Quantum Healing Sessions

These are my favorite way to play really, there’s nothing like direct transmission with no mind required..full body, heart, soul receptivity is how we like to play + it feels so good.


How it works..

1. Book your time to receive + session length (33 or 55 mins)
2. Send me your intention as detailed as possible for what you’d like to amplify, manifest, align to, embody, receive = how you want to FEEL, what frequency you’d like to attune to. I’ll download the transmission for you (this takes about 1-2 hours depending on your session length since to send to you I first create the transmission and send it to myself to fully receive and embody).
3. At your session time get cozy in a meditative space or even laying down ready to receive – however you are most comfortable and at ease. Turn off all distractions, phones, and certainly no driving. You’ll want to be in a quiet space.
4. Set a timer for the session length if you’d like, then RECEIVE.
5. Check in with me following to share your experience, to illuminate any insights that came up for you, to integrate any and all healing, etc.

The energy you receive will continue working with you for days and even weeks as you integrate the epic upgrades you’ve called in.

I’ve been offering these for the last few years through 1:1 energy healing sessions, with my private clients and in closed container retreats so I’m excited to now share this magic with you.

Schedule here to come play for 33 mins or 55 mins.

After you book your first session you can get a discount on second and third ones booked if booked at the same time.

And in case you didn’t already know, our other favorite place to play for rapid ascension body-mind-spirit-soul template upgrades and updates is ActivationStation.org where you might also find me as a facilitator.

Going into 2020, starting today with the most epic light-codes coming through updating our bodies/DNA/cellular structure in beautiful ways, we will be working more directly with frequencies, subtle energy and in the etheric realms that we know and love (and remember) so well. We’ll be playing with more of our cosmic cousins and galactic allies who will be showing themselves more openly and more often in our Earth School playground.

Let the quantum upgrades flow.

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