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Aloha love..

How are you being? I feel really internal most days lately. We really are in a grand personal retreat, that’s what it feels like. I am thankful for this space to share with you. In writing my newsletter I feel like I am writing a journal entry to share with my own soul – and perhaps with you, my soul family – what’s integrating, what’s expanding, what’s being transmuted.

There is so much happening in everyday lately, do you feel it too? We are moving through millennia in moments or so it seems – clearing negative thought forms and becoming so intimate with our fears and attachments now with so much space to really process everything we’ve never let ourselves fully feel.

I am proud of the work I know that’s happening throughout the collective..its so important to celebrate ourselves for the healing we are doing individually because as we each come into greater mastery of ourselves (mastery can mean compassion, understanding and forgiveness especially lately that has been my focus), we are anchoring in completely new potentials and ways of being for the entire collective to tune into more easily.

What have you been moving through? What feelings have been coming up for you to process and really be with and possibly even clear? What lessons have shown themselves ready to master?

I’m so thankful I spend most of my client sessions these days in the Akashic Field, facilitating energy healing and re-calibration of a sense of innate wholeness. I think that’s what we are after more than ever – at the end of the day: we yearn to feel whole and safe and complete and fully present. Isn’t it that simple?

Such is the mystery of being born again and again on earth – only to re-member eventually that we’ve been here before and we’re not missing anything and no, there’s nowhere else to “get to” before we can choose to be happy, whole, complete and even fulfilled now. It’s such a funny game to behold at times – the amnesia of thinking we have to figure so much out and even find out purpose and find ourselves as though there’s something or someone out there who will complete us if only we could be there – have that – be them – be ourselves, now.

Only to eventually find and remember almost comically with so much love and compassion: oh year, I remember all my innate wisdom and power and how magical I am and what I am so capable of creating – I have everything I’ve ever needed already encoded in my being just waiting for me to access. I just had to learn through contrast and possibly deprivation that life can be easy. That I am supported. That I don’t have to struggle. That I am loved. That I am love.

I love supporting this kind of remembrance and recalibration..I think this is why I am here actually – to simply lead by example of what that innate wholeness and knowingness feels like, sounds like, tastes like. So that in my presence or even in reading my words you too perhaps remember yourself. I think we are all doing this for each other on some level, don’t you?

I go through frequent moments of not recognizing myself lately as I am emerging without so many of my old identities and attachments – it’s felt awkward at times to attempt to write in my new book or make a video (I made a new meditation here a few days ago), there is so much still integrating and processing and so I feel hesitant at times to share when I don’t feel completely clear on whose speaking or if what I am called to say actually makes sense or matters to share.

Sometimes when we have a calling to share – at least I am learning this – it’s not for others to receive, it’s for us. And can we listen deeply enough to discern when something is meant to give as a gift to ourselves and to no one else? And can that be enough?

That’s the message and invitation from my heart to yours for this moment. Give yourself permission to radiate all your love and healing and magnificence within yourself. Give yourself your own gifts. Be discerning and even protective of when you’re inspired to share – is it for you or for everyone else to receive too?

Practice being in ceremony and intimacy with yourself, alone. What is it like to truly hold space for your own healing? To witness your own innate capacity to guide yourself intuitively? To really taste the depths of your own being? This is our moment. Use it wisely.

If you’re called to adventure into the multidimensional infinite awareness that you are and receive guidance and reflection in your journey and expansion – I’m here for you, I’d honestly love to play. We are essentially filled up for our Akashic Facilitator Training starting later this month (if you really feel called to join us, apply now and get in here before we close the container) – I can’t wait to support this next generation of masterful healers and light guides to emerge in their genius gifts…infinitely grateful to share this sacred journey with you.

In the mean time if you are curious about deepening in your facilitation or perhaps you’re called to explore starting your own practice as a coach or healer, my soul sister Ahaumna AhMayah has created a facilitator training for her incredible modality called Destiny Mapping.

Destiny Mapping pulls from Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys – the exact pieces from these systems that help you to to remember why you are and to better understand and embody your unique soul-path-purpose, passion and power as well as all the shadow energies we are here to master and transmute through our divinely orchestrated life lessons.

It is such a streamlined way of approaching three very complex systems to provide precisely what most are ultimately looking for: meaning, value, direction, clarity, confidence, confirmation to pursue the life of their dreams.

If you’re a guide, coach, facilitator, or healer who would love to feel even more empowered to deliver laser-focused clarity and insight to your clients, please tune into Ahaumna’s upcoming Destiny Mapping facilitator program (begins May 22).

This truly is an incredible opportunity – she is hosting a free live info session this month to explore how you can add this to your existing practice or start your own coaching business through this work.

Dates and registration for info sessions can be found at, *use my name Sydney as your referral and you’ll receive a special bonus gift if you register for the training!* I’ve been immensely supported by this work and can’t highly recommend Ahaumna AhMayah enough as a brilliant guide and space holder on the leading edge of consciousness awakening.

I’ll leave you with the cosmic weather energy read on the Month from my friends at The Power Path.:

“When a computer runs out of space and memory, it is time to shut it down, clean it up, get rid of the old files that are cluttering up the system, and add an internal upgrade. When it is rebooted, you have many more options, a learning curve for the new applications, and the kinks often need to be worked out. If our planet is like a computer, it has now been shut down.

A virus has corrupted our files and we are in the process of reworking everything. When it reboots, it will be a different operating system that will have to take some getting used to. When the computer is down, one has to use creative and alternative methods to complete tasks and communicate with others. This is a simple analogy of the bigger picture of where we are.

Creating the New requires adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness and adjustment. It also demands that we live our truth more than ever before. Authentic creation can only spring from the seed that you have within you that is connected to your own medicine, your own truth and your own purpose. We are given the opportunity to go into the void and connect with creative material we have not accessed or used before. This is not about dismantling an old structure and then rebuilding something from old materials.

This is about the old structures dissolving completely and new forms emerging from deep within.”

Be well. Be loved. Be love <3


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