The end of an era

What a powerful week it’s been..I’m noticing a deep desire for simplicity in all realms of life, do you feel me? As I write words mid-sentence I notice a tendency I have to be longwinded..especially when speaking. I feel sensitive to how much I think and talk about myself. I feel sensitive to how I interact and show up in conditioned behaviors. All of the above was amplified to an extreme during Odyssey. I suppose I created the perfect alchemical cauldron in which I could really see myself, outside of the echo chambers I can easily play in.


What I noticed most of all over the my dream event, with my soul family, co-creating the new way of leading…receiving so many opportunities to shift, evolve, uplevel, heal..all the things. Saying YES to truth, authenticity, pivoting..awkwardness and confusion therein. What I noticed most was my tendency even still to be really hard on myself – and a really old pattern came up super loudly: I was talking to myself in a voice I hadn’t heard in what feels to be forever..the one thats abusive, mean, critical..always looking for evidence about whats wrong instead of celebrating whats great.

This happened particularly when I was under-resourced and my nervous system was feeling shot..especially after the event ended. I am so humbled to see how at this moment I am invited into true mastery – its easy to think you’re a master when you’re playing in hierarchy even unconsciously and surrounding yourself with people who put you on a pedestal and want to be like you.

When you step out of the coaching echo chamber and into true community with allies and equals wow do your blindspots become apparent to say the least. I am now more clear than ever on what this supposed new paradigm of leadership I’ve been speaking to for months and years actually entails and its not what you or I probably thought.

The new paradigm of embodied leadership rooted in coherence and mastery requires us to..

– Masterfully cultivate a physical body that can hold increasingly high frequencies
– Entrain our nervous systems to maintain a grounded sense of calm no matter what is going on
– Know our trauma and triggers inside and out so we operate as truly responsible leaders instead of ever operating out of reactionary survival mechanisms
– We must be ultra discerning of our energy now more than ever to be completely focused on answering our soul calling, no distractions, no trying to do it all, no over-extending ourselves

There’s more of course but these are the commitments I am clear on requiring of myself at this time.

There are so many other lessons to share. We’ll do a live stream on Weds at 6pm PST on it all..and I hope to be an example of transparency and vulnerable strength in sharing what we could have done differently knowing what we know now and being who we BE now.

The thing is – when you launch something so new and pioneering..not everyone will like it or get it and yeah its messy and chaotic and weird, and also divinely perfect in every way otherwise we wouldn’t be here, like this, now.

I’m really seeing how its impossible to please everyone.

That the most important thing ever is to please yourself.
To meet your own standards.
To honor your commitments to you.
To celebrate yourself to showing up perfectly imperfect.
To love yourself deeply no matter what.
To know you’re always growing and evolving.
To never give up.
To not stay in beat up/judgement/criticism for too long if at all.

This is something I am learning – the distinction between criticism and feedback especially when you are reflecting within on what you’d like to do differently.
Its so important to start with self-love, celebration and appreciation first and foremost.

More to come soon beloveds. In the mean time, I’m grateful to announce that soon all of my online courses and workshops will be free on YouTube, even the un-released Mastering Magnetism course I created last year with my brother Kevin Orosz. I feel like this marks the closure of an old way of doing everyone else, like I was copying what other coaches and leaders do because that’s just the way it is.

Remember when I sent a newsletter out marketing my membership Academy? It never really landed or felt magnetic because I was doing something I thought I had to do – and had even talked about for years. But its not my style actually. And its okay because Im learning more about my true authentic style and sometimes we learn by trying what doesn’t feel good first so we can re-orient. There’s no such thing as a mistake. Hopefully as we grow we get to spend less time and money on learning the hard way because our barometer for good feelings and truth gets clearer and clearer as we practice.

What is aligned for me in my offerings as of now is to continue supporting visionaries 1:1 in Intuitive Soul Sessions which entail energetic upgrades and attunements, psychic guidance, soul-purpose alignment support and essentially a clear energetic container for you to explore your spiritual gifts and inquiry into your destiny manifesting at this time. I always share a comprehensive program following these sessions too such as prescriptive practices, course-work, meditations and more to support the ongoing integration of all that comes up – these are very rich experiences that I love co-creating with you! I have a few openings for this month and next if you’d love to receive support in this way.

Additionally I am excited to offer 1:1 immersions wherein we co-create a customized program for us to enjoy a 48 hour immersive retreat to support you in energetically up-grading and aligning with your purpose and genius feel your best, to feel fully achieve whatever it is thats present on your heart to receive and embody. If you’re curious about organizing a 1:1 immersion that includes support before and after too please hit reply to discuss.

As for 1:1 mentoring containers..I won’t be conducting my offerings in any of the old ways I used to. In fact with my current co-creators (the term client no longer resonates), I am excited this week to explore the co-creation of new agreements and sacred contracts that more authentically represent the nature of what it is we’re called to pioneer together. There is so much implicit value offered when I am intentionally holding space for someone that I am called to support in this way and its important to acknowledge what’s actually occurring instead of continuing to pretend to be doing something in an old way that no longer feels true.

I am excited to support aligned visionary leaders who are also called to pioneer a new way of structuring our containers and offerings in ways that feel truly authentic to the highest level of soul service we are here to offer.

If this is you I’d love to explore supporting you, just reply and we can jam soon.

We’ve launched two offerings for continuing the beautiful co-creations in Odyssey – essentially the trainings I’ve always dreamed of participating in that don’t exist yet. When you really desire/crave something and it hasn’t come into being yet – that means you get to make it 🙂 That’s how Odyssey was born in the first place.

Check out if you’re curious about participating in our mastery + embodied leadership training programs – one is a 9 month council incubator and the other is a 12 month accelerator program for visionary leaders. Both start early 2020 and include deep transformational work with master trainers, core Odyssey alliance co-creators and New Earth Architects and Investors.

Remember to celebrate you in this moment my love.
You’re doing so good.
You’re doing you’re best.
And so is everyone else.
Can we trust that everything is unfolding for the highest good?
With or without us actually.
Our job is to feel good.
To choose positivity.
To Choose love.
A leader doesn’t have the luxury of being in a bad mood.
This is true mastery.

I love you <3


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