Ep. 81: Angelica Martin | Awakening to Bliss + Becoming a Bridge

Described as an empathetic, spiritual, and energetic mastermind, Angelica leads an example of what life could be if everyone chose to live aligned with their soul. As an Intuitive Coach, Healer, and Wayshower, Angelica guides awakening souls into living their own truth through trusting in their inner compass and eliminating their suffering.

Formally trained in Western Medicine as a Physician Assistant, Angelica found the quality of healing she could provide was far less limiting when she listened to her intuition. After less than three years, and only in a matter of months, she left her career as a Physician Assistant and launched her Intuitive Coaching business.

By way of 1:1 coaching, Intuitive healings, the Akashic Records, and Reiki, Angelica reaches out a guiding hand to those seeking the answers living within themselves. Living herself in a constant state of awe, she continues to be astounded by the inspirational transformations she has witnessed.

In this epic episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How we first met in this lifetime and how she got triggered
  • What she’s most feeling proud of herself looking back, having realized or embodied
  • What she’s learning about her discernment
  • The biggest thing she has to let go of to be where she is right now
  • Our experience in our Mt. Shasta immersion and how she felt to be back in the hospital
  • What her learnings and realizations are in her relationship
  • How her relationship with his husband is her biggest lesson and biggest gift
  • How she loves to support other beings, her soul service and her favorite ways to support her clients

And SOUL much more…come play!

Connect with Angela:
Website: www.angelslighthouse.org
Instagram: @newearth.medicine

Additional Resources to support you in your Awakening Journey:

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