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ODYSSEY is the community in which visionaries, wisdom keepers, progressive business leaders and artists of all kinds unite from across the planet with the shared intention of personal and collective expansion.

What is the more equitable, joyful, loving world your heart knows is possible?

How are you embodying your genius and leadership in service to collective evolution?

Are you all-in on living your most legendary life?

In this super soul’d episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • Our different ways of describing Odyssey to other people and how Charlene was attracted to co-produce Odyssey
  • The meaning of coherence and what it means to us
  • How Odyssey has always been about a hero’s journey and writing a new story
  • How power is a beautiful thing when used with integrity
  • How Odyssey is about creating harmony and embodied experience within ourselves and how it is leading us into a new definition of LeaderShip
  • How super abundance is not having stuff or material resource; it is actually emptiness
  • How it is our choice to be reborn every morning and how we can be a blessing
  • The highest form of service is our expression of love
  • Our intention for Odyssey is that it’s just not a high experience but that there’s something that shifted at a core level that we are tuned in an energy that we can bring back into our everyday lives
  • Our process is really learning how to steward a project in a new way

And SOUL much more…come play!

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