Happy Holy Days

As we leap into a whole new world, a whole new year soon..in this moment even, I want to thank you for being.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being in my soul family – we’ve found each other again and again connecting thru time and space to play in pretty magical wild ways.

We’ve come back to grow and evolve and remember and expand. To quantum leap. To bring into real life our wildest dreams and soul yearnings. To be vulnerable, to be seen, to realize the things we were scared for anyone to know about us are what they’re waiting to celebrate us for.

I couldn’t be here without you, nor you without me – since we see ourselves in our shared reflection. Pretty special how we set up this lifetime huh?

Thank you for being on the journey love. It’s awkward sometimes. It’s weird waking up to newer more refined clearer versions of ourselves sometimes overnight isn’t it? I feel immense gratitude for being able to share with you in this little email portal and in all the other ways.

For whatever reason you’ve tuned in here, I thank you for holding and sharing space with me over the years. It’s an honor to share and beam with you.

Today and the next few days are a great time of deep reflection and receiving. In just a few days we get blasted with some big big energy that will probably feel like your cells are being picked apart for excavation of old stories and conditioning that simply can’t go with you into 2020. You might be feeling it already.

So remember, nature is epic medicine, drinking fresh water is key, epsom salt baths and lots of silent reflection time are your friend..can you sink into deeper intimacy with you? How would you love to receive love? And can you give that gift to yourself without waiting another moment?

Remember you always know your best medicine..it’s within you waiting to be witnessed and embodied, and it’s always been in there all along. It’s funny how we can easily chase everything else outside of ourselves first before finally getting this simple truth isn’t it?

It’s a beautiful moment to share gratitude and celebration for everything you’ve been thru to bring you to this moment. Chances are you’ve been thru it indeed if you’re reading these words. What were your biggest initiations into embodying more of your true self this year? What are you most proud of? What are you celebrating? How did you surprise yourself in your capacity to heal and expand?

Get ready for the most beautiful potent year yet, can you feel it love? I’m ready to receive..so many seeds planted over the years and new ones to come are ready to be born.

Are you expanding to receive and hold it all, with ease?

What’s your wildest dream beyond the dream? What’s your quantum leap?
How can life miraculously support you?
How are you expecting and allowing life to deliver you precisely what’s required at the most perfect time?

Thank you again for being you. You’re such a beautiful soul and I’m so infinitely thankful for your presence here on earth at this time and in this sacred portal we’ve activated to play in.

May we all receive and amplify the most beautiful blessings, miracles, healing and upgrades for all beings in this now. May we all remember our full presence is the greatest gift we can ever give.

Love you family.


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