Thank you for being

Thanks to all the earth angels presently transmuting mega density for the collective simply in your being here.

Our conditioned ways of operating in 3-4D society don’t honor presence or frequency holding in the way that higher dimensional realities do where energy is everything as material doesn’t exist.

Thank you for your service.
Thank you for feeling all the feels.
Thank you for arriving into self-mastery.
Thanks for mastering victim consciousness.
Thanks for embodying creator consciousness.
Thank you for seeing thru all illusions.
Thank you for your compassionate loving playful heart.
Thank you for volunteering to be here in such a potent moment of ascension and re-membrance.
Thank you for your assistance in supporting all your remember simply by the example you live.
Thank you for the permission you grant in your words and all of your multidimensional expression.
Thank you for being willing to fall first so other don’t have to choose to follow suit.

Thank you for anchoring in the templates required for Heaven on Earth which we’ve lived for many lifetimes in all the other realities we know and love.


Thank you for holding the frequencies that not everyone can sustain yet; thru your example alone more can attune and eventually embody these too.

It’s not always easy being on the front lines. Sometimes it’s painfully lonely and terrifying. But you can handle it, remember you signed up for the ascension volunteer program perhaps a few times over and here we are, finally actualizing what we’ve worked on for so long here on Earth and elsewhere.

More and more family are coming to join us everyday, can you feel it? Those awakening on Earth surely and those immigrating from elsewhere.

I’m so grateful to be here, now 💕

Xx Syd


Published by Sydney Campos


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