Practices + Ritual for Self-Mastery and LOVE

A few support resources for our expansive self-mastery + practice time…please share and tag friends + family who may receive great benefit from these free offerings::

– Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Activation:

– Free meditations, energy activations + guided morning practices:

– PDF of my Magic Morning routine I’ve shared with 1:1 clients for years – super simple to the point daily commitment to get into a high vibration and feel in alignment with your true self + vision for the day:

– 21 Day Meditation Challenge offering 21 days of different meditation modalities and interviews with some of the greatest teachers-humans ever! Get inspired to try new techniques + start or deepen your practice:

– Free 5 and 7-Day Self-Mastery Transformation Challenges (tasters of my Alignment Activation and Divinity Codes Courses): – includes journaling, embodiment practices, self-inquiry and alchemical transformation you can do on your own

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