Imagining the new sacred container

We lead with trust, deep intimacy, authenticity and mastery to allow for fluidity and ease to be our guiding lights in all we share and activate.

I’m complete with doing “contracts” in the old way, repeated from a corporate model rooted in fear, mis-trust and scarcity.

Why did it ever make sense to use contracts in our sacred co-creations that infuse our initial co-creation with worst case scenarios and liabilities and protection mechanisms for “just in case” someone (our sacred ally in this case, our soul family – formerly known as “clients”) turns on us?

At a certain point boundaries become less relevant or necessary once you are actually able to meet heart to heart and co-create a grounded field of trust and clear context.

There is no protection or prevention needed when there is instead implicit a deep devotion to presence and self-honoring. Self-mastery and attunement to subtle energy, however, are absolutely required, and at greater and greater depth as this process unfolds.

I was on a call with one of my soul sisters who came into my field as a client earlier this summer exploring what our new way will be, knowing we both crave to experience a new way of relating and amplifying eachother in an intentional field.

Like the other masterful advanced souls I am honored to support we know we are here to lead the co-creation of the new way – the new sacred agreements, the new ways of doing business, the new rules of engagement for playing the New Earth game.

It’s humbling to see the conditioning falling away as we attempt to have a conversation / shared channeling transmission about what the new (or rather the seemingly very old) way is wanting to be.

Parts of us remember playing in this way in all the other dimensions we’ve traveled in together, and parts of us, perhaps the human conditioned parts and wounded child parts and scarcity-driven parts and collective-consciousness connection points bring forth so many potentialities.

I’m loving our process, our experimentation, our surrender, and our willingness to listen to what new ways of being are wanting to naturally be embodied, now.

I love making the implicit explicit so we feel truly seen and honored in our unique mastery and keys.

I love honoring what’s truly happening and amplifying in our shared field of infinite possibility – instead of ever pretending again to fit into an understandable box of coach and a client or business advisor and entrepreneur.

I love in the same sentence sometimes how we move so fluidly between dimensions – sharing 3D strategy and business launch technicalities with 5D energy mastery and intuitive insight bringing through the ideal timeline and implementation plan clear as day.

I love honoring who we truly are – multidimensional masters and clear channels for pristine insight and support far beyond our rational minds’ comprehension to grasp yet infinitely accessible by our hearts especially when we are held with such presence and love.

Here’s to co-creating the New Earth agreements.
No more hiding or pretending to fit into boxes that never existed in the first place.
Time to completely shine and share your infinite genius.
And play in all the ways you’re designed to play, all in.

There’s no greater feeling than being completely used up.
In service to your own soul calling you forth into greatness.

xx Syd

Published by Sydney Campos


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