Welcome Home.

I was working as Senior Producer full-time at a boutique NYC PR agency years ago when I was perusing the newsletter of one of my fave healing spaces in the city.

At that point on weekends I would sometimes see clients 1:1 for energy healing + intuitive readings but it was always as a side-hustle – being a healer full-time and out in the open at that wasn’t yet in my field of possibility.

This newsletter caught my attention with the name of a certification program that felt strangely familiar yet I was sure I had never heard of it: Akashic Records.

I didn’t have to read too much about it to know I was meant to be there – the weekend intensive was calling me home and I signed up in that moment, knowing deep-down I’d be entering a threshold into a new way of being I’d been calling in for a long time.

My first session in the Records after receiving an energetic attunement felt like an energy I had experienced countless times before. I teared up profusely upon feeling this remembrance because it was a space I knew so well – it felt like home, a feeling of home I hadn’t yet ever felt in this lifetime.

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So many emotions arose in my being – why did this feel so familiar? Where had I learned this before? Where do I come from? How was this feeling so familiar and emotional? What is this new voice I am now aware of in my consciousness?

Who am I and why am I here?
To which I heard-felt-remembered a resounding symphony of memories and guidance all portrayed through various channels of inner-seeing, feeling and knowing.
You’ve always known all along, you’ve always had all the answers you seek, within – are you ready to receive yourself?

I felt myself as I never had before: as an oracle and Akashic Records wisdom keeper, as an inter-dimensional being traveling far throughout the multiverse experiencing innumerable different consciousnesses simply for the fun and curiosity of it all, as an Earth angel reincarnated to assist in Ascension, anchoring the frequencies of higher dimensional realities that my being is so accustomed to playing in; as a medicine man holding the true definition – an embodied knowing – of abundance, as an architect of numerous civilizations and consciousnesses engineered throughout our galaxy and beyond, and so much more.

I knew in that moment after moment and in all the moments sharing this sacred work thereafter that I am here to light the way and transmit this wisdom with other teachers and guides, oracles and healers, wayshowers and those similarly assisting and amplifying Ascension.

Here we are, again of course: our soul playground – the Akashic Field of all that is – invites us home to expand, celebrate, re-member and dance fully into our brightest embodiment.

There’s a field. I’ll meet you here.

xx Syd

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Copy of Copy of 2020 Akashic Facilitator Training

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