Who are you when you stop trying?

How are you being?

Just as I was writing this I felt an enormous influx of intense energy hot my entire body with a wave of exhaustion. When this happens it usually to me means something in my circuitry is rewiring and reprogramming – clearing and purging. Something it means nothing other than my body recalibrating to process new energy and higher frequencies.

We can always ask and receive a clear answer.

A lot of beautiful beings have asked me lately what it means when they’re hearing their name mentioned everywhere – on TV shows, seeing it on a billboard, noticing it more than seems normal while also noticing angel numbers or series of the same numbers in a row such as 4444.

Experiences like this affirm that you’re living in flow love..you’re in alignment and hence tapped into the natural synchronistic orchestration of the universal divinely designed game we’re all playing in. Celebrate.

These moments also invite you to attune more highly to your intuition. When you notice a moment of deja vu or a repetitive sign or symbol appearing in a seemingly unexpected spot – ask yourself: what is the message that’s here for me to receive? What am I being signaled to pay attention to? What am I learning?

Then listen and really breathe deep while you pause to receive your clear guidance that’s right there waiting to be recalled.

I’ve been sharing beautiful experiences this week supporting visionary soul family in re-membering their own innate wisdom, witnessing and holding space for potent healing and expansion. As some of you may know especially if we’ve worked together, one of my favorite ways to surprise someone is to throw their question back at them especially if I can tell they expect me to give them an answer they already have within (that’s always more clear and accurate as it’s curated just for them!). When someone says “I don’t know” I love to remind them..yes you do..or pretend like you do (because you do!).. what would you say, how would you show up, what would you do?

One lovely woman I supported in an intuitive soul session this week followed up with me after our session with a lingering inquiry and asked me to shine light on a specific dynamic she was becoming more conscious of between her and her mother in law. Instead of sharing what I psychically saw, I asked her: how would you answer this question using your own intuition? To which she replied with a page of incredible spot on insights reading into the specifics of the learnings far more accurately than I could probably channel. How awesome! And that’s usually the case. Feels important to remind ourselves of this now more than ever.

These are some of the other questions that came up following our session in case these support you in your own inquiry in awakening your intuitive gifts and receiving more of your own clear guidance..

How do you experience trusting yourself?
What do you deeply trust yourself with?
How would you love to trust yourself more fully?
What are actions you can commit to that bring you into more trust within yourself?
What is a commitment you’re inspired to make in following your souls’s calling?

Of course I’m here to support you if I can in any way. The theme of my offerings from day one has been focused on embodying your dream beyond the dream vision for all areas of life and activating your intuitive super powers.

All the rest that naturally comes along gift-wise is extra special sauce: abundance, personal power, presence, intimacy, insert other marketing term I’ve probably listed in a program sales page 😂 felling you what else you “get” when you start loving yourself, getting intimate with your energy and how it wants to be authentically expressed and then devote yourself fully to being your vision/serving your mission all in..you already know.

My mission is shifting as I evolve in my consciousness as well..the central theme remains the same but the expression feels new and continues to surprise me in ways I’m called to play. I love playing with visionary entrepreneurs, healers and new earth architects..my people!!.. and currently I’m called to focus also within multidimensional business, in which intuition and higher consciousness become the new leading directives in creating new paradigm businesses, consulting organizations on coherence minded operations and culture initiatives and of course philanthropy programs..an echo of my former ad-agency career I can’t believe I left only 3.5 years ago.

Did you know I used to run integrated PR and Ad campaigns for clients like Hyatt, Estée Lauder, Logitech, Shocktop and other epic brands while I lived in NYC for years in what now feels like lifetimes ago?! And I helped start the non-profit program for my agency too thats now still thriving 4 years later, congrats Praytell on all your awards and success, I’m proud to be part of the pioneering team <3

I’ve also consulted as a Marketing Advisor for numerous startups and brands over the years – ranging from clothing to travel to communications (congrats SkyHi on epic growth this year!)..so yeah, I’d celebrating my unique mix of tangible business strategy and organizational / operational chops that I bring along with psychic advising and multidimensional energy work.

But then again this is the new paradigm of business required in Heaven on Earth in which we bring all of ourselves forward..with all our gifts activated and available to amplify our greatest visions.

Just last week I reconnected with an old friend (Hi Ryan if you’re reading this!!) and former consulting client all about his desire to upgrade his media agency’s culture and mission to be in greater alignment with authenticity, coherence and soul service..something the advertising world could certainly benefit from.

Part of me was present to how this conversation was an echo of past timeline – and maybe a little part thought: could this be a reversion to my old career? –  and yet it also felt so healing and activating to return to a familiar context as a new person with a completely new perspective. I feel this kind of pattern may be coming up for a lot of us right now.

Remember we are always on an upward spiral, there’s no going backwards.

Another example for me is deciding to teach at yoga studios here in Maui!  I’ve practiced for 12+ years and taught for almost 4 and hey..I’m anchored and rooted here and I really wanna teach..it’s one of my favorite things to do!!

