities – how do we turn these unique expressions into the gifts and potent power they’re intended to be utilized as? This is always my inquiry and this moment is giving us such incredible space to practice in.

I remember earlier in my journey when I was looking for info about empaths and all I found was negative, fear-mongering media about how empaths are doomed and tend to be addicts and will forever attract narcissists, etc. I couldn’t help upon reading all the status-quo media but feel like there had to be another message out there that spoke more to my direct experience – which wasn’t so negative at all. But it didn’t exist as so far as i could find it – so I created it, first in articles on MindBodyGreen and then as a book.

A lot of what was shared in the book has benefitted thousands of readers around the world (last report I got showed 22K readers worldwide, wow!) – which I am so grateful for, and yet – I sense its time for some crucial updates to be shared, including new practices that have supported me immensely in my own evolution over the last 2 years since the book came out and more energy-healing and direct transmission based optimizations we now have so much access to leveraging given the immense increases in planetary frequency (and therefore in our bodies) we are experiencing.

So here’s my invitation to come play and expand together.

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I promise you’ll receive key insight, guidance and fresh new practices to feel more supported on your path, to feel more empowered and confident in harnessing your intuitive gifts, to feel regenerated in your mind-body-spirit-soul and you’ll definitely feel inspired to re-commit to your personal well being, radiance and capacity to be peace no matter what is happening around you.

I’d love to share this sacred space with you and experience the celebration, joy, remembrance and love we can activate and amplify together.

Register here:

Feel free to comment any questions you have that you’d love to explore in this immersion. I’d love to tailor our content to supporting you as much as possible plus we’ll have ample 1:1 support and group sharing time – it will be beautiful to learn from one another, we’ve all been through epic journeys to arrive into this moment.

This is a co-creation, let’s create the most impactful experience to support you on your path so that you may radiate and be an example of peace and happiness for others who may not yet see the light so easily at this time.

They’ll catch up soon <3

Take care of yourself, love yourself for everything you’ve moved through to arrive in this moment – you’re a warrior, remember.

You wouldn’t be here on Earth at this time otherwise.

Love you,


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