Waking up in 5D

Grateful for the lightness I am feeling today, yesterday was full of rough frequencies and emotions to navigate. For those of you still feeling it all – its quite all right to be feeling whatever you’re feeling, there is so much in question, everything is being evaluated, its okay to feel scared, angry, unclear, unsure, chaotic, overwhelmed, frustrated..or even neutral, grateful, compassionate, totally at peace, loving that we all collectively get to be on a huge cosmic retreat together for a few weeks or months.
Everyone is going to have a very different perception as to what’s happening here and that’s great – perhaps perfectly meant to be part of what we are learning. When there is no leader telling you what to believe, what do you choose to subscribe to? What is your heart telling you to empower? What are you choosing to put your energy into?
It’s funny how we can periodically stop doing the things we know are so helpful for us to feel supported and nourished. For me sometimes I just skip meditating even though I know thats crucial medicine for me to feel grounded and fully connected to my center. Sometimes I skip it because I’m already feeling good (so the mind says) and maybe at some level I want to choose contrast to remember what suffering and struggle and anxiety feel like so I can recalibrate and choose differently in the next moment. How quickly can we forgive ourselves and re-align in moments like this?
Some helpful reminders I am being guided to share:
– This is a time to create your ideal routine and create your life as a retreat, see the gift in the chaos
– Prioritize grounding, self-care, spirit-connection rituals
– Get some fun assignments on deck to expand your consciousness, start a new book, better yet put together a reading list
– Start a creative project
– Take a new kind of movement class online
– Organize a community or family gathering and think about meeting regularly at a specified time, the more we gather and cultivate high frequency fields of coherence and love, the better off we are and the more planetary healing we accelerate for all
– Set goals for yourself for the next 7 days, the next month, the next 3 months – what if this is a time to completely recalibrate your health and well being and higher consciousness clarity?
– Start a meditation practice, or join an online circle that’s practicing that can support you in your deepening
– Take a course or class that expands your heart mind body and spirit
– Consider a new career path especially if the career you’ve been in is no longer resonating – this is part of the massive unraveling we’re all seeing through at last
– What are you really here for? What lights up your soul? Commit daily to exploring these questions – morning pages/journaling is helpful especially following meditation.
– Try breathwork, yin yoga, dance, any movement or energy work practice that supports your feeling of integration – Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Chanting…what feels deeply relaxing for you? Online sound baths are fantastic and there are so many practices to explore!
– See how you can be of service, first to yourself and then to the world – how do you most want to be nourished? What part of your being craves to be honored and expressed more fully? What new authentic expression is ready to be unleashed? We are living in such a potent creative time – anything goes. What is your gift to give?
– GRATITUDE LIST – this is SO simple but literally life-changing if you can write at least 10 things you are grateful for everyday, writing by hand is significant rather than typing and really feel the celebration as you reflect on just how much you have to celebrate..so many gifts, so much abundance. Quickly you’ll see how your list can go on forever, and that’s the point
There’s so much to share..maybe I’ll write the rest in my book LOL. That’s been really hard to write lately probably because there’s been so much to integrate and watch unfold in all our inner and external realities..certainly a birthing process but we’ll all definitely require some guidance in recovery of our new awakened consciousness after this journey moves into a new phase.
In the mean time I am here to support in any way I can. I have trained for a long time to support in moments like this – and I have tons of resources and guidance to share. I also have tons of content online for free and courses as nominal investment to guide you in your ascension-embodiment process plus sessions and quantum healing…you’re not alone in this journey, you are so loved, so supported, right where you’re supposed to be!
Self-Mastery Courses: https://sydneycampos.com/courses/
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Meditations on Insight Timer (amazing platform offering tons of courses, meditations, talks and more): https://insighttimer.com/sydneycampos/guided-meditations/quantum-self-embodiment-meditation
If there is any way I can support you please PM me. This is an extraordinary time right now for gathering and giving/receiving support – I am so grateful that more and more are awakening to their true selves, to their hearts, to their soul calling.
I love our collective rebirthing process, there is so much to celebrate
xx Syd
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