And yet a small part of my awareness says: this is a reversion to an old timeline you’ve already outgrown. Clients have come to you asking for support in leaving their yoga teacher jobs to start their online businesses and you’re doing the reverse? Is this congruent with how you present yourself? Blah blah blah says the mind that wants to always have something to dissect and criticize and strategize.

Former timelines may be emerging right now perhaps loudly and yet can we meet them with presence and celebration for the chance to show up in familiar contexts as new people – as more ourselves?!

Can we love the experience of seeing ourselves show up in familiar dynamics as more embodied, authentic, powerful and clear than ever? How fun to witness..I mean such a gift actually, right? And then we can be discerning about the opportunities as and if they present themselves..what feels good? What feels like a natural calling? What’s effortless and fun and expansive??

That’s how we flow ❤️

Feeling guided to co-create energetic support containers with those called to explore their unique expression of energy healing / remote transmissions – to affirm your gifts and play with your super powers.

We are now called to play within and actualize our innate capacity to transmit direct transmissions in activating instantaneous consciousness shifts and quantum healing.

So many are awakening to and remembering innate intuitive capabilities and new (yet very old ancient) ways of seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling and being.

As we evolve out of thinking altogether into pure being and presence (yes, I sense within our lifetimes, maybe soon – as the mind asks: but when?), our innocent attempts at intellectually strategizing, talking around or over-processing psychic-somatic-spiritual-emotional “issues” as though there is something to neatly solve or an end point to reach falls apart.

There is no where to get to but here, now.

There is never a problem to begin with, only an over-thinking mind that demands a solution for its problem-solving craving to be satisfied.

We are now called to affirm and acknowledge what so many of us have been doing for lifetimes which is healing, encoding and activating new realities simply through our presence alone as frequency holders of higher dimensional potentials now ready to be fully actualized and integrated here on Earth in this now.

The frequencies now accessible through our bodies-hearts are palpably more potent and far more capable of catalyzing revolutionary leaps in all facets of the world as we know it than anything else we’ve ever seen or experienced.

We – our multi-dimensional embodiments – are indeed the most advanced technology currently accessible on Earth.

Remember you’ve been here before, but perhaps not on Earth as much as you’ve occupied other dimensional experiences as pure energetic presence or light.

Words don’t do justice describing these energies originating from a timeless spaceless plane of pure feeling and knowing.

The space beyond words where language actually gets in the way of the direct transmission of truth which is here for us now to receive when we simply be-allow-attune.

Feeling strongly the remnants of 3-4D programs purging thru the collective en masse right now..highlighting old patterning (so ready to release for good) regarding comparison to others (usually for me with soul family I am in deep resonance with, sharing similar missions), addiction to busy-ness, and self-sabotaging mechanisms of self-abandonment and unwillingness (aka avoidance of responsibility and personal power) to claim what is yours to be-do-have-share.

So many boxes of supposed identities are falling apart faster than we care to track.

Who do you get to be when you don’t make any sense to anyone else and not even to yourself?

When you stop thinking altogether about how it-you-your life and the story you tell yourself about it all looks and whether what you have to offer is viable or marketable?

Your pure presence and embodiment of your absolute uniqueness is the ultimate magnetic marketing tactic.

And what’s funny is it requires no strategy or tact whatsoever – in fact is naturally arises when you completely let go of the programmed/imagined need to try anymore.

Let it all go and watch everything that is meant for you simply arrive.

Create the space for what is yours to show itself as already here and now as you allow yourself to see clearly from your unobstructed true center.

And effortlessly receive what has always been yours.

xx Syd

PS: Can you tell that I’m talking to myself? Let me tell you a secret – I always am 🙂 Aren’t we all? All of my client sessions lately have reflected these lessons/messages..such a mirror of what I am-we are all experiencing of course.


If you missed our LIVE 1:11 Visionary Embodiment activation you can tune in on YouTube here.

If there’s anyway I can support you on your visionary journey please let me know, I would love to co-create with you.
Here is my cosmic chiropractor menu of upgrades + attunements currently offered..

    • Curated Remote Energy Transmission (20-44 min)
    • Intuitive Soul Session (60 min)
    • Akashic Records / Channeling Lesson (60 min)
    • 5D Deep Dive (Life+Biz) Strategy (60 min)
    • Guided Meditation (20 min)
    • Energy Attunement Session (30 min)
    • Intuitive Support Session (30 min)
    • Guided Breathwork Journey (45 min)
    • Guided Yoga Session (60 min)
    • Hands-On/In-Person Energy Healing Session (45 min)
    • Quantum Self Visioning Session (60 min)
    • Quantum Self Embodied In-Person Immersion (2 hours)
    • Inner Child Healing Session (44 min)
    • Divine Mother Healing Session (33 min)
    • Divine Father Healing Session (33 min)

In addition to online sessions the above menu is also part of what I offer in my 1:1 private retreats where you and me upgrade and play for 3-5 days here in Maui <3 I’m opening space for a few of these starting in April after I finish writing “The Consciousness Code” (which comes out later this Fall!) and I’d love to share with you if you’re called to come play. Learn more here.


I created a new 1:1 support container too..55 min or 33 min sessions for intuitive guidance, energetic attunement, spiritual support..let’s rock.
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