Pioneering the New Value Exchange, Let’s Play

I’ve created a Patreon as an avenue to share my soul service with dedicated co-creators + patrons. I’m excited to channel my energy into more of a singular portal where all I create can be contained and perhaps more fully received or actioned upon.

I am a multidimensional channel, energy healer, consciousness activator and oracle specializing in life purpose, destiny alignment and New Earth Architecture.
I can see the big plans of whats to come and often I even see the pathway (and visionaries and companies required therein) for how to actualize the systems and structures we require in the waking world craving to play in more regenerative, genius, creative ways.
I teach the Akashic Records, and I advise visionary pioneers of the New Earth on mastering their energy, optimizing their frequency, self-actualizing their spiritual and creative genius, and coming into alignment with their inner most truth and embodying it fully.
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I support pioneers on the edge of a quantum leap about to go off the deep end into new genius innovation and infinite possibility in feeling safe, affirmed and confident in their knowing that they are here in fact to trudge the path that no one before them has ever attempted to walk.
As I grow into a new expression of service within ascension, greater authenticity and the actualized intergalactic vision of Heaven on Earth I am called to move away from all old paradigm conditioned ways of doing business, sales and marketing and even charging for services.
I am in inquiry about how this will look and I sense its a continual unraveling and experiment I get to play in to see what feels best as I create something truly resonant with my being – perhaps setting into motion a new template others may also explore in creating their own better-feeling way.
I am already co-creating new ways of ideating the sacred containers in which I support fellow allies and partners 1:1 and it feels so much more true, energizing and expansive.
I am feeling old conditioning of “you need to figure out how to make money doing X and Y that’s familiar” fall away faster than I can keep track.
It’s never been about the money which is such a painful distortion to truly unravel.
Our soul service is priceless and putting a price to it or attempting to as though we could ever calculate such infinite value diminishes its power and felt impact.
And yet here we are on the bridge from old to new. Let us begin the new path, even if only through a series of experiments and exploration into new feeling states. That’s always what we’re after anyway, isn’t it?
I sense we will be letting go of the current iteration of our money system sooner than we can imagine.
We have the tech and infrastructure in place – that’s never been an issue. The challenge is our behavior and belief systems – fueled by an old consciousness rooted in colonialism and power distortion and namely separation from each one’s own soul.
As we collectively agree to decondition ourselves from all illusions of scarcity, competition and comparison – all of which are simply facets of separation, the ultimate hallucination, we will know (and really simply remember) the essence of abundance.
Saying yes to the bigger mission at hand, will you join me in this grand co-creative experiment?

Excited to play in this new way <3


x Syd

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