Quantum Healing Transmissions


These are remote energy healing sessions curated to amplify your desired manifestations, high-self embodiment or different dimensional aspects of self, activation of our spiritual gifts, purpose alignment and greater clarity on your soul path.

You may also experience healing of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. Every transmission is unique to the receiver and can be received infinite times forever.

Schedule your transmission here.

How it works..

  1. Book your time to receive your session transmission using my calendar link.
  2. You will receive an email guiding you to send me your intention as detailed as possible for what you’d like to amplify, manifest, align to, embody, receive = how you want to feel, what frequency you’d like to attune to.
  3. I’ll meditate on your intentions and prepare the transmission for you to share when we meet in our designated time.
  4. At your session time get cozy in a meditative space or even laying down ready to receive – however you are most comfortable and at ease. Turn off all distractions, phones, and certainly no driving. You’ll want to be in a quiet space. Open up our zoom room and we can briefly touch base as I guide you through next steps in receiving. Keep the zoom open during the entire time of session length.
  5. When the session is complete I will close the container and you are free to close Zoom at that point to integrate and rest afterwards.
  6. I will check in with you following the session in the next few days to share your experience, to illuminate any insights that came up for you, to integrate all healing and any shifts that are occurring in your body and consciousness.

Schedule your transmission here.

The energy you receive will continue working with you for days and even weeks as you integrate the support.

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