Ascension + Soul Support 101

Intense geo-magnetic storms/soul-ar flares today, in and out UPs and DOWNS surges of energy followed by low points, processing, integrating – make sure you’re SLOWING down to rest, relax, tune in..

What do you need to feel supported?

What is wanting to be felt?

What would be most nourishing to give yourself right now?

Pay careful attention to the energy you consume – here on social media especially as shadow frequencies will be amplified, old patterns will be tempting to engage in again to see: do you really want to do this, comparing your insides to others outsides, still? Is it really serving you?

Don’t judge, just observe..its happening for a reason, what is the gift, what is the lesson, what are you learning and expanding into instead? What do you now know you no longer need because it actually doesn’t feel good anymore and the lesson can now be integrated and energy can be freed..

Some of my favorite ways to support myself ((and my soul family + clients)) through powerful upgrade periods like this (and part of me feels that this is the way g IS now, there is no end..our light bodies will continue to become more sensitive, we’ll keep speeding up, catching up with the beautiful mama Gaia who is already patiently waiting for us to arrive back into our hearts, into the ascension frequency we divinely know already so well)…

+ Salt baths with epsom salt and essential oils especially lavender, rose, eucalyptus and lemon

+ Steam room, infrared sauna, hot yoga, anything that gets your sweating and detoxing your lymphatic system through which all your accelerated energy is wanting to move through at light speed

+ Detox your life: unfriend people who don’t feel good, without reason, just let them go, unfollow, make amends to anyone that feels like you’re reflecting unfinished business with – close up your loose ends, make it right, bring it to a close, don’t leave energy hanging in the unknown if you can make it right and bring the relationship back into integrity, especially with yourself – where have you lied to yourself and how can you stop now without judgement to return back into love and honesty? This is a whole few chapters in my. book (aka The Awakened Human Experience)

+ Nature baths – get into the wild outdoors no matter where you are, put your bare feet on the earth, breathe in earth energy, sending loving healing to the planet beneath your feet and understand that as you give love you are receiving it back to you even more powerfully because our home planet is the ultimate mirror and energetic circuit through which our bodies are always sourcing epic fuel and aliveness

+ Deep breathing – can you rest into your body more deeply and breathe all the way in? Can you practice abdominal breath, passive breath, do a new kind of breathwork that will help you get out of the mind and into your beautiful embodiment to really feel yourself, how does it feel to be you? I have a FREE 21-Day Meditation challenge on YouTube guiding you in TONS of epic practices from many different meditation and embodiment traditions, check it out:

– My Divinity Codes, Alignment Activation + Mastering Magnetism Courses all provide daily embodiment and insight practices + trainings to support you in developing energy mastery, heightened intuition and deeper connection to your true self – amongst other fun benefits 🙂 –>

+ Meditate and get into your own energy – dance, sing, chant, visualize, listen to a guided meditation, meditate with a group, how can you drop in? Allow this epic energy to manifest as the creative desire that’s wanting to be so naturally birthed through you. Try my Quantum Self Embodiment Meditation FREE on Insight Timer here:

….and other healing transmissions and activations here:

+ PLAY: make art, express your creativity, hang out with friends and people you love who can support you – or better yet, play with YOU, get familiarized with your own body, self-pleasure, make love, orgasms are incredible energy healing – what’s turning you on? I created a whole course and FREE challenge on embodying your highest self..DIVINITY CODES my love, ready to unlock yours? Start here::

+ Get support where you want it most: need a mirror to help you return home to yourself? Look in the mirror and ask yourself – what do you need? Look into your own eyes and tell yourself I LOVE YOU YOU ARE AMAZING YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST I AM SO PROUD OF YOU THANK YOU FOR BEING I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU…and if that’s tender for you to share with yourself, why is that the case and how might this be a beginning into a new experience of intimacy and authenticity you’re most certainly being invited into, now. Sign up for my FREE Quantum Leap Your Life Summit starting 3/11 in which you’ll be plugged into incredible activated soul family global community, expert support, healing transmissions and practical guidance to help you in mastering your energy, amplifying your intuition, accelerating abundance and living your divine assignment (and SOUL much more):

Most often I see discomfort happening as a result of in-action and over-thinking (and an addiction to overthinking without action therein) about the HOW and FUTURE tripping and anxiety and worry about all the conditional ways you’re trying to be HAPPY NOW based on a future unknown..

The best way to switch up this state if this is you..

Commit to a radical new course of action.

Invest in yourself to make a change.
Get out of town, literally. Take a trip.
Hire a mentor. Get the fire lite to LEAP.
Change your environment.
Actually look at yourself.
Actually ask yourself to SEE FEEL BE DO HEAR LOVE LIVE the truth of your being.
Then PLAY.

It’s time family..there’s no avoiding the upgrades.

Time to gracefully surf the ascension waves..

What a beautiful game THIS IS when you’re creating it all to suit your soul.

I love feeling you wake up to the infinite divinity you are.

You got this.

xx Syd



